Seeking solace
Grayed out

My interview for Sidestreet Hero

Read here the exclusive Interview with Aleem Bukhari about his passion photography and film making. Check it out!

Hello, Im writing this to inform you guys I've decided to stop. I dont know for how long but I'm done. I'm not too well, both mentally and physically, and I cannot really explain that. I don't have the means to fight anymore, perhaps I need to be in a better headspace. If you've been following me, you know I've been at it for years so I felt like I had a responsibilty to tell you guys this since I did post it on my instagram too, thank you for the support all these years. whatever work of mine is already up on this page, it might just be the last. till then. godspeed.

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March 2

Aleem Bukhari. 21.
Digital Artist, Cinematographer and Independent Filmmaker.

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Album cover for Sunny Khan Durrani's Debut album "Khabbarnama". Really happy that I got to collab with him, the album features strong messages and socially conscious themes. Its dark, Its raw and Its real which is just another reason I am so excited to post about it. Releasing soon.

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and tonight I thank the stars
as I count my lucky scars

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I got featured in Techjuice's annual feature Pakistan's 25 Under 25! 2018

Aleem Bukhari is a 20 years old artist from Hyderabad, a high performer who has already made his mark in several media-related streams including photography, videography and digital arts.

Show me where it hurts
And I'll make it worse
Are you holding on? Keep holding on

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I have long since stopped posting/ranting about how I felt on this page, but what scares me more is my growing distaste towards Art in this country. Whereas I wanted to create my own audience, my own niche through sticking to what I wanted to create instead of what majority of the people here wanted to see. It lead to nothing but frustration and depression at the end. I wish I believed in gimmicks. I wish I had interest in cashing in on our culture and history just to appeal a larger audience like most artists have been doing. I wish I could use buzzwords to sound cool. I wish I could target latest trends. I wish I could sell my heart, I wish I could strip myself off of my individuality, I wish I didn't feel like an outsider; like a reject. I wish I could enjoy being mediocre, I wish I didn't set high expectations of myself. It's a constant struggle inside this stupid little head, taking breaks longer than I should. Being passionate about something is good, but too much passion can eventually burn you out.
This is just something that I wanted to get off of my chest. peace!

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new photo-series

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Arcane Aesthetics

start of a new series.
Episode 1.
model: Wajeeha Wasti

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kahin duur jana hai

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I made this page when I was 17, It me birthdayy and I'm 21 today!!! time went by so fast(i guess???)

is ghar main meri apni jagah hogi

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