Founded in 1970
Main Campus Islamabad, Karachi Campus, Lahore Campus, Faisalabad Campus, Peshawar Campus,Hyderabad Campus, Multan Campus, Queta Campus
General Information
The University began as an institute in 1970 to help people communicate and understand each other in different languages, to assimilate different and to act as a springboard for emerging disciplines. At present it is a fully autonomous, degree awarding University. It has crossed several barriers and now teaches 23 languages in addition to many emerging arts and sciences. It is open to all persons, regardless of class, creed, gender, race or color.
The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor while the Federal Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor .The day to day administration is controlled by a Board of Governors headed by the Chief of Army Staff. Federal Secretaries of different ministries and prominent citizens from both private and public sectors function as its members.
President of Pakistan
Rector (Vice Chancellor)
The Rector (Vice Chancellor) is responsible for keeping the university operative at an optimum level both in academics and administration.
RECTOR : Maj. General Masood Hasan, HI(M) Retd.
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Director General : Brig. Azam Jamal
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Campuses of NUML
1: Main Campus Islamabad
Located in the south west of the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, the main campus is spread over an area of 25 acres. It can accommodate over ten thousand students for on-campus education. The campus consists of five double storied academic blocks and one IT Block. It also has three hostels for students on its premises, and many more construction plans are in the offing to enlarge its area of operation. The main library has over 90,000 books with language laboratories and informatics, while each department has its own specialized library for quick reference. With a large fleet of vehicles, it comfortably meets the commuting requirements of both students and faculty.
Sector H-9,
Tel: 92-51-9257646-50, Fax: 92-51-9257294
2: Karachi Campus
ST-3, Block 'K' North Nazimabad,Karachi.
Tel: 021-36721027-29
Fax: 021-36721030
3: Lahore Campus
Aiwan-e-Iqbal,Egerton Road, Lahore.
Tel: 042-6316855
Fax: 042-6316856
4: Faisalabad Campus
1-KM Novelty Bridge, Sammanabad Road, Aminabad No. 2,Faisalabad.
Tel: 041-2565001
Fax: 041-2565002
5: Peshawar Campus
SH#2-E Mulberry Road, University Town,Peshawar.
Tel: 091-9218381
Fax: 091-9218380
6: Hyderabad Campus
Tel : 022-3813309
Fax : 022-3813310
E-Mail :
7: Multan Campus
Tel : 061-4746222
Fax : 061-4745333
E-mail :
8: Queta Campus
Tel : 081-2839939
Fax : 081-2839940
E-mail :

S. No Name Designation
1. Dr. Syed Ali Anwar Dean
2. Mr. Abdus Salam Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Nasreen Tahir Assistant Professor
4. Mrs. Asma Nadeem Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Fadhila Daud Assistant Professor
