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It's bittersweet to hear Lejf Jaeger quit 107.7 The Bone live on the air. So much goes on that really can't be explained to people outside of radio. But, since Jaeger took over weekends in 2006, when I moved into Afternoon drive, he's been like a brother to me. We've been through a lot in the last decade & I couldn't be more happy for him
The #Pug got a @barkbox today & loves it! The other videos are on my #Snapchat @nikkiblakk666 #Pugs #Puglife #BarkBox #puglove

Labyrinth Movie & The Dark Crystal are coming back to theaters! Show your kids what life was like before CGI...

Get ready to return to the Goblin King's lair. Jim Henson's cult classic Labyrinth is heading back to the big screen for…

First a Star Wars bar, now there's an underwater bowling alley? The Southbay is getting cool 😎

This unique ocean-themed restaurant will make you feel like you're bowling at the bottom of the ocean!

Insist on compostables! Think of how many times you use a plastic cup, spork or straw? Those never break down, but compostables are available & high quality 🤘

France has passed a new law to ensure all plastic cups, cutlery and plates can be composted and are made of biologically-sourced materials. The law, which comes into effect in 2020, is part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth – an ambitious plan that aims to allow France to make a more effec...

Once again, science proves that I'm going to live forever. Two cups of coffee & 2 glasses of alcohol daily, correlate with longer life 🤘

Researchers found that those who drink moderate amounts of beer or wine, along with two cups of coffee, increase their chances to live a long life.

Arming teachers is a stupid idea, perpetuated by a buffoon, unqualified to make decisions. #YoureMoreLikelyToBeShotWithYourGunThanUseItDefendingYourself

A sixth-grade teacher accidentally discharged her gun and shot herself in the leg while using a faculty restroom inside an elementary school in Utah.|By MSNBC

Argentina busted a massive cocaine smuggling Russian diplomats.

The investigation began when Argentine police received a tipoff from the Russian ambassador over a year ago.

Companies are dropping the NRA - National Rifle Association of America like a bad habit. Here's a list of the hold outs. #BoycottTheNRA

After the Florida shooting, calls to boycott the National Rifle Association are growing. Here are the companies that still give perks to NRA members.

Million dollar Degas painting, stolen in 2009, recovered during a random search of a bus in Paris. #OfAllTheLuck

The pastel artwork was taken more than eight years ago from the Musée Cantini in Marseille.

Did Kylie Jenner just kill Snapchat? After that PepsiCo commercial, she's lie the Black Widow for brands.

Snapchat stock plunged 6% after Kylie Jenner indicated she no longer uses the app following its redesign.

First rompers, then thigh high Uggs, now high heels for men.

David Bush moved to Germany to master the technical shoemaking processes following his extraordinary idea for a shoe brand – high heels for men.

I thought if I spent a few extra days in the #Bahamas I could avoid this cold snap, but no such luck…#brr

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I've seen some rude shit on planes before, but this chick, dried her panties on the overhead vent for 20 minutes?! #Gross

THIS is the bizarre moment a cheeky female air passenger was caught on camera using an overhead air vent to dry her knickers.

Oakland, Fresno, SF & SJ make the top 60, but St. Louis, Missouri is the deadliest city in the US.

You might be surprised by the murder rates in 61 major cities across the U.S.

Lucky Charms is phasing out a marshmallow I've never heard of, to add #Unicorns! #StonerCereal

Goodbye to the hourglass. Adding the unicorn marks the first time in 10 years General Mills has introduced a new marshmallow shape.

As if waiting till 2019 wasn't bad enough for Game of Thrones o HBO, now George R.R. Martin may never finish the series...

Abandon all hope of 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' ever reaching completion.

Now that pot is legal, make way for weed weddings! Nug-themed nuptials are all the rage! #PartyFavors

When they say "I do," a lot of couples celebrate with champagne, or sometimes cigars, but now, there's a third "C"-word: cannabis.|By Jonathan Bloom