The 12 Best Museums for people looking for things to do in Brussels. What's your favourite?

Our series of things to do in Brussels - we share our 12 favourite museums in Belgium's capital city.

"The term ‘spa’ has come to mean any place having a natural water source that has healthy properties — a place of relaxation and rejuvenation."


One of our favourite traditions is visiting a thermal spa, disconnecting from everything digital, and reconnecting with each other. A great idea for valentines!

With the arrival of the warm and sunny weather, it's finally spa season. We thought it would be a great time to recap 3 of our favourite spas in Belgium.

Wondering where to find your favourite foods from home in Brussels? We've got you covered with our list of international grocery stores.

The following is our database of International food shops in Brussels. They are organised by continent and then country or region and finally by post-code in Belgium.

"Brussels truly has plenty to offer the Art Nouveau fan – from galleries and museums to touring private homes. This artistic style has left its mark on the Belgian capital and on the hearts of those who admire it."

From walking tours, to museums, to restaurants, there are plenty of ways to discover Brussels' Art Nouveau art and architecture.

One of the things we miss most about living in Brussels is the endless variety of restaurant options. While we loved getting dressed up and dining at fancy restaurants occasionally, it's the city's cheap eats I miss the most. This post shares some of our favourite spots for an affordable meal, but I'm sure there are plenty of new places since I wrote this. What are your favourite cheap eats in Brussels? #VisitBrussels

If you love to eat tasty, healthy food but are on a tight budget, you'll love our selection of 9 cheap eats in Brussels, Belgium.

Alison shares the best ways to tour Brussels, Belgium: "Even if you’ve lived in Brussels for years and think you’re an expert, we guarantee there’s always more to learn. So strap on your walking shoes, book a guide, bike, or boat, grab some friends or your kids and get out and explore!" 🇧🇪

We share our top 13 Brussels city tours for sightseeing, education, and fun. Get to know the Belgian capital, on the best sightseeing tours for individuals, groups, and families.

Over our eleven years in Belgium, I made it my mission to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered around the country. I succeeded… mostly. Check out our list and let us know how many you've visited in the comments.

Belgium currently has 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 16 tentative sites, and 10 listings of cultural heritage. That's a lot of heritage for one tiny country!

BRAND NEW: After living in #Brussels for 11 years, we (finally) share our complete travel guide for visiting Brussels Belgium; including the best things to do, the best restaurants and hotels, public transportation tips and much, much more.

After living in Brussels for 11 years, we share our travel guide for visiting Brussels Belgium; including the best things to do in Brussels Belgium, hotels in Brussels, the best restaurants, public transportation tips, and the Brussels Belgium points of interest you can't miss.

If you're looking for a great day-trip (or weekend getaway) in #Belgium why not head to the Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val Dieu. You can tour the brewery, visit the abbey grounds, and enjoy a great meal at the restaurant. It's close to the town of Aubel where you can visit the weekend market and pick up some local goodies to take home.

Settled under the shady trees in the Berwinne Valley is the stately Renaissance Abbey of Val-Dieu. The abbey is home to Val-Dieu Belgian Beer, great food and a beautiful garden.

Looking for a unique getaway in the heart of nature in Belgium? Look no further

Discovering the beauty of nature in the Ardennes in Wallonia, Belgium at the Auberge du Sabotier hotel. Gourmet Restaurant, Braying stags and skidding with horses.

Wallonia was the setting for one of the worst battles on the Western Front, the Battle of the Bulge. Now it hosts one of the best museums dedicated to WWII and this battle – the Bastogne War Museum.

The Bastogne War Museum showcases the worst battle on the Western Front, the Battle of the Bulge. One of the best WW2 museums, located in Wallonia, Belgium.

As we both grew up on the ocean, it was one of the things we truly missed while we lived in Brussels. On our first trips to the Belgian coast, let's just say we were... underwhelmed by the beaches. However, Oostende won us over big time with its great food, quirky museums, stunning art galleries, and hidden-away corners. Yes, we even came to enjoy the beach in the end. Have a look at why you should #VisitOostende Visit Flanders

Oostende is a popular beach destination for Belgians. We have 10 reasons you should visit Oostende and none of them involve getting sandy on the beach.

The first time we visited the Belgian coast I'll admit we were less than impressed. But over time, we realised there is so much more to seaside towns in #Belgium than just the beach. Monika shows us the cultural side of #Koksijde in her latest article. She and her son discover the Navigo - Nationaal Visserijmuseum and stay at the stunning Loxely B&B. Click below to read more about how to spend a weekend in Koksijde.

Monika spends a family-friendly weekend on the Belgian Coast, discovering Koksijde's beach, museums, restaurants, and a lovely bed and breakfast.

One of our most frequently asked questions is "where to find a good Indian curry in Brussels?" If you're looking for great Indian food, here are our top Indian restaurants in #Brussels.

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"As soon as you enter the main gate you feel invited to enjoy the tranquility of what you see in front of you. Sit on one of the benches near the water and take in the wonderful smell of the linden trees that have been growing since ancient times in the abbey’s courtyard." - Adi @ Life in a suitcase - capturing moments, tastes and feelings along the road

Today, Adriana takes us on a tour of Averbode, an abbey in Flanders, Belgium, complete with its own Belgian beer and cheese.

We had the honour of visiting the STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent not long after it re-opened and we were fascinated as much by the architecture of the building itself as the museum's exhibits. If you love art, history, architecture, and surprises the STAM is a highlight of a city-trip to #Ghent.

STAM is an exciting new museum that brings the history of Ghent to life, within the setting of beautifully restored historic buildings.