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Michelle Jennissen
· July 3, 2017
This would have been my third year that I ran this run. The 2015 & 2016 were great. Plenty of crawfish, munchies, chocolate and vanilla coconut milk. Was very disappointed in the run this year. We do... this run for the crawfish and the fun. And they ran out. The crawfish I did get was covered in sand and was gritty to eat. Ended up tossing it. We got our beer no problem, but there was no beverage offered for young adult or adults that don't drink alcohol. Runs I've done have given chocolate milk. The bubble machine and slip and slide are a great idea, wouldn't change it. There is limited space at the finish, I would not allow booths to take that space away from the runners wanting to visit and cheer on other runners. I don't expect perfection, it is a Fun Run! and fun I've had. Thanks to all those who put this on and many Thanks to all the volunteers. It wouldn't be possible with out them and the sponsors. See More
Stephanie Leahy Leibengood
· July 3, 2017
The new 10k course was more challenging with the hill at turnaround. Still the same problem at the end where the 5k and 10k merge. People don't scoot over for the time chipped 10k runners and you end ...up walking to the finish line. Overall great family fun run, nice weather and an annual family tradition. We will all be back next year! See More
Carl Roehl
· July 6, 2016
This race needs new (local) race organizers.... I didn't mind the 10K wasn't chip timed (anyone who was serious about times carries a gps anyway), but why do you have people who are trying to RUN fin...ish at the same time 5K walkers are coming through. Also, you didn't really know where the finish line was, because the end was a total cluster. I know this was a ~fun~ run, but it was totally disorganized.

We stuck around for the prizes, and it turned out that most prizes required someone to fly to Denver. With all the businesses in/around Nisswa, the organizers could have had tons of local prizes (it's great advertising for them). The prizes/drawings could have been done ahead of time and posted, so it wasn't 50 people standing around at the end getting prizes that they need to fly to Denver for....
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Jill Kinney-Voges
· July 8, 2015
It was my first year running the Nisswa Firecracker 10k and I thought you did a great job! The course was a good route and well marked. I didn't mind that it wasn't timed and loved the cribbage board My only complaint is that they ran out of water at the water stop at mile 4.5. (I noticed at the first water stop that they were using pretty large cups and were filling them right to the top. Most runners only take a sip or two and throw the rest. Maybe the volunteers at mile 4.5 were also filling the cups too full which may be why they ran out.)

The atmosphere at the finish line was fun with the crawfish boil and slip and slide. I thought it was not a very good idea to have the announcer throwing out prizes right at the finish line because it became very congested there. At times there were runners coming in who couldn't even cross the finish line because there were people standing right in the way waiting for prizes to be thrown. As big of a hit as the stocking caps were, you might consider using those as the gift for registrants next year. Who would have thought that giving away stocking caps on a hot day in July would cause such a stir?

Thanks for hosting a great event. I'm looking forward to running again next year!
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JonPaul Dufour
· July 3, 2017
They ran out of crawfish which was the main reason I came to the run. I think it would be better if they handed out plate to people. 😒
Stephanie Lynn Jensen
· July 6, 2017
The 10K was a great course! Really disappointed they ran out of crawfish and didn't get any! I'd consider running again next year if a medal is given and more crawfish is promised.
Jen Johnson
· July 7, 2016
My family and I participated in the Firecracker run for the 4th year this past weekend. We love this race! We do quite a few races together and have a few suggestions for this race to make it an even... better experience for people.

We like that the 10K starts a few minutes before the 5K, but would it be possible for there to be better announcing/signage of when/where to line up? We missed the start of the 10K because there were so many people lined up in the wrong area. Big large signs might be a fix to this as to where the 10K runners should line up and where the 5k’ers should start lining up. Also, there were quite a few walkers in the 5K this year. We love that so many people are enjoying this race, but they took up the entire path the last .25 miles of the race. As we were trying to finish running the 10K, we needed to try to weave and maneuver between the walkers, strollers, spectators that were blocking the path. A suggestion would be to designate which side is for runners and which is for walkers – it could give those who care about their time and being able to run it out the space to do so.

In regards to the “perks” that runners are supposed to receive for signing up and completing the race such as the water, snacks, etc. in the future please be sure that there is enough for those that competed, even the last ones to finish. As we were standing around enjoying the post race festivities and bubble machine, a few people had just finished the 10k and there were no more refreshments for them. I felt so bad for them as they had worked hard and not even received a water. David was standing around the beer tent and introduced himself to me as we were waiting in line. It was great to meet him in person. Unfortunately, the beer ran out as well and we did not receive any. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was talked up on your race website so it was unfortunate not to receive it. We were in line, but then were told we couldn’t have one because we didn’t have our ID, so went back to the car to get it and when we returned it was gone. I am not aware of many people who run with their ID in hand, which made it a little more difficult. We did a race in Texas this year that also served beer to the runners. I understand the importance of carding people and definitely appreciate you doing it. The race we did in Texas carded us when we picked up our packets and we got a different color bib than those under 21. The 21+ bibs had tags on them that the servers ripped off when we went to get a beer (this particular race gave 3 beers per person who ran). Even having one tag that servers could rip off our bib for our drink would allow you to better regulate how many you need to purchase and assure that the runners are getting them.