6. Mr. M. Abubakar Bhutta Lecturer
7. Rana Aman Ullah Lecturer
8. Miss. Kausar Arshad Lecturer
9. Mr. Tahir Mahmood Lecturer
10. Dr. Salma Shahida Lecturer
11. Mr. Qasim Azzam Bhutta Lecturer
12. Mr. Abdullah M. Bilal Lecturer
13. Mr. Kafait Ullah Hamdani Lecturer
14. Dr. Lubna Farah Lecturer
15. Mr. Noor Zaman Contract Lecturer
16. Mr. Muhammad Badshah Contract Lecturer
17. Mr. Arshad Mehmood Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Shazra Munawar Dean/Professor
2. Dr. Sohaila Javed Associate Professor
1. Mr. Mehmood Khan Contract Lecturer
2. Ms. Farah Mayvni Contract Instructor

1. Mr Chiragh Widar Contract Lecturer
2. Mr Tariq Rahim Contract Lecturer
1. Mr Wang Qianjun Associate Professor
2. Mrs. Misbah Rashid Assistant Professor
3. Ms. Rukhsana Hassan Assistant Professor
4. Mr. Zafar Naveed Lecturer
5. Mr. Munib Ahmed Lecturer
6. Mr. Jia Zhenghua Contract Lecturer
7. Mr.Aziz-ur-Rehman Contract Lecturer
8. Ms Humaira Sabir Contract Lecturer
9. Mrs. Rashida Mustafa Instructor
1. Dr Ge Lisheng Vice President
2. Mr Li Jun Teacher (on contract)
3. Mr Zhou Rong (Joe Ron) Visiting Professor
4. Ms Sabeeha Haseeb Visiting Lecturer
5. Mr Haseeb Ahmed Visiting Lecturer
1. Brig (R) Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik Visiting Professor/Head
2. Col (R) Muhammad Altaf Qureshi Visiting Professor
3. Lt.Col (R) Ghulam Mohammad Visiting Professor
4. Dr Fouzia Khurshid Associate Professor
5. Dr Sufiana Khatoon Assistant Professor
6. Dr S.M Hassan Visiting Professor
7. Dr. Marium Din Lecturer
8. Ms. Shazia Zamir Lecturer
9. Ms. Samra Afzal Lecturer
10. Miss. Rukhshanda Hashmi Lecturer
11. Ms. Sundas Kashmeeri Lecturer
12. Ms. Rubana Saeed Lecturer
13. Ms. Khush Bakht Hina Lecturer
14. Ms.Saira Nudrat Lecturer
15. Ms. Munazza Ambreen Lecturer
16. Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Hina Lecturer
17. Dr. Hukam Dad Lecturer
18. Ms. Misbah Yasmin Contract Lecturer
19. Ms. Fouzia Bibi Contract Lecturer
20. Ms Maimona Ahmed Contract Lecturer
21. Ms Beenish Imtiaz Contract Lecturer
22. Ms Uzma Yaqoob Contract Lecturer
23. Ms Hina Shoukat Teaching Asstt
1. Col (R) Syed Jawaid Ahmed Associate Professor/Head
2. Mrs Sajida Tahir Assistant Professor
3. Mr. Arshad Mehmood Assistant Professor
4. Mrs. Asma Haseeb Qazi Assistant Professor
5. Miss. Jaudat Ihsan Assistant Professor
6. Miss. Farheen Ahmed Hashmi Assistant Professor
7. Lt Col (R) Nazir Alam Visiting Professor
8. Qazi Muhammad Iqbal Visiting Professor
9. Miss. Sobia Akhtar Lecturer
10. Miss. Munnazza Mehmood Lecturer
11. Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman Lecturer
12. Mr. Muhammad Uzair Lecturer
13. Miss. Ayesha Rabbi Lecturer
14. Mr. Muhammad Fayyaz Haider Lecturer
15. Mr. Muhammad Niaz Khan Lecturer
16. Miss. Nusrat Bibi Lecturer
17. Miss. Sobia Jadoon Lecturer
18. Ms. Najma Qayyum Lecturer
19. Miss. Sajida Bano Lecturer
20. Miss. Sadaf Nasim Lecturer
21. Ms. Salma Qayyum Lecturer
22. Ms. Attia Saman Lecturer
