I love find recipes that sound good and making them grain/sugar free!

For this recipe I used red lentil pasta and added broccoli instead of tomatoes because that’s what I like. Making food changes stick is all about what works for you. There are tons of yummy pea and bean pastas that you can sub in if they like them.…/one-pot-andouille-sausage-skil…/

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Great snack, even without crackers 😊

Fresh shaved roast beef
Spicy dill pickles
Marble cheese

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Salad 😍

Homemade turkey burgers, in chunks
Cucumbers ...
Fresh Parm cheese
Vinegar and balsamic dressing with a sugar-free Greek seasoning

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No-Shell Chicken Fajitas

Any no-sugar fajita seasoning
Chicken breast cut in strips
Sweet peppers in strips ...
Onion slices
(All pan seared until cooked through)

Add any toppings. I like lime juice, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese and cucumbers. All in a lettuce wrap.

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Insanely cold where I live but I had a major steak craving. So without a bbq I followed the recipe in this link and it turned out fantastic! I used unsalted butter instead of oil. Yum, butter.

Also cut that baby in half and shared with my husband.…/cook-the-perfect-steak-without-a-g…/

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Salad can be made of almost anything. This is just my variation of a Cobb Salad with what was in my fridge. Yum! Tag your salad friends and post anything that you love for salad go-tos.

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Happy New Year! New year, new commitment to more posts. Also feel free to send me any of your recipes, suggestions or foods you love. Have a great year friends. 😍 #chefathome #healthycooking #nosugar #glutenfree #healthyliving
Microwave or bake spaghetti squash....
Make spaghetti sauce:
-one pound lean ground beef or ground turkey, brown first
-one can tomato paste
-one can tomato sauce
-half of one white onion
-one pepper (orange or red are best but anything works)
-spinach (optional)
-garlic to taste
-Italian seasoning to taste
-lastly I love adding some chipotle powder for spice
-top with parm cheese

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Summer for me is all about grilling veggies. These are beets and zucchini just have a bit of avocado oil and salt and pepper. Yummy 😋

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A friend brought over some yellow beans, onions and celery. Added whatever was in the fridge with some vegetable seasoning and some avocado oil (light and tasteless cooking oil) for some stir fry. Yum!

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Looking for a healthy oil to grill your veggies and fry your eggs. Look no further than coconut oil. Like all other cooking oils, pay attention to the smoke point, but coconut works on a very wide variety of areas.

Whether you're trying a new recipe or treating yourself to a spa day, try coconut oil to improve your health and discover one of nature’s gifts to humanity.

Simple and quick breakfast idea!

Blueberries, I use frozen and throw them in the microwave
Plain Greek yogurt
Chopped nuts, any variety you fancy ...
Chia seeds
Honey option, I usually leave it out but if you are new to ditching sugar we understand

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I used to love eating sweets on road trips! I have found some great and natural substitutes, one is figs. Since it's dried fruit eating too many will hinder fat loss but overall a much healthier alternative.

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This was what went into my lunch bag this morning first...blackberries, banana, apple, kiwi, cheese string and bag of mixed veggies. I always prep healthy snacks to be ready for my week ahead! It is a lot of fruit, so if your goal is weight related you may want to dial it back a bit.

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Delicious snack. Simple is sometimes best! Frozen blueberries and plain Greek yogurt.

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Hidden sugar is the hardest thing when trying to cut it. You have to watch labels so carefully.

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Sweets are fine in moderation, but take these steps to keep the cravings in check.

Today's snack time! Dried veggies are so delicious and bubbly citrus water is a tasty treat. Anybody else have great snacks today?

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Typical view of my standing desk at work! I am constantly munching and crunching. Snacking on healthy foods is one of the best ways to avoid cravings or eating whatever junk is available. Plan ahead!

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