"We are certain that there has been no misconduct as alleged and CBSE is relenting to undue political pressures......"
Circumventing the law by using illicit means might not be correct, but I think we all agree that NPS has had a great impact on all of our lives. We have all been busy listening to the media shaming; it is only fair we hear our Alma mater out!

I write this petition as a proud member of the alumni and parent fraternity of the NPS group of schools in the wake of the misplaced allegations of forgery of a minority certificate by the school. Starting in 1959, this group has set up educational institutions in and around Bangalore, providing the...

Something every NPSite Must Read!
Great article Rahul Mansur.

A few days back, a 15 year old girl in Bangalore, India jumped to her death because her school objected to her friendship with a boy.

I found out that this was the school I used to go to. This post is my knee-jerk reaction to the story. This is my story.

I read in the news that she took this extreme step because she was ...

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So a student 'caught' in the act of 'friendship' with a peer of the opposite sex commits suicide after coming to know she's been suspended from one of the branches of NPS.

It's pretty obvious that the NPS group of schools is growing at such a high rate that it cannot control the diminishing quality of education it is now providing and its perspective towards a school as a source of income rather than as place of education is rather appalling.

Now coming to the incident itself..., talking as one of the alumni, we've all know ourselves to have been suspended/punished for very silly reasons by the school authorities, coming to think of it I'm surprised how we were forced to believe what we were doing deserved that level of disciplining (more policing). This incident is just another example of how the school administration defines what is right and what is wrong and takes whatever action it deems necessary, with no thought of how it affects the child's state of mind. In what way does a girl's interaction with a boy deserve a suspension, and how do they even decide that this is an apt solution?

Even if the girl was in fact involved in something inappropriate for her age, it's the responsibility of the school to counsel and educate her and make her realize what she is getting into what the consequences are, with a sensitive approach and discretion allowing the girls to express her views openly ( with the parent being advised on how to handle the situation) rather than blatantly embarrassing her with a suspension, which serves no purpose either.

Either way, it's very shocking that the girl at such an age chose suicide as the solution for her distress. Teenage suicides are rising at an alarming rate in the country and it requires schools to know how to handle situations rather than unnecessarily blow it out of proportion shaming the child in the process.

I'm taking Bangalore Mirror as a source of information regarding this incident as it currently appears to be the only source.

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Few NPSites were shortlisted for a competition! They worked on a pretty interesting project.. They would be really thankful if you could vote for them…/entr…/consumer-products/4931

(unfortunately, you'll have to register to vote)

The Create the Future Design Contest was launched in 2002 by the publishers of NASA Tech Briefs magazine to help stimulate and reward engineering innovation. The annual event has attracted more than 8,000 product design ideas from engineers, entrepreneurs, and students worldwide.

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There is a Balu with a photo editing app xD

Posting after so long

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Wish you all a very Happy New Year

NPS problems. Who else is doing this?

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Happens to all of us

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Now they advertise apartments using NPS's name xD

There is one these banners near Sankey tank if you wanna go see

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Also - I came 2nd in Lemon and the Spoon race in the 3rd Grade.

P.S - This does not apply to KVPY's and KRMO's. Bastards.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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Warriar bakery was closed maybe?

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Ever since the beginning of time

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