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Cindy Beers Bergquist
· March 14, 2018
I order some shoes on-line, returned for an exchange. Did everything they asked. Nike cancelled my order without notifying me and nor have they refunded my money. Have called them 4 times and still not received my money back. So Nike is Leaving me no choice but to take them to Small Claims court to get my money back. Would not recommend ever ordering anything from them on-line!! I intend on making this known at every possible social media site and the local news when I file the papers. See More
Sarita Romero Whitmire-Skeith
· November 12, 2017
It’s been years since my last visit to “Nike Town”. Was disappointed that my children never got to experience what used to be “Nike Town”, but my experience was great. I especially appreciated how one... of the associates treated a homeless person who had come in. He treated him with kindness and respect just like he treated my family. Bought a pair of basketball shoes for my son and he was happy. Thank you for the good experience. See More
Jack Xiong
· August 8, 2016
Dear Mr. Parker,

Good morning! Having completed my first Nike run this morning along the promenade of Shanghai's spectacular Long Museum, I feel refreshed and jovial to start off my day! However, I s...till think I need to write this complaint letter to you first before anything else while sipping my morning coffee.

I'm avid runner myself so pretty excited to see that Nike is putting up the series of events in Shanghai in conjunction with the ongoing Olympics in Rio. I immediately signed up to a couple of runs as part of my "induction" to Shanghai since I just recently relocated to the city. You can imagine how much I look forward to the run along one of the landmarks along Huangpu river this morning.

I got a couple of emails and phone message the day before to download running apps and reconfirm with my about the gathering point AND remind me to arrive at the location 15 mins before the run started.For myself, when I tell others to get somewhere at a certain time, I will get there earlier. So I got to the place as instructed by the email this morning, but to my shock, there was no signage, no pull-ups and no nothing. At first I thought I mistake the gathering point, so I rechecked the email and the map and guess what? I was right. So I had no choice but to start running myself along the river since there was no Nike staff on the scene. After I ran some 20 mins and way past the time that Nike asked me to reach the gathering point, I saw from a distance a group of people wearing Nike running towards me along the river promenade. So I got up to them and got confined that they ARE the Nike run group and they told me that they actually arrived late and postponed the starting time of the event.

I was so disappointed at that point that since when Nike does not walk the talk and regede on your promise to your customers. For this, I will not recommend this event to my friends. I hope when Nike tells people to get somewhere 15 mins before any event, you staff are able to get there earlier in case some people, e.g. me, do get there 15 mins before the event!

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Yvonne Kimball
· September 10, 2017
If you visit Portland , you have to go to Nike!!!! It's an experience !!!! We always stop in a get a pair of shoes.
Terri Tiley
· October 10, 2017
Beautiful organic setting. Running trails throughout, architecture is appealing to the eye. Peaceful yet bustling campus!
Paul Sheley
· November 30, 2014
Stop making shoes like the white airs that peel in a week, I used to be able to actually Clean them for a few years, now it's less than one, and with my high arch and wide feet, I don't have many opti...ons. I can get a new balance that's cheaper, and lasts a week too. Thanks. See More
Michaela Catania
· October 8, 2015
Love this store! Every time I'm in the store, the employees are unbelievably helpful & nice. I just attended the NRC for the first time tonight, and I couldn't believe how fun & well organized it wa...s. Everyone was so welcoming, positive, & energetic. I can't wait to go again! See More
Sean Tell
· October 24, 2017
I donate shoes to the homeless people in Portland Oregon USA please donate today gift offering wanted
Mike Leonard
· June 21, 2015
It would be nice and is the decent and professional thing to do to notify job applicants of their status. I've applied for a few positions that I'm qualified for and have never gotten anything in the... form of a response. Not even the obligatory thanks but no thanks email. Hey Nike.... Just do it! See More
Ken Jones
· September 7, 2017
Mel was a terrific host to our group! Very good customer service.
Lung Lung Law
· December 29, 2017
Freddy Hamilton Jr.
· October 10, 2014
At 6:54p 10/10/14 I had an inquiry during check out about the Grey AW77 Poncho in size XL (an admittedly odd apparel choice for a male) but instead of judging the two young lady's at the front d...esk promptly pulled me to the side of the line and searched for Nike retail stores that still had both black and Grey Color ways available. They wrote down the stores contacts that still had them in stock + style codes to assist with my phone order.
!!Awesome Retail lExperience!!
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John Runyon
· January 7, 2016
Customer service is terrible. They can't help with an issue I had last night and will not supply me with an email to address my frustration. Nike may lose my business along with many others...
Mac Bernie
· March 24, 2017
I love how all your nike orange bikes block the entrance to the Beaverton Creek max station and how your employees will leave them in the waiting area as well
Melissa Martha K
· June 5, 2016
Hakeem was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping find the perfect fit with the new air Pegasus 33! Loved his expertise and enthusiasm! Great asset to the Nike team! Thanks for your help, Hakeem!
Danielle Phan
· September 14, 2016
Went in to look for some awesome kicks for work and the staff was able to find me an awesome pair that are not only comfortable but super out there.
Robert Miller
· June 11, 2015
Today I purchased three #BETRUE tees for 30.00 a piece only to get them home and find two out of three are screened crooked. they are gifts that I will have to return instead of giving them away.. a let down. See More
Dem Provoker
· December 29, 2016
I like my new Nike Air Max keeps me balanced when I'm running at the school grounds and when joging with friends in de hood
Goitse Boitshoko Maano
· December 12, 2016
The best campus to be. When you are there you see the meaning of creativity ���
Julie Fitzgerald Bodfish
· August 11, 2015
PHIL the change! Put pressure on USATF to fairly compensate track and field athletes. Tell them Nick Symmonds should be allowed to run in Beijing. You have the power, you should be the ...change these athletes need. You are from Pre's era, you know what needs to be done. See More