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Tom Anthony
· February 18, 2018
Nino, his son Gene and daughter Mia are all the cream of the crop when it comes to litigating in a court room.

Tom Cleary
Andrew Wallers
· May 11, 2017
Hey is in the top 3 in the city he is the best.
Alfonso Sanbe
· October 24, 2014
Nino is a great lawyer & a long time friend
Suzana Vangjeli
· April 20, 2016
Exellent work " FIGHT for JUSTICE"
Fox 29 News reports:
Nino V. Tinari & Associates updated their status.

Last week, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania confirmed NINO V. TINARI'S arguments on behalf of his client and granted a REVERSAL OF CONVICTION !!

Client, represented by another attorney at trial, was found guilty of VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER and sentenced to 5-10 years in State prison.

Another good result!!

Nino Tinari was successful in having his clients criminal charges of Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, and related charges dropped after a mistrial!

Nino V. Tinari & Associates updated their status.

Happy New Year from Nino and the Team!

Nino Tinari successful again after argument before the court! Judge grants Motion to Suppress Evidence including a cache of weapons, a growing marijuana operation and cocaine!

Nino Tinari is successful again in another NOT GUILTY Verdict! After trial, the Manager of Cheerleaders Gentlemen's Club was found NOT GUILTY of ALL CHARGES - Robbery, Theft, Aggravated Assault, Receiving Stolen Property!

After argument, Nino Tinari was successful
In having his clients Motion To Quash First Degree Murder Charge granted by the Judge!

NOT GUILTY!!! After a three-week trial, a jury in Camden, NJ, finds Nino Tinari’s client NOT GUILTY of all charges, including FIRST DEGREE MURDER, ATTEMPTED MURDER, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and SIMPLE ASSAULT.

Winter Storm Jonas can't stop, won't stop this office!!

Nino Tinari is successful in achieving 2 more NOT GUILTY Verdicts for his clients!

Today, after a bench trial, Nino Tinari’s arguments earned his client a verdict of Not Guilty of all charges, including Robbery, Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault, and Retail Theft.


Last Friday, Nino Tinari’s persuasive arguments resulted in an acquittal on all charges in a case where the police recovered more than 2 lbs. of marijuana from the car, which the client was driving.

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On Friday, December 18th, 2015, in the Southern District of Manhattan Federal Court, Nino Tinari was successful in having the Court mitigate a sentence for charges of distribution of 22 kilos of ecstasy, from a possible 151 months to 72 months with the client eligible for the drug program with credit for time served.This was an extraordinary reduction on a non-cooperative Plea Agreement.

Robbery charges against Wyndmoor man dropped - SPRINGFIELD >> Robbery and related charges were withdrawn Dec. 10 against a Wyndmoor man who had been charged with holding up the 7-Eleven in Wyndmoor.

Nino V. Tinari successful again in achieving a NOT GUILTY verdict for his client! The client was charged with Aggravated Assault, Endangering Welfare of Children, Simple Assault and Recklessly Endangering Another Person.

Nino V. Tinari successful in securing a Not Guilty for his client in a DUI/Marijuana case!

Nino V. Tinari & Associates is looking for a law clerk or paralegal. Please email if you, or anyone you know may be interested. A cover letter and resume is required. Thank You.

Client charged with drugs and guns, as a result of a Motion to Quash based on improper police conduct, Nino Tinari was successful in having all charges nolle prossed.