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Tomoko June Kawabe
· March 2, 2016
Wonderful school! Only two classes per grade, so students and families are tight. Principle to all teachers are caring and loving. PTA provides wonderful activities every month; roller skates, movi...e night, Sports Day, fall festival, mochi-tsuki (rice cake) and more amazing events.
There are different backgrounds of students. Japanese Japan born, Japanese US born, one of parents is Japanese, American parent speaks Japanese, American non-Japanese speaking family, quarter Japanese, quarter Amaerican, other Asian language speaking family, etc... Diversity makes greater! If you don't understand Japanese, don't worry! Kids are playing together beyond languages. Not everyone is multilingual yet. I noticed parents of students are highly educated. I feel this is more like a private school setting.
After school activities are wonderful! I am a working mother with long commute. I can't take my son to activities in early hours. The school has different teachers and instructors come to teach kids; chess club, art, Karate, and African drum. My son tried all and loves them all. The classes start at 3:15pm, so kids can stay in school. After the class, you can pick up or can send to after school care program provided by Himawari preschool which is in located in the school. I like to tell about the after school activities to working mothers. I used to send my son to Learnig Tree and we were happy, but Himawari works better for us. Because my son can take art, chess, karate and African drum at Himawari. The after school care is $7/hr and if I add little more, I can send him to these educational activities.
I moved to Michigan in summer. I'm very happy to have this wonderful opportunity, sending my son to one of four Japanese English immersion public schools in nation. I love to see how much my son enjoys his school everyday.
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Jenni Voors Granke
· October 30, 2017
Great school with fabulous teachers, curriculum, cultural events, and abundant parent participation.
Yukiko Suzuki
· March 7, 2017
We are sooo happy to be Niji- Iro family. Small school, warm hearted teachers, parents, and kids know they are safe and being loved. They know if they need any help, teachers and parents are there to Not only studying Japanese and English but studying accepting others from all deferent countries and each one is unique and great. See More
Siân Miller
· June 27, 2015
As a teacher, this is a great place to work. The principal is dedicated and supportive, the parents are committed and involved, and the kids are amazing. A really positive environment for all.
Guy Lenk
· March 20, 2015
Awesome school with awesome people! Just wish I didn't work quite so much so I could be at more of the events.
Deanna Caver
· May 7, 2016
Great school because of the staff, parental involvement and awesome students!
Peggy Rolfe
· October 6, 2014
Appreciation of culture.
Teacher Appreciation Week Day 5! The pot luck! Thank you to all of the teachers. We appreciate all you do for our children. While we tried to make this week extra special for you, we do appreciate you all year long.
昨日の餅つき大会!If you weren't able to attend the Mochitsuki party yesterday, you missed some fantastic mochi making! Here's a short clip!
Here's a sneak peek of some of the drumming we will have at music night! Enjoy! 音楽会でお披露目するアフリカンドラムの予告編!

Deadline to submit form for assigned seats is May 20th.
**You are not guaranteed a seat at the music show unless you turn in this form! Please turn it in!**

The PTA will also be assigning seats for the music concert. You will need to submit the following form by May 20 to reserve your tickets, but please do it as so...on as possible because tickets will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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* For Kindergarten-2nd grade concert, you may request tickets for your immediate family and up to 2 additional guests. Reservation is available for K through 2nd grade families and their guests only.* For the 3rd-5th grade concert, you may request tickets for your immediate family and up to 4 additi...

Hey Niji families, this playground looks like it's going to be fantastic!

This project looks pretty sweet!

The new playground, going up at the park on Six Mile in Livonia, will have several features, including a new merry-go-round, slide and others.