Our previous post about abortion legislation in New York (AB 6221) appears to be outdated.

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The legislation referenced in the Life News article died in committee and didn't become law.


AB 6221 Link:…

If anyone has any updates on this legislative session please let us know in the comments.

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Abortion is murder. Collectively, abortion is the genocide of preborn human beings.

The New York state Assembly proved that promoting the best interest of women apparently includes pushing late-term abortions. For years, the state legislatur

We've addressed this several times. Here's yet another angle to approach this common argument.

Hint: It's a red herring. A logical fallacy. The treatment of people born is actually irrelevant to whether or not it's okay to kill preborn people. You don't even have to address that distraction.

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Making theft illegal hasn't stopped stealing. All it has done has made theft dangerous and forced thieves to operate in life-threatening conditions. Too many people have been injured and killed just trying to make a living. We need to make theft safe for everyone.

A poor person shouldn't have to worry about being shot and killed for just visiting a richer person's house at night and taking a few things they don't even need.

It's time to stop legislating morality and forcing draconian religious views on everyone else. It's time to make theft safe so it isn't practiced in back alleys.

Nullify Abortion created a poll.

Would you be interested in a podcast about pro-life issues from a pro-liberty states rights perspective?

This is considered a "radical right wing" view nowadays. These "radical right wing" views are the founding principles of our nation.

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End Abortion Now

The impossibility of being pro-choice and simultaneously against abortion.

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End Abortion Now

Both the Scriptures and science testify to the question of when life begins. But it's only God's Word that gives us the basis for its value. Jesus partook of f...lesh and was born as a baby through the mercy of the womb to save sinners and give His people eternal life. Come to Him for the second birth.

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Lila Rose

Abortion is the antithesis of women's empowerment. As women, we shouldn't have to kill our children to achieve our dreams, careers, and a place in society. Authentic feminism recognizes the rights of all women, even our littlest women still in the womb.

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Patte Smith

If any Christians are holding signs that say “We will adopt your baby” or telling mothers verbally that they will adopt their babies,
you should show your good... faith by acquiring,
or being in the process of completing,
a home study ahead of time.
This demonstrates your seriousness about your statement.

Through the process of your home study you should come to agreement with your spouse over any limitations you will put on a child in order to be willing to adopt them. You need to get a number of things clear and straight; such as whether you will welcome a child of any race, a child with disabilities, a child whose mother drank alcohol or consumed drugs, a child who is not expected to live, etc. You also need to prayerfully come to agreement as to whether you would be willing to have the birth mother involved in any way in the life of her/your adoptive child as she grows up in your family.

Can you see that if you say (or hold a sign)
stating you are willing to adopt “YOUR BABY”,
you are not being honest if you are not willing to adopt ANY child,
and accept any mother’s parameters?

Guard your tongue.
People of the Word
must be people of their word.

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With a few exceptions, I don't think this is a stretch.

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End Abortion Now

If we're going to end abortion, we must have as much resolve to fight against the hypocrites wearing suits pretending to care about children as we do the hypocrites wearing pink pretending to care about women.

And when they both gather together to fund abortion providers that single party is an enemy of the people.

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Mises Institute

"...There is a republican version that assaults our civil liberties and loves deficits and war, and a democratic version that assaults our commercial liberty and loves wealth transfers and taxes."

Today we celebrate the risen Christ! Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday to all.

If you think this is an isolated belief, it's not. The issue of abortion isn't just about privacy, but the right to murder. More on this to come.