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*This is a repost* In Jesus People USA Evangelical Covenant Church’s early days up through the early 1990s they made it common practice to remove children from their parents care. This often occurred when parents were deemed to ‘unchristian’ or ‘worldly’ to continue raising their own children. Upon their (parents) entrance into Jpusa, conversations were had quietly about the welfare of the children and how they would be better off with others who could be a godly mother and father. These other families consisted of either Jpusa council members, who, at that time had no children themselves, or other longer term committed members. These children spent between 2 and 8 years with their new parents, living in the same community as their biological parents, yet not being able to be with them. Very rarely were there formal adoptions. In most cases, these children were either sent away from Jpusa, or given back to their parents post adolescence when they were deemed ‘trouble makers’, with no contact with ‘spiritual’ parents they had just spent several years of their young lives with. The below statistics are preliminary and research is ongoing. 1. Between 1973 and 1992 36 children were put into families other then their own. 2. These children either came in to Jpusa with one or more biological parent or were given to Jpusa to raise because of outside extenuating circumstances. 3. Of these 36 children 12 are the survivors of child sexual abuse while growing up at Jpusa. 4. *Note* 33% of the 36 children who were taken from their families, and/or given to Jesus People USA to raise were sexually abused while growing up/living in the commune. The practice of removing children from their parents is not something Jpusa continues today. However, this past practice has caused in some cases irreparable damage in the lives of the children, who are now adults. In 95% of the cases, there is distance between children and parents, or, in some cases, some of those people experienced a double rejection, 1. by their biological family, 2. being cast off and thrown away by their spiritual family. Many have not recovered. **The film is in the final stages of being edited. There were a couple of surprise interviews and they have been completed and are being integrated into the film at the time of this writing. The last of the editing and final sound mix should be completed in about a month or so. We could continue to use the financial support of those who have not been able to give. We are trying to raise an additional $1500 to cover expenses until every last bit of the film is complete. We would like to thank those who have given so much already.** PayPal Link (539 people saw this post)

Here’s the link for the FREE viewing of No Place To Call Home, available exclusively on YouTube.

No Place To Call Home chronicles the history of an intentional religious community (Jesus People USA Evangelical Covenant Church) on Chicago’s north side, an...

This is extraordinary. God bless the women and men who have come forward.

TIME Person Of The Year 2017: The voices that launched the movement against sexual harassment - The Silence Breakers. Subscribe to TIME ►►
Women and men have been voicing incidents of trauma linked to the church.

The continued wave of revelations of sexual abuse, and assault and harassment from women and men all over the country is close to miraculous. Despite the turmoil that we are experiencing, there is a real march for change.

Right now, as you read this, the lawyers representing Jesus People USA and the Evangelical Covenant Church of America are holding depositions with many of the people interviewed in No Place To Call Home. What is fully expected is that the silence of the victims will be purchased with whatever monetary settlement is reached.

Make no mistake about it, this is a transaction that’s out to purchase silence. It cannot happen. No more will people sit back and stay quiet. There are more stories of child sexual abuse that we are aware of, that hasn’t been shared.

JM Prater

It is more than heartening to witness this country find its courage and read the stories of survivors coming forward, speaking honestly about sexual harassment, abuse, and violation. A tide has been turned.

I’m sharing this, not just because it’s in the news, but because it demonstrates why people are so terrified to go public with their allegations of sexual abuse.

There are machines and lawyers who are paid by churches, communes, and studios to smear the name of anyone who threatens their livelihoods. You see it over and over.

When asked on MSNBC why he went to The New Yorker with the story, Farrow replied: "You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details."
The Jesus People in Uptown in the Friendly Towers have a problem – and it’s not going away. Chicago News reported two weeks ago about this religious group

Yep. Sounds about right.

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Tara Galles to Biblical Christian Egalitarians

How many Bingos here? Go

It has come to our attention that a lifelong sitting member of the Jesus People USA leadership team has been allegedly accused of child molestation. We hope that the proper authorities are involved and the accusations are being taken seriously. We are also aware that the leader in question has now left Jpusa and and the state entirely.

This was recently published through Chicago News. Chicago News is a Russian and English language outlet.

I didn't have any idea about this piece until I was contacted by the writer for an interview, of which I gave him. There are some blatant inaccuracies in the piece, general misattributions to certain events and those who are involved. In general, the info is mostly accurate. If nothing else, it's great that pressure is still being applied to Jpusa.…/no-place-to-call-home-in-uptowns…

No Place to Call Home in Uptown’s Friendly Towers? “The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to dest
Basyle “Boz” Tchividjian is shining a spotlight on the sexual abuse of children in Protestant churches—a scandal he says may be larger than that of the Catholic church.

This continues to be a frightening trend among organizations that profess to be Christian.

An exclusive Christian private school in a wealthy suburb of Nashville is accused of covering-up up the repeated sexual assaults of a 12-year-old boy. The Brentwood Academy is being sued for $60 mi…

I wanted to take some time to honor a friend. I knew him as John. Later in his life, he was known as Johnny. John ended his life, much to the heartbreak of all who knew and loved him.

I grew up with John at JPUSA. He was the first legitimate punk I knew. The same age as my older brother, John paved the way for many of us. John has been a part of the ongoing negotiations and legal issues, as it relates to sexual abuse at Jesus People USA. He and so many others await, endlessly..., for a piece of what might be closure.

The fight for John will continue. I honor you, John. Those who continue your legacy and keep you in our hearts and minds will also honor you. You changed the world to all you knew.

Your mother is a gift. Blessed is she among women.

You live on.

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Silence is a killer. Silencing people to preserve your way of life is even worse. We would recommend a show called The Keepers on Netflix. It deals with some elements that No Place To Call Home centers around.

The big take away is what silencing victims of sexual abuse can do, and the damage it causes.

Jesus People USA has successfully silenced everyone surrounding the events spoken about in the film, with the exception of its director, who refused.

The Keepers's photo.
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Newcomers to the Word of Faith Fellowship live by a list of strict rules for daily life, which sect leader Jane Whaley says God revealed to her, former members say.

The documentary I was a part of, 'Off The Record: Justice Denied to Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse' has been selected as an entry into the Ninth Annual Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago.

In the documentary I was interviewed at length about the legal dealings I experienced surrounding my case (now dropped) against Jesus People USA.

I'm going to link a trailer to the film when I can.

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Pursuit of Truth Film

Congratulations Tami, Sherri and Jaime!

On behalf of the Review Committee of the 2017 Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF), I am pleased to announce that both "...Off the Record: Justice Denied to Child Sex Abuse Survivors" has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 2017 - Ninth Annual Peace On Earth Film Festival, scheduled for the long weekend of Friday March 10 - Sunday, March 12, at the Music Box Theater (the premiere venue in Chicago for the latest in foreign and independent films).
We have yet to set the actual schedule of your films screening, we will let you know as soon as the schedule in set.
Your film is one of the 32 entries selected from a field of 125 submissions. We look forward to the possibility of your attendance, as we will be having a Filmmakers and Peacemakers Panel discussions, an Opening Night Festivities on Friday evening, and the Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening where all attendant filmmakers are honored and category winners receive accolades and a monetary award.
Our deepest regard for you, your crew, pre and post-production team, everyone involved in the creation of your work of art: we hold you all in high esteem. Most importantly the 2017 Peace on Earth Film Festival Review Committee thanks you for your steadfast dedication to peace, nonviolence, social justice and an eco-balanced world, through the art of filmmaking.

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