23. Ms. Farhat Jabeen Lecturer
24. Ms. Asma Ayub Lecturer
25. Mr. Hazrat Umar Lecturer
26. Ms. Nadia Akram Lecturer
27. Miss. Uzma Riasat Lecturer
28. Miss. Beenish Ashraf Lecturer
29. Mr. M. Mansoor Anwar Lecturer
30. Mr. Bilal Hussain Lecturer
31. Mr. M. Jamil Asghar Lecturer
32. Miss. Arifa Shaheen Minhas Lecturer
33. Mr. Muntazir Mehdi Lecturer
34. Mr. Khurram Shehzad Lecturer
35. Ms. Sameera Elalhi Lecturer
36. Ms. Bushra Ashraf Lecturer
37. Mrs. Naz Sultana Contract Lecturer
38. Miss. Saeeda Ibrahim Contract Lecturer
39. Dr. Shamim Ali Contract Lecturer
40. Miss. Fouzia Shahid Contract Lecturer
41. Mr. Amir Inayat Contract Lecturer
42. Mr. Samavia Mumtaz Contract Lecturer
43. Ms. Ayesha Bhatti Contract Lecturer
44. Ms. Saima Hassan Contract Lecturer
45. Mr. Tariq Mehmood Contract Lecturer
46. Ms. Ayesha Hassan Contract Lecturer
47. Ms. Farah Nazeer Ahmed Contract Lecturer
48. Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Contract Lecturer
49. Ms. Saman Saeed Contract Lecturer
50. Mr. M. Naveed Anwar Contract Lecturer
51. Mr. Arshad Mehmood Raja Contract Lecturer
52. Mr. Rizwan Haider Contract Lecturer
53. Ms Aliya Hamid Contract Lecturer
54. Ms Bibi Aroma Contract Lecturer
55. Ms Nasira Bhatti Contract Lecturer
56. Ms Aamra Azhar Contract Lecturer
57. Mr Muhammad Shakeel Contract Lecturer
58. Sayyeda Farihatulaen Rizvi Contract Lecturer
59. Mr Rasheed Ahmad Contract Lecturer
60. Mr Aqleem Ejaz Contract Lecturer
61. Ms Tayyaba Abbas Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Mrs. Rubina Kamran Dean/Professor
2. Dr. Mrs. Shaheena Ayub Bhatti Associate Professor
3. Mrs. Mumtaz Obaid Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Nighat Ahmed Assistant Professor
5. Miss. Ambrina Qayyum Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Nighat Sultana Assistant Professor
7. Mrs. Salma Farrukh Assistant Professor
8. Mrs Aisha Farid Assistant Professor
9. Brig (R) M. Saleem Akhtar Visiting Professor
10. Mr. Sajjad Haider Visiting Professor
11. Mr. Bilal Subhani Visiting Professor
12. Mrs. Farzana Rauf Visiting Professor
13. Mr. Zaffar Hussain Zaidi Visiting Professor
14. Col (R) Muzaffar Ali Khan Visiting Professor
15. Chaudhri Shaukat Ali Visiting Professor
16. Mr. M. Saeed Sheikh Visiting Professor
17. Mrs. Valerie Kakar Visiting Professor
18. Mr Abdur Rehman Abid Visiting Professor
19. Miss. Fatima Hussain Lecturer
20. Mr. Adnan Rashid Lecturer
21. Ms Faiqa Pervez Lecturer
22. Miss. Shazia Rose Kiran Lecturer
23. Mrs. Shehr Bano Zaidi Lecturer
24. Miss. Fouzia Jamal Goreja Lecturer
25. Miss Samina Qayyum Lecturer
26. Miss Sumaira Ashraf Lecturer
27. Miss Wajiha Shah Lecturer
28. Miss Attiya Younus Lecturer
29. Miss Shahida Usama Lecturer
30. Ms. Faiza Yunus Lecturer
31. Mr. Fakhar Hussain Lecturer
32. Ms. Shumaila Zupash Lecturer
33. Ms. Bushra Khan Lecturer
34. Ms. Rubina Farooq Lecturer
35. Ms. Huma Rashid Lecturer
36. Ms. Numaira Hamid Khan Lecturer
37. Ms. Uzma Ahmed Lecturer
38. Ms. Jawairiya Mobin Lecturer
