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Ending abortion by reasserting the states rights to nullify mandates of the federal government
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When two rights conflict, the more serious right supersedes. The natural right of the child to live supersedes the assumed right of the woman to be without child.

"If I'm elected, I'll do everything possible to end abortion..."

Hmm... time to hold them accountable.


These people understand abortion IS murder.

On Saturday, May 13, a historic rescue of preborn babies took place at the last remaining abortion clinic in the state of Kentucky. Coinciding with Mother's Day...

The #AHCA is not a Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill. The PP Defunding is being tacked on to an otherwise terrible continued takeover of our healthcare system so pro-life supporters who would otherwise oppose the monstrosity will blindly support it.

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April 25
NEW YORK, NY—As part of its ongoing campaign to continue receiving tax dollars to perform its services, Planned Parenthood just released the above graphic intended to assist the organization’s supporters in their discussions, debates, and arguments with pro-life advocates. The infographic contains w...|By The Babylon Bee

Would you support state funding of prolife crisis pregnancy centers?

Do we only care about children not yet born? Certainly not! God has called us to care of the needy. That being said, we don't think the government, and especially not the federal, has an business taking money and then forcibly redistributing.

When people are allowed to keep their money and choose how to spend it, and private nonprofits are in charge of being good stewards of it, more people are helped with far fewer abuses and waste.

The truth about pro-life advocates and how much they really care about life. The facts are surprising.

"I don't think it's really convenient to have a child right now."

That's an all too common excuse for aborting a child.

"You just don't understand. It's giving me a lot of anxiety."


Having to change your life and your plans can cause anxiety. Wondering how you'll provide for your family can be, in many situations, terrifying.

"I just want to finish school."

We certainly recognize wanting to pursue your dreams.

But can we have your attention for a brief moment? Once you have all of those things, can you raise your dead baby back from the dead? We scoff at how people in ancient times would sacrifice their children on altars for a better harvest or to ward off evil spirits, but isn't having your baby aborted baby for any of these reasons (and more) the modern equivalent of human sacrifice?

You can't take back killing your child. Worst case scenario... put your child up for adoption. And that's hardly a bad option. There are countless parents who can't have children of their own looking to adopt a newborn baby to raise as their own. Many organizations will even help pay for the medical expenses.

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, but what's scarier is a conscience so deadened to right and wrong that killing an innocent child seems like a "good" solution worth considering.

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Is it necessary to be a Christian to be pro-life? Of course not. While some radicalized groups are gaining momentum by making this claim, the facts say otherwise. There are many non-believers who recognize abortion for the atrocity it is.

While we believe the Bible provides the only consistent, objective argument for the pro-life position, we praise God for the many people He has instilled with a desire to seek justice for the preborn.

We welcome all people who wish to join with us in our mission to #NullifyAbortion.

Children conceived by rape and incest are not disposable. They are not exceptions. You can not be pro-life and "with exceptions". If life is sacred, and a person is human at conception, then the argument for killing that child because of the actions of their parent(s) is irrelevant. Your parents don't determine whether you get to live or die.

As a human being you have INHERENT rights. This means, by the mere fact of being human, certain rights our automatically bestowed upon for no other fact than you're human.Why? Many will give you varying degrees of arguments, going so far as to claim the government gives you these rights. Wrong. The government merely recognizes human rights you — and all other people — already posses.

God the Creator, which the founders of our government recognized, gives us these rights in our interactions with each other. As beings made in the image of God — whether you acknowledge His existence or not — certain rights belong to you, and every child, born and yet born.

As such, the only consistent pro-life view is no exceptions in the case of rape and incest. Abortion does not take away the horrible act. It doesn't make it better. It makes the innocent victim the aggressor against her own child.

All life is sacred.

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What do you think is getting in the way of you becoming involved in grassroots pro-life political activism?

Why should the Christian speak up about abortion? Because God has called us to speak against injustice. Sin is not just a matter of doing something wrong, but also NOT doing something right.

(In fact, Christ came and died not just for what we had or will do, but also for what we had and will fail to do. Christ was obedient to the command of God even to death.)

If we see someone being attacked on the street, what is the righteous thing to do? Ignore it and "mind our own busin...ess" or to do everything within our power to protect the person being attacked?

"Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause." - Isaiah 1:17 ESV

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If we want to end abortion we need to start viewing suggested laws, our politicians, the endorsements they receive and the arguments presented to us more critically.

We can't afford to waste time on dead end roads and slimy politicians.

Either you are with us all the way, or you are not a true champion of the defenseless preborn.

What are some of the LEAST effective pieces of so-called "pro-life" legislation you've seen suggested in your state?

If the US can unilaterally act to bomb Syria to stop the killing of their children, then our states can unilaterally act to #nullifyabortion