You’d be forgiven for not recognising the name Eugeen Van Mieghem, but a small museum in Antwerp is diligently preserving the memory of this important local artist. The Van Mieghem Museum and the Art Nouveau ‘La Rade’, that houses it, are well worth adding to your list of places to visit in Antwerp.

Housed in the Art Nouveau 'La Rade' building, the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum offers a look at a different side of the Red Star Line emigration story, in Antwerp, Belgium.

Monika reviews eFarmz, a venture that helps link Belgian farmers and consumers. As she says, "if you are looking forward to making good use of your seasonality table with affordable prices, Efarmz is the website for you."

We've used similar services before and enjoyed having farm fresh products delivered to us weekly. Definitely a great way to eat local from the comfort of home!

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Taking the train was my favourite way of getting around Belgium. But today's trains are nothing like their steam-powered ancestors. You can travel back in time on several of Belgium's heritage steam trains around the country. Here are our top picks.

Today guest contributor, Adrian, shares a look at Belgium's best heritage steam train journeys in Flanders and Wallonia.

NEWLY UPDATED: Want to explore Brussels but you're on a limited budget? We've got you covered. Find the best city tours, attractions, and museums in Brussels that are free (or almost free). We've also updated our huge list of free monthly museum openings so you can mark your calendars! You're Welcome

There are plenty of free things to do in Brussels and we've listed 10 of our favourites from free museums in Brussels to the best free walking tour Brussels has to offer.

There are plenty of ways to get around Belgium but one of the best for sightseeing, excersize, and being kind to the environment. Don't have a bike? No problem! Adrian explains the various bike sharing systems around the country.

Today we discuss bike sharing schemes around Belgium so you can explore the country by bike without the need for your own two wheels.

Did you know there's a Belgian sparkling wine? Ruffus - Méthode Traditionnelle - Belgium is worth getting your hands on for your next celebration!

Belgians are producing some fantastic wines. With their Cuvée Seigneur Ruffus, Belgian winemaker, Domaine des Agaises, is producing a bubbly to rival Champagne.

It's always a good day to visit a Belgian castle!

Belgium is home to over 3000 castles and chateaus and the Château de Beloeil is one of the most famous. Because we love a good castle, here at CheeseWeb, last week, we headed for Wallonia to see what the Château de Beloeil had to offer.

Step inside the brewery of one of Belgium's most famous Trappist beers.

A look inside Belgian Trappist beer brewery, Chimay during their 150th anniversary celebrations.

Belgium’s four historic boat lifts, on the canal du centre, revolutionised transport in the 19th century. In the 21st century, Strépy-Thieu, the world’s tallest lift, did it again.

Belgium's four historic boat lifts, on the canal du centre, revolutionised transport in the 19th century. In the 21st century, Strépy-Thieu, the world's tallest lift, did it again.

Always happy to celebrate cheese in all forms, we'd like to remind our Belgian readers about one of our favourite cheesy food trucks! Keep On Toasting Eat one for us!!

The food truck craze is coming to Belgium and Jean Baptiste Nyssen is leading the way with Keep On Toasting, delicious gourmet grilled sandwiches.

Sping is in the air and that means it's time to start planning your garden tours! If you're looking for an alternative to Keukenhof, why not try Floralia Brussels? Just outside of the city you'll find a mini-keukenhof complete with a castle and a fraction of the crowds.

Floralia is the spring flower show at Groot-Bijgaarden Castle, near Brussels, Belgium and it rivals Keukenhof tulip gardens for spring garden beauty.

"The exact number of Belgian beers is contested at anywhere from 500 to 2000. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin." At CheeseWeb, we're here to help with years of research...

All about Belgian Beer - types of Belgian Beer, Belgian Breweries, Beer Reviews and Where to Buy Belgian Beer in Brussels.

Belgium is famous for festivals of all kinds, but what could possibly be more reason to celebrate than Belgian beer? Check out all of Andrew's favourite beer festivals around the country.

Belgium produces lots of beer, but it can be hard to find beer from smaller producers. The solution? Attend a Belgian beer festival. We share ten Belgian beer festivals you should put on your calendar.

You don't have to leave Belgium to have an amazing weekend getaway. Here are 15 of our favourite trips, all within a short drive (or train ride) from Brussels, or wherever you happen to be in the country. Which one do you most want to take?

Today we want to inspire you to get our and explore Belgium. Here are our top 15 weekend getaways in Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels.

Monika introduces The Mastercooks of Belgium a new guide to the best of Belgian cuisine

The Mastercooks of Belgium launched a new guide dedicated to Belgium's top chefs, restaurants, and culinary traditions with year-long events to celebrate Belgian cuisine.

Belgium's UNESCO-recognised Shrimp Fishermen on horseback are a unique and unforgettable sight you must see once in your lifetime!

The tradition of the Oostduinkerke Shrimp Fishermen combines the power of horses and the will of men, to bring us a sweet gift from the sea, the Belgian Grey Shrimp.

"If you’ve been hanging around CheeseWeb for any length of time, you’ll know I’m crazy about two things: cheese and goats. So, when I get to combine these two passions in one outing, it’s a fun and tasty day indeed."

Today we taste delicious organic goat cheese from Belgian farm, Chèvrerie du Bois des Mûres, in Havrenne, near Rochefort, in the province of Namur.