39. Ms. Rabia Tabassum Lecturer
40. Miss. Javeria Ashfaq Lecturer
41. Mr. Ayyaz Mehmood Lecturer
42. Miss. Sadia Khushnoor Lecturer
43. Ms. Irum Saleem Lecturer
44. Mr. Ather Rashid Lecturer
45. Ms. Humaira Iftikhar Lecturer
46. Ms. Mariam Shaheen Lecturer
47. Mr. Ejaz Mirza Lecturer
48. Mr. Tayyab Nawaz Lecturer
49. Mr. Yasir Arafat Lecturer
50. Ms. Amna Altaf Lecturer
51. Ms Aqsa Perveen Iqbal Lecturer
52. Ms. Ayesha Khalid Lecturer
53. Mr. Zawar Hussain Shah Lecturer
54. Mr. Arshad Ali Lecturer
55. Ms. Maryum Bushra Lecturer
56. Ms. Abida Ayesha Lecturer
57. Mr. Safee Ullah Safee Lecturer
58. Ms. Saima Ayyaz Lecturer
59. Ms. Ada Nabi Mir Lecturer
60. Ms Shaista Zeb Lecturer
61. Ms Noshaba Nargis Lecturer
62. Ms. Sobia Zafar Lecturer
63. Ms Sadia Hoori Lecturer
64. Mr Taimoor Malik Lecturer
65. Ms Atteya Shahnaz Lecturer
66. Ms Iram Shehzadi Lecturer
67. Ms Maimoona Jami Lecturer
68. Mr Sardar Ali Shah Lecturer
69. Ms Khadija Javed Lecturer
70. Ms Farrukh Amina Lecturer
71. Ms Amara Sumbal Lecturer
72. Ms Mehwish Zafar Lecturer
73. Mr Faisal Rasool Malik Lecturer
74. Mr. Saeed Imran Contract Lecturer
75. Ms. Rabia Khrushid Contract Lecturer
76. Ms Sadia Asif Contract Lecturer
77. Mr Tariq Maqsood Contract Lecturer
78. Ms Sana Tariq Contract Lecturer
79. Mr Ahsan Afzaal Ahmed Contract Lecturer
80. Ms Gulnaz Begum Contract Lecturer
81. Ms Shafaq Ashraf Contract Lecturer
82. Ms Khadija Hamood Contract Lecturer
83. Ms Tauheeda Bhatti Contract Lecturer
84. Ms Uzma Mumtaz Aziz Contract Lecturer
85. Mr Asif Rasool Contract Lecturer
86. Ms Farhat Sajjad Contract Lecturer
87. Malik M Amir Visiting Lecturer
88. Ms Afia Kanwal Contract Lecturer
89. Mr. Gohar Ali Teaching Assistant (on contract)
90. Mr Bashir Ahmed Teaching Assistant (on contract)
1. Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khilji Head/Contract Professor
2. Ms. Saima Shafique Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Muhammad Azam Khan V.Professor
4. Mr. Muhammad Mansoor Ali Lecturer
5. Miss. Fareeha Riaz Lecturer
6. Malik Saqib Ali Lecturer
7. Ms. Azra Naz Lecturer
8. Ms. Noor Fatima Lecturer
9. Ms. Sabahat Subhan Lecturer
10. Ms Shabana Kausar Lecturer
11. Ms Amtul Hafeez Lecturer
12. Mrs. Naveeda Aamir Contract Lecturer
13. Mr Shafi Ullah Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Shazra Munnawar HoD
2. Dr. Bushra Sadiq Associate HoD
3. Mr. Zahir Hassan Assistant Professor
4. Mr. Faiq Hussain Jafri Assistant Professor
5. Miss Amina Niazi Assistant Professor
6. Mrs. Zill-e-Zehra Assistant Professor
7. Mrs. Sameena Aslam Lecturer
8. Ms. Farhat Ansari Contract Lecturer
9. Ms. Humaira Sadaf Contract Lecturer
10. Ms. Sumera Shamsi Contract Lecturer
11. Mr. Hasan Fayyaz Contract Lecturer
12. Mr. Aamir Zaheer Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Anwar Mehmood Professor / Head
2. Mr. Muhammad Bashir Ahmed Assistant Professor
3. Mr. Khalid Bilal Ahmad Khan Assistant Professor
4. Mr. Muhammad Abbas Assistant Professor
