Here's an update from NoLifeClub on Discord: Hey bunbuns, here's a discord server where a bunch of content creators can get their stuff out there I'd really like to see you th...

Now a break in the radio silence, from another NoLifeClub!:
"NOLIFECLUB is (funnily enough, we share great names) a growing community centered mainly on Discord currently. It's a place full of EXTREMELY talented musicians, artists, producers, rappers, you name it! If you would like to join during our beta period, click this super secret link:


Art courtesy of our lovely user Shiriya!"

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Hey everyone, how have you all been?!
I've been super busy with work and gaming... Failing at No Life.

I have some codes for the Curse Voice Beta!


Here are the codes, and the link to sign up. First come basis!

"After they activate their Curse account, they will be able to download and install Curse Voice Beta. After that, they're ready to join you in a voice chat and dominate with our Dragon, Baron, and Ultimate timers!"

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Good example of not having a life: Forgetting this page exists because of school and Skyrim.
Happy New Years No Lifers; only 4ish months late.
Back to your caves.

Happy American Thanksgiving.
Every other country: Happy Thursday! Go eat turkey and get fat like all of us. You deserve it for liking us.

Having No Life created a poll.

Let's try this; What's Your Favourite Gaming System?

Having No Life created a poll.

What console are you going to be playing Borderlands 2 on?, Having No Life and No Life Club affiliates are part of the Internet Defense League

The Internet Defense League is a group of sites simultaneously sound the alarm when powerful interests try to take control of the internet. Think the SOPA blackout, but larger and even more unstoppable. We have big plans that you can be a part of. Register your site now!

If anyone wants it;
First person to correctly guess when the No Life Club was founded, gets a Steam code for Defense Grid: The Awakening!
(The answer is on this page. I swear to glob if you get it wrong, I will hurt you.)


Share your ideas for LEGO set concepts, get others to vote for your idea, and you might see your idea produced as a real LEGO product!

For those worried, No I'm not going to pull what the rest of your like pages have, and start posting stupid pictures 90 times a day. For fucking sake people. To get my point across, here's a picture of my cat when she was a kitten.

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Happy Mothers Day.

Pay your birthing human a good deed, and give them plant that looks pretty for taking care of you for almost a quarter of your existence.

Happy 6th Birthday NO LIFE CLUB.

Here's to a bunch more years.

Sign up for our contest was pushed another month till the end of April, because I dropped the ball and forgot to put the signup page on here. Blame the nazis.

Good news, 2nd place now gets a copy of Minecraft for either PC or xbox (when it comes out).

Happy April Fools Day.

I'm too lazy to do anything this year, so go play around with 8-bit Google Maps.

Just a heads up, for future knowledge.
We are immature adults here at TheNLC LLC.
Saying that, we may at times use curse words and profanity,
that maybe offensive at times to some of our likers.


If we ever offend anyone, there is a number you can call;

Thank you, Bitches.

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Skyrim won Game of the Year at GDC. Even more reason to win it for free from is. Also we are now offering the PS3 version as an option for the prize! Share this post to get your friends excited.