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Baddyboo Fern Funderburk
· January 15, 2018
Come to the Normandy hotel we match rates and give you the best offers
Patrick Harless
· April 15, 2017
Currently staying in this hotel and left at 8am to go site seeing. I came back at 4pm and the house keeping hadnt done anything we take the sheets off the bed to make sure they get changed so we came ...back to a room without a made bed and no towels to shower for a show we are going to see at 6 very aggrivating to come on vacation and now have to plan my evening around housekeeping and they werent able to just give me a towel and come back after we leave because she said she would be leaving at 530. I should not have to plan around their schedule when they cannot plan around mine. Unacceptable to pay this high of a booking fee to stay somewhere that is prided on not being a huge franchise to receive more of the carelessness received at a larger chain. Now im watching her make the bed and has knocked 2 things over so far cant win. 3rd time hotel visitor. See More
Denae Davis
· February 11, 2018
Great hotel and location, the staff is great and very helpful
Nalu Zacarias
· January 4, 2018
Very cozy....excellent location....great staff...highly recommend....
Tom Langley
· July 31, 2017
Super restoration hotel. Very helpful staff.Best value for the buck in DC.
Only complaint ,if you want to park there, is their parking few. Really should get a break on the fee if you stay there.
Tracey Mathias
· February 26, 2017
I lived in D.C. around Meridian Hill Park years ago, so reserving a room in D.C. always seems strange to me. I am happy that I chose The Normandy as opposed to the more well-known hotels in the City. ...The bed was amazingly comfortable and the room was quaint and simply decorated. The old elevator is gorgeous and the whole place is tastefully decorated. The front desk staff were polite and welcoming. I will be back. See More
Aynna Rigby
· July 7, 2015
I had booked this hotel 2 months in advance and had a large group coming with me, 12 people. So they should have been ready for us. They were not. Let me start with the parking. There is no sign that ...says Valet Parking and the gate was open, so we drove down and tried to park ourselves. No wonder they don't want you parking! There is very little room and it's so tight that I bumped my van. And then they yelled at us for parking ourselves when there was no attendant there to help us. It was their fault and we were yelled at. As far as the rooms go,the best they could offer us was 2 single rooms and a double that didn't even have a properly working door. It would no longer read the magnetic keys so we wouldn't even have been able to get into our room without the help of the staff. With 12 people! They didn't even offer us anything for not being able to accommodate us and their manager, Charlie Wientjes, was personally offended when we were rightly not happy with the rooms. So unprofessional! We ended up staying at the Hilton Garden Inn closer to the White House, where we had a fantastic time! Never stay here. They would only give us a half refund too for all of our trouble. See More
Rebecca Leuning Jurrens
· December 10, 2016
Absolutely adorable hotel! It was old world charm! Hotel staff was amazing and so friendly and helpful. It's a hidden gem and absolutely perfect little place to stay!
Delaney Marvin
· March 6, 2018
GREAT STAFF!! Rooms were very nice as well..... especially the bathrooms!
Miguelangel Panaderoalarcon
· April 16, 2016
This is a cute little gem of a hotel. Stayed in a very comfortable and stylish room with a four-poster bed. The staff are genuinely helpful. The hotel has a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the rooms hav...e character and the neighborhood is elegant, with lots of places to eat 10 min away. I am definitively making this my first go to option when visiting Washington! See More
Cheryl McGrath
· September 30, 2015
The hotel is old and in need of repair. Tge parking garage was closed do to construction which was okay b/c parking is $45 a NIGHT. The "continental" breakfast is really $12. The lights didnt work and... had several burnt out light bulbs. My curtain rod broke in the middle of the night scaring me half to death. There was blood stains on the carpet as well. The staff were friendly but made no real effort to fix the issues. The location is okay. Its about 7 blocks to downtown and metro. No pool or hot tub. Several nicer hotels closer that would make for a nicer stay. See More
Kristina Anderson
· January 18, 2016
The Normandy Hotel was absolutely the best hotel experience of my life. My son and I traveled to DC from Hawaii a week before he was to start his Senate internship on Capitol Hill. I had been searchin...g high and low for a place just like the Normandy and when I found it, I thought I was dreaming. We booked nine nights. I am not a fan of big hotel chains and didn't want to have to resort to booking one. Before I arrived, Beth in Reservations corresponded with me warmly and gave clear directions and lots of tips.