5. Mrs. Tausif Amira Assistant Professor
6. Miss. Sahar Afrin Lecturer
7. Mr. Noor Muhammad Malik Contract Lecturer
8. Mr Muhammad Munawar Contract Lecturer
9. Mrs. Meshaim Niazi Senior Instructor
10. Ms. Nureen Fraz Agha Senior Instructor
1. Maj Gen (R) Usman Shah Acting Head/V.Professor
2. Ms Ayesha Waqas Lecturer
3. Maj Gen ® Ovais Mushtaq Qureshi Visiting Professor
4. Mr M. Owais Qureshi Visiting Professor
5. Mr Mukhtar Haider Visiting Professor
6. Lt Col (R) Hakim Khan Visiting Professor
7. Mr Muhammad Shah Din Contract Lecturer
8. Mr Naseem Anwar Khan Contract Lecturer
9. Ms Sadia Hashmi Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Naseema Khatoon Visiting Professor/Head
2. Mrs. Shahin Zafar Lecturer
3. Mrs. Shamim Riaz Contract Instructor
4. Mrs. Zubaida Hassan Contract Instructor
1. Mr. Giuliano Ricchiardi Visiting Professor/Head
2. Ms Azra Shamim Contract Instructor
3. Mr Javed Masih Contract Instructor
1. Mr. Naveed Alam Head/ Lecturer
2. Mr. Naveed Hussain Assistant Professor
3. Mr. Sajjad Haider Lecturer
4. Mr. Irfan Raza Lecturer
5. Mr. M.Fahid Muqaddas Lecturer
6. Rana Abdul Sami Khan Lecturer
7. Mr. Muhammad Noman Malik Lecturer
8. Mr Bilal Ahmed Lecturer
9. Ms Sarah Mazhar Lecturer
10. Mr Raza Pervaiz Lecturer
11. Mr Waqas Hassan Lecturer
12. Brig (R) Muhammad Saeed Visiting Professor
13. Dr Irfan Zafar Visiting Professor
14. Mr. Moyeezullah Ghouri Contract Lecturer
15. Ms. Hina Ali Contract Lecturer
16. Ms Rabia Masood Contract Lecturer
17. Mr Hasan Humayun Contract Lecturer
18. Mr Sajid Munir Contract Lecturer
19. Mr Atta Ullah Contract Lecturer
20. Ms Huma Noman Visiting Lecturer
21. Mr Jawad ur Rehman Contract Lecturer
22. Ms Iram Sohaib Contract Lecturer
23. Mr Ehsan ul Haq Senior Instructor
1. Dr. Zia-ul-Haq Visiting Professor/Head
2. Dr Syed Abdul Ghaffar Bukhari Lecturer
3. Mr. M. Riaz Khan Lecturer
4. Miss. Afia Mehdi Lecturer
5. Mrs Summayah Rafique Lecturer
6. Mr Noor Hayat Lecturer
7. Mr Hafiz Allah Yar Lecturer
8. Mr M Wahid Ullah Ayub Contract Lecturer
9. Ms Abida Iqbal Contract Lecturer
10. Miss. Farhat Nisar Contract Lecturer
11. Ms Aasia Rashid Contract Lecturer
12. Ms Saima Aziz Contract Lecturer
1. Pro. Dr Sohail Mahmood Head of Department
2. Syed Furrukh Zad Assistant Professor
3. Mr. Tahir Naeem Malik Lecturer
4. Ms. Sarwat Rauf Lecturer
5. Ms. Pashmina Mughal Lecturer
6. Ms. Tayyaba Mobeen Lecturer
7. Mr. Riaz Shad Malik Lecturer
8. Ms. Saadia Istiaq Senior Instructor
9. Ms. Tabinda Zehra Senior Instructor
10. Mr. Rashid Khan Contract Lecturer
11. Mr. G.H. Abid Sipra Contract Lecturer
12. Mr. Attiq ur Rehman Contract Lecturer
13. Dr Z A Qureshi Visiting Faculty
14. Col (R) Shoukat Khan Visiting Faculty
15. Mr. Muzaffar Khan Visiting Faculty
16. Ms. Sitara Noor Visiting Faculty
17. Mr. Faheem Khattak Visiting Faculty
18. Mr. Farman Kakar Visiting Faculty
19. Mr. Nazim Rahim Visiting Faculty
20. Mr. Qamar Abbas Visiting Faculty
21. Ms. Summia Zahid Visiting Faculty
22. Mr. Asim Ayub Visiting Faculty