In my mind, there are three different ways people who coordinate races can plan them – either to make a lot of money, for a good experience for the runners, or a combination of both. I feel in past years, the Firecracker had a good combination of both. This year, unfortunately, I feel like it was more about making money. We heard from you when we were chatting that lots of people signed up within 24 hours of the race, which did not allow for time to order additional water, snacks, beer, shirts, etc. In the future, you could plan a "cut off limit" as to the number of people you allow to register to provide a great experience for all runners AND make money. It’s amazing that this race can attract 2500 people, but to retain people and keep numbers up, a positive overall experience is a must.

Lastly, a way to better regulate who receives post-race goodies, would be to have a “runners” area where only people with race bibs could get water, snacks, crawfish, beer, etc. This year, there were significantly more runners, which was awesome, but it also led to more spectators. It seemed as thought spectators took a lot of the things that we intended for runners only (and as I mentioned earlier they crowded the last .25 miles of the race). Everything seemed to be so crowded right near the finish line. There seems to be lots of space in the parking lot that the kid’s 1K runs through that is not used. I wonder if it’s a possibility to extend and spread out where all of the post-race refreshments are to disburse all of the people and alleviate some of the crowdedness?

Any chance chip timing will ever make a comeback at this race? I know it is getting cheaper to have at races and we enjoyed having it when it was at the Firecracker a few years ago.

Lastly, as long as I was taking the time to write this, we heard rumblings that there were lots of crawfish leftover, and that not as many people ate it. Since this race is in MN, which is the land of 10k lakes and fishing – a fish fry/fish ‘n’ chips option for runners would be cool! Just a thought, though :-)

Thanks for taking the time for hear our feedback. We have already signed up for next year and are looking forward to it.
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Mary Beth Janowiec Perkins
· July 4, 2015
Had an awesome time at the Firecracker run! We did it last year too. This will be our 4th of July family tradition for sure!!!
Nicole Tuescher
· July 5, 2014
I wish they would have done a better job informing us that this was not a chip timed race. I have ran this race before when it was timed and made a poor assumption that it would continue to be timed.
Dave Kleyman
· January 21, 2014
Awesome up North race, new course was great and the post race party was the bomb!
Tina Klein Markeson
· July 6, 2015
Very well organized run. Gets better every year.
Erin Stoen McGuirk
June 27, 2013
I love running up north!


We're in... and you should join us! Check out one of the top voted fun runs in the Midwest for 9 years!
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We love music big time. About a month ago one of you sent us an email asking what song we played at the start of this year's Nisswa Firecracker Run. Here's the playlist and we can't say for sure what was played at the start exactly, but we think it may have been 'Water' by Ra Ra Riot & Rostam, which you'll find in this playlist. Enjoy!!

How to talk Minnesotan during the Nisswa Firecracker 'off-season'...

My favorite segment from the 1993 TPT video "How To Talk Minnesotan" by Howard Mohr, based on his book of the same name. The full video can be watched here: ...

Check out some of the great photos taken at the Nisswa Firecracker! Big thanks to Pineandlakes Echo Journal for snapping a bunch too!……/recessfac…/albums/72157682975765962

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We're in... and you should join us! Check out one of the top voted fun runs in the Midwest for 9 years!

Happy National Paul Bunyan Day!! In honor of this great day, we encourage you to dress up in your best Paul Bunyan outfit. Those who do will win a prize at the Nisswa Firecracker Run on August 2nd!!

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We're in... and you should join us! Check out one of the top voted fun runs in the Midwest for 9 years!

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We're in... and you should join us! Check out one of the top voted fun runs in the Midwest for 9 years!


We're in... and you should join us! Check out one of the top voted fun runs in the Midwest for 9 years!

The perfect 5K course, whether it's your first run or you're a veteran runner! This course is flat, scenic, and safe, making it perfect for a great run or walk. The 10K is beautiful, winding through the historic wooded town of Nisswa, and includes 1 out-and-back leg, which borders all of Lower Cullen Lake.

NEW IN 2017:
chip timing option
wave starts for 5K...
Pabst available for purchase for runners/family/friends
Free super nice poly/cotton blend shirt
1 Free complimentary Pabst per runner (21+)
Free crawfish boil
Free very cool, limited edition Nisswa Pabst 'Up North' gift! *The first 800 registrants receive the limited edition Nisswa Up North gift! So don't wait, register now!

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