The hotel, its staff, its grounds, its attention to detail, the rooms and the location far exceeded my expectations. A reservation snafu (not the hotel's fault) was promptly addressed and fixed. The staff on duty that night were so nice and made us feel so reassured, and I knew our stay would be wonderful. And it was.

The room was the ideal size for us and tucked in the back of the hotel. We heard absolutely no noise of any kind. (Not that it would have bothered us, it's a hotel in a city, after all!) The beds were very large, outfitted with several big fluffy pillows and lovely cotton quilts as well as down duvets. The fridge is a glass Euro-style and there's a Nespresso maker in the room. Bone china teacups add a touch of class. The bathrooms--all marble with a glass bath enclosure--seemed extraordinarily luxurious. A small motion light comes on when you walk in at night so you don't trip on anything. A very nice touch!

The building itself is charming, quaint and vintage. The hallways and rooms are decorated with chair rails, low lighting and wallpaper.

My son had never stayed in a place so nice so it was a real treat to be able to stay there with him on such a special occasion as taking him to a Senate internship--one we will always treasure and remember.

The hotel's location is about 6 blocks from the DuPont Circle metro station. Maybe a ten minute walk. It's slightly uphill but that didn't bother us a single bit. If you walk in the other direction from the hotel for about 20 minutes, you'll run right into the National Zoo. The location is great. Because this is Embassy Row, you'll see a lot of wonderful vintage mansions with flags flying. There are lots of little places to eat nearby. We highly recommend the Russia House. It's about three blocks down from the hotel. If you want fast food there's a Subway within a few blocks.

We loved the Normandy's lobby, where they serve a complimentary wine hour with crackers and cheese hour every night at 5. It sounds silly, but we planned our days to be back in time for the wine hour. It was a great way to top every day! Cheers!

They have thought of everything including free wi-fi and a computer in the lobby. (My son used the lobby computer to work on his first assignment as an intern.) Although he already had secured intern housing, he didn't want to leave the Normandy until he had to! Velour chairs and couches, lots of books, games, a fireplace, cozy atmosphere and ambient lighting all combine to make this the Best Hotel Lobby Ever!

But what makes the hotel really special is the outstanding staff, who genuinely care about guests and go out of their way to assist, problem solve and just be friendly.

I was so delighted with my stay and with the way the staff, especially Anthony and Kareema, were kind and helpful, and always up for a little friendly conversation. That personal touch is what makes a good hotel into a great one. I just wanted to move in. I was seriously bummed to have to check out of the Normandy, and I cannot wait to come back. Love you guys! Five stars.
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Alicia Thomas
· January 7, 2015
The most peaceful, lovely hotel I have had the pleasure to visit in quite awhile! The service is excellent with patient and knowledgeable staff. The hotel is central to downtown amenities, great resta...urants nearby and beautiful safe neighborhood ( embassy row). See More
Joel Illian
· June 9, 2015
The Normandy Hotel, Washington, DC -- One of the greatest hotel experiences of my life! If you’re looking for the typical spacious, modern, tourist-type hotel with all the latest accommodations, this not it, BUT this might be an interesting alternative you should consider instead of the brand name hotel you had been planning to book. Although the Normandy does not have some of the amenities on our family’s usual list (pool, hot tub, full breakfast, free parking) what it does offer more than makes up for it: charm, personality, and a truly personal touch from an incredibly friendly staff.

Those are the best descriptors I can give it, but they seem like a rather trite list when I see them on the page in front of me. I would usually gladly trade “charm” for the modern touches. I would rather choose a clean room and a mildew-free bathroom than the “charm” of a hundred-year-old building with old fixtures. But the Normandy gave us both. The lobby, halls, and rooms were absolutely impeccably clean. Even the elevator and stairways were dust-free, trash-free, and “icky”-free. The bathrooms were as spotless as everything else and had not a hint of dated fixtures, nor of hastily accomplished renovations. It was as if this building (which must surely have been quite old) had been built with modern chrome fixtures throughout. The water pressure was weak, which made for less than spectacular shower experience, but the shower room itself was so clean that my wife and I both felt entirely comfortable in it (which is saying something!).

The entire experience had what I imagine to be a somewhat European feel to it, or perhaps a bed-and-breakfast type atmosphere. There was no tub in our room, but the shower was extremely nice. There was no pop machine in the building, but the staff eagerly pointed us to a convenience store two blocks away and helped us find an umbrella when it looked rainy. The halls and rooms – as impeccable as they were – felt a touch claustrophobic, but the lobby was so warm and roomy and inviting that you wanted to spend time there interacting with the guests and staff rather than sitting alone in your room.