23. Mr. Nazim Rahim Visiting Faculty
1. Mrs. Shaheena Mustafa Instructor
2. Syed Majid Ali Instructor
3. Ms. Rafia Fatima Contract Instructor
4. Mr Sharif Ahmed Contract Instructor
5. Mr Kokan Contract Lecturer
1. Dr Atif Faraz Asstt Professor / Head
2. Mr Jin Hye Kyung Volunteer Teacher
3. Mr Ehtisham Contract Lecturer
1. Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan Dean / Professor
2. Mr Naseer A Rajput Visiting Prof./Head
3. Ms. Afsheen Abrar Lecturer
4. Syed Ali Azfar Lecturer
5. Mr. Waqas Qayyum Lecturer
6. Mr. Nadeem Talib Lecturer
7. Ms. Iram Iqbal Qazi Lecturer
8. Mr. Jawad Javed Lecturer
9. Syed Zaheer Abbas Lecturer
10. Ms. Shehla Akhtar Lecturer
11. Ms. Aliya Jalil Lecturer
12. Ms. Saira Sabir Lecturer
13. Mr. Goolfam Khan Lecturer
14. Mr. Faid Gul Lecturer
15. Mr M Hanif Shahzad Lecturer
16. Ms. Shanza Khan Contract Lecturer
17. Mr. Abdul Rehman Lecturer
18. Ms. Nadia Haseeb Lecturer
19. Miss. Tahmina Qamar Lecturer
20. Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan Contract Lecturer
21. Mr. Mohsin Raza Visiting Lecturer
22. Mr. Najeeb Ahmed Khan Visiting Lecturer
23. Mr. Adnan Ali Khan Contract Lecturer
24. Ms. Hina Shahab Contract Lecturer
25. Ms. Fouzia Mubarak Contract Lecturer
26. Mr. Muhammad Haroon Contract Lecturer
27. Ms. Hina Rehman Contract Lecturer
28. Malik Muhammad Irfan Visiting Lecturer
29. Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed Contract Lecturer
30. Mr Waris Ali Contract Lecturer
31. Mr M Zubair Mumtaz Visiting Lecturer
32. Ms Benish Javed Contract Lecturer
33. Ms Sehar Zulfiqar Contract Lecturer
34. Mr M Zia ur Rehman Contract Lecturer
35. Mr Adnan Iftikhar Contract Lecturer
36. Ms Nida Farman Contract Lecturer
37. Ms Saadia Saeed Contract Lecturer
38. Mr Rabia Sharif Contract Lecturer
39. Mr Maqbool Ahmed Visiting Lecturer
40. Mr Qamar Riaz Visiting Lecturer
41. Ms. Tayyaba Ashfaq Contract Lecturer
42. Ms. Sharjeela Shoukat Contract Lecturer
43. Mr Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi Visiting Lecturer
44. Mr Ghulam Asghar Visiting Lecturer
45. Maj Rohail Mehboob Visiting Lecturer
1. Brig (R) Saulat Raza Visiting Professor/Head
2. Mr. Mufti Jamiluddin Ahmad Visiting Professor
3. Col Muhammad Mansoor Rashid Visiting Professor
4. Mr Mateen Haider Visiting Professor
5. Lt Col (R) Syed Munnawar Ali Visiting Professor
6. Ms. Ghousia Shabbir Lecturer
7. Mr. Mudasar Mukhtar Lecturer
8. Mrs Attia Zulfiqar Lecturer
9. Ms. Adiba Akhtar Lecturer
10. Ms Nosheen Yousaf Lecturer
11. Mr Asif Bhatti Visiting Lecturer
12. Mr Raja Kamran Lecturer
13. Ms. Sundas Zulfiqar Lecturer
14. Ms. Amna zulfiqar Lecturer
15. Mr. Gullam Jellani Lecturer
16. Mr. Mudasir Lecturer
1. Brig (R) Wasiq Ahmad Khan Visiting Professor
2. Ms. Qamar-un-Nisa Lecturer
3. Mr. M. Shoaib Malik Lecturer
4. Mr. Fazal Rabbi Lecturer
5. S. Hamid Mahmood Bukhari Lecturer
6. Ms. Munazza Mubarik Lecturer
1. Dr. Tahira Parveen Associate Professor/ Head
2. Dr Ali Mirzai Associate Professor
3. Dr. Mahr Noor Muhammad Khan Visiting Professor
4. Mrs. Razia Akbar Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Rashida Hassan Assistant Professor
6. Ms. Rehana Perveen Assistant Professor
7. Mr. Muhammad Fayyaz Lecturer
8. Mr. Muhammad Safeer Lecturer
9. Ms. Amber Yasmin Contract Lecturer
10. Mr M Faiz Satti Contract Lecturer
11. Miss Tasawar-un-Nisa Contract Lecturer
12. Mr Lal Mohammad Mangal Contract Lecturer
13. Ms Hakimeh Dastranji Contract Lecturer
1. Dr Muhammad Sarfaraz Visiting Professor
2. Mr Abdul Rauf Contract Lecturer
1. Mr. Habib Nawaz Acting Head/Lecturer
2. Mr Tehsin Ullah Contract Lecturer
3. Mr. Mohammad Farooq Senior Instructor
1. Dr Riaz Hassan Dean/ Professor
2. Mian Khurram Shahzad Azam Lecturer
1. Dr Mrs. Asma Naveed Lecturer/ Head
2. Ms Anna Ghudamova Contract Lecturer
3. Ms Sonia Iskowova Contract Lecturer
4. Ms Lali Lipartia Contract Lecturer
5. Mr Hassan Kaleem Contract Lecturer
1. Dr Lucia Caro Marina Head
2. Ms. Dalessandro Elizabeth Contract Lecturer
3. Mr David Arturo Contract Lecturer
4. Ms Mercedes Checa Contract Lecturer
5. Ms Fernanda Contract Lecturer
6. Ms Rajkumari Troya Triveni Contract Lecturer
7. Ms Juana Maria Contract Lecturer
8. Ms Aiza Azam Contract Instructor
1. Dr Muhammad Akbar Dean
2. Brig (R) Humayun Shah Visiting Professor/Head
3. Dr M Tariq Nawaz Qaisarani Visiting Professor
4. Mr Raheel Zafar Lecturer
5. Mr. Naveed Ahmed Lecturer
6. Mr Irfan Rafique Contract Lecturer
7. Mr Sheraz Alam Contract Lecturer
8. Mr Hanan Adeel Contract Lecturer
9. Mr Sohaib Rehman Contract Lecturer
10. Mr Muhammad Farhan Sohail Visiting Lecturer
11. Mr Sajjad Ahmed Ghauri Visiting Lecturer
12. Ms Rida Laiq Contract Lecturer
13. Mr Jamil Ahmed Zia Contract Lecturer
14. Mr Asad Hussain Contact Lecturer
15. Ms Nargis Fatima Contract Lecturer
16. Ms Sumera Nazir Contract Lecturer
17. Mr Omar Hayat Contract Lecturer
18. Mr Faraz Ahmed Contract S. Instructor
19. Ms Zahra Aleem Contract S. Instructor
1. Mr Zakeriya Nas Assistant Professor
2. Mrs. Imtiaz Begum Lecturer
3. Mrs. Abida Hanif Lecturer
4. Miss Shaista Hameed Instructor
1. Dr. Rubina Shahnaz Assistant Professor/Head
2. Dr. Muhammad Aftab Ahmed Visiting Professor
3. Dr. Gauhar Naushahi Visiting Professor
4. Mr.M. Rafiq Baig Visiting Professor
5. Miss Zahida Saeed Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Fouzia Aslam Assistant Professor
7. Ms. Shamim Akhtar Assistant Professor
8. Dr. Sobia Saleem Lecturer
9. Mrs. Nadia Ashraf Lecturer
10. Mrs. Bushra Parveen Lecturer
11. Mrs. Samina Siddiqui Lecturer
12. Dr. Abid Hussain Sial Lecturer
13. Mrs. Ambareen Shakir Lecturer
14. Dr. M. Shafique Lecturer
15. Dr Hafiz Naeem Mazhar Lecturer
16. Mr. Zafar Ahmed Lecturer
17. Ms. Anjum Mobeen Lecturer
18. Ms. Saima Nazir Contract Lecturer
19. Ms. Nazia Malik Contract Lecturer
20. Ms Nazia Younis Contract Lecturer
21. Ms Rukhshanda Murad Contract Lecturer
1. Mr Bilal Oghoz Contract Instructor
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