The other guests seemed largely foreign – we heard no less than a half-dozen different languages – and kept mostly to themselves, but we didn’t make any overt attempts to interact with them. The breakfast was strictly “continental” – cereal, fruit, meat-and-cheese tray, pastries, etc. – but it was served on china with linen napkins, and felt far classier than a typical free lobby breakfast. It supposedly cost a dozen bucks per person, but we got it thrown in for an extra dollar when we booked. Easily worth that! Best of all, there is a wine and cheese hour every evening – complimentary, like pretty much everything else at the Normandy! This is no meager shot glass full of cheap wine either. We each got a full glass of a nice Chardonnay (we could’ve gotten a red), and were asked if we wanted more when we finished. It was fairly impressive!

Parking was expensive (something on the order of thirty or forty bucks per night!) and valet was the only option, but I’ve almost come to expect that in these urban hotels. I don’t know what Plan-B would’ve been. There didn’t seem to be a parking garage for miles around! We never once drove our car anywhere since the buses and metro were nearby and everyone seems to walk everywhere else anyway.

The Normandy’s staff was probably the best part of the entire experience, and they certainly enhanced the charm-factor. I’ve never met more friendly and eager-to-help employees. They genuinely made you feel like you were an honored part of their family rather than some customer (or worse) like most hotels at which I’ve stayed. I had to go down to my car at one point and get some things out of it from within the jam-packed basement garage. I had already been blown away by all the staff at that point, but the way the Engineer down there made us feel really topped everything! He was a wonderful gentleman, willing to engage in fun and helpful conversation. I couldn’t believe that even a person who probably never interacts with the guests was just as friendly and accommodating as everyone else at the Normandy was!

The neighborhood around the hotel feels far more like an upscale urban residential setting than any hotel I’ve ever stayed in. There are embassies in this neighborhood and the rest of the places feel like they could be embassy material. There are literally scores (perhaps hundreds!) of cafes and bistros and restaurants of every description within walking distances (just a few blocks down Connecticut Avenue). You feel far more like “a local” than a tourist when staying at the Normandy (I think we were possibly the only tourists in the place, although I might be wrong), which was a truly interesting aspect of the experience. However, having said that, the staff had all the right brochures to show us all the various options for getting around the major attractions and seeing all the tourist sites. Their services were invaluable! And their advice was spot-on. I felt much better about facing the task of shepherding my family around the city after having consulted with staff; that’s not normally been my experience after having asked hotel concierges. They usually leave me feeling somewhat stupid and not a whole lot smarter for having asked. The Normandy’s staff seemed to be pros at getting newbies acquainted with the ins and outs of operating within a fairly strange environment of mass transit, tourist pricing, and potential pitfalls.

We are checking out in the morning, going to a much larger, presumably more typical tourist hotel. But that is only because we have a conference there. We know that place will be “nicer” and far more what we’re accustomed to staying at (not to mention three times the price!), but we feel like we are really going to miss this place! I have never regretted checking out of a hotel before, but I do now. The staff at the next place has some big shoes to fill when trying to match what we got during our stay at The Normandy Hotel! I highly recommend it – even for a typical tourist family, possibly itching to experience a different kind of hotel stay. We certainly don’t regret going out on a limb and trying something new with the Normandy.

Joel Illian, Iowa
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William Whitacre
· September 9, 2016
Very nice! A hidden gem with the friendliest staff! Very comfortable bed and nice amenities with a very European feel!
Barney Lehrer
· September 27, 2015
What a great hotel: wine and cheese in the evening, espresso in the room, comfortable beds and a very caring staff.
Leland Edwards
· August 28, 2015
This Hotel, is in a Excellent location,and has even Better service! The rooms are beautiful, Beds are comfortable. Hotel is located on a safe quite street. Sleept like a baby! I hope to stay here many times!
Chris Hartranft
· May 2, 2016
A great hidden gem -- highly recommended! Thanks for the free wine and cookies.
Erin Hatchett Peña
· July 27, 2016
Fantastic hotel!!! Great customer service!! Free wine and cheese in the evenings!!! Cute, quaint, and great neighborhood!!!!
Dawn Tyler
· August 31, 2015
Awesome stay - great location, amazing staff, charming rooms and building. Can walk to the National Zoo, the Mall/White House, settled in a great neighborhood

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