A short movie of a DWC aquaponics system in South Mountain Village, Phoenix Az. 10/14/2015
The second 3-Hr farm Self Contained Aquaponics system build at...
Farming the 3-Hour farm. IRON

From Box to Bounty. Our Story at NxT Horizon for 2017: The quest for Affordable, Healthy, Abundant Food!

Starting in 2016, we took on a challenge. Phoenix, America's 5th largest city wants healthy food for its people (See the first photo below taken from the new 2015-2025 Phoenix General Plan (The 10 year business plan for the city of Phoenix) page 142: Healthy Food Systems (For your copy of the plan, click here:

Our mission here at NxT Horizon is to g...ive the residents of Phoenix and all others what they asked for in writing, Affordable, Healthy and Abundant Food and to do it through aquaponics!

Our first task was to create a super simple DIY to reduce the cost of backyard aquaponics so that a well skilled user could actually produce food for less than the cost of buying it from the supermarket. Using simple off the shelf kiddie pools we did it and achieved a shared cost for fish and vegetables of approximately $0.80 including everything but labor (most urban home farms don't count labor).

This powerful achievement gave us our first product as a company, a book on how we did it so others could do it too. Its is called the 3-Hour farm and is available on Amazon. So far so good.. We even got a great write up in Arizona Green Living Magazine: Click on this link not the photo to read the article:

We are also honored that organizations including Mesa Community College, the Buckeye Outreach for Social Services and the Farm at South Mountain are now using our new technology to grow food, destroy food deserts as well as teaching vocations and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) and a little trailblazing research with freshwater prawns as well (click here to read:

Our next step is to make it even more effective. Watch this space.

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Good book sales this month.

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Thank you for liking our page. Some of biggest issues in aquaponics today are reducing the risks, costs and complexity of aquaponics while improving food production rates, food quality and food safety. Success in reaching these goals would allow the users (you) to feed more people and do better business. The Self Contained Aquaponic System (S-CAp) and the associated book The 3-Hour Farm were our first products dedicated to addressing this challenge.

In summary we succeeded on... all levels including bringing the cost of construction down by nearly 3/4 and making it much less complex than other AP methods of similar size while production the same amount of food if not more. It is not a panacea. It cannot be applied to all circumstances. But where it can be used it works and works well.

Since we introduced the concept we have learned much including the great new business models that users can now apply using the technology We even publicly introduced the concept for review and critique to our colleagues and pears at the recent World Aquaculture Conference in Las Vegas Nevada (click this link to see full session agenda. )

We have learned much. So now on the the process of making the systems better.

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Part 2 of my Sustainability lecture. The Tour.

Mesa Community College Center for Urban Agriculture added 13 new photos — with DrGeorge Brooks and D.a. Peartree.

Great tour today (March 17, 2018) here at the Mesa Community College Center for Urban Agriculture, part of the Urban Garden lecture series from the Arizona Stat...e University Global Institute of Sustainability. Our thanks to ASU and to our own Tom Bulinsky for his great work in leading much of the tour and describing the opportunities for learning at MCC.

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Honored to speak again at the Arizona State University Global Institute of Sustainably about Aquaponics. This time the subject was on how aquaponics is being in...tegrated into the Phoenix Az. local food economy. (Yesterday (March 14, 2018). My great thanks to all who attended and my apologies if I did not get to thank you personally.

Just a side note, ASU mentioned that yesterday's event was the first this year that needed an overflow room because of the size of the audience. Thanks again to all of you.

But it is not over yet. Saturday many of the good folks who attended the talk will also be traveling to the Mesa Community College Center for Urban Agriculture to see all what is going on their including naturally, the aquaponics.
(Link to the Global Institute of Sustainability:

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And now we take a look into something fishy. Freshwater prawns are raised right here in the desert, believe it or not.Prawn farming is alive and well in the U.S. But a class at Mesa Community College wanted to learn how to better raise these crustaceans using aquaponics, the combination of raising f...

For members in Phoenix Arizona Metro, one week from today. Arizona State University School of Sustainability. Please RSVP. No cost for the event. Lunch is provided.

Note: When you open the link please scroll to the top for full information:

Dr. George Brooks is a founder of the AgTech development firm NxT Horizon and regularly contributes to Aquaculture, the international magazine of seafood farming as well as Green Living AZ...

The presentation of the Self Contained Aquaponics System to the world at the recent World Aquaculture Conference in Las Vegas went well. Now the industry officially knows the concept and the science of this new technique. We shall see how they respond (See photos: Meeting schedule 10:45 am)

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Aquaponics today at the Roosevelt S.T.E.A.M. Festival (part of the Az. SciTech Festival) at South Mountain Community College in South Mountain Village (South Phoenix). Train them, let them go and watch amazing things happen. With thanks to the Farm at South Mountain and the Roosevelt Center for Sustainability

Did a great podcast today with fellow Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce member Chef Jennifer "Everything you wanted to know about fish." You know it was a great session when it goes so fast it is over before you get to half of the things the host wanted to talk about. Thanks so much Chef! Here is the link:

Everyone talks about Sustainable Fish - but what is the truth? Dr. George Brooks gives us his insights of Farmed vs Wild Fish. Information about Ocean polution and impact on fish. What do we need to know about how to select fish for consumption. Plus what I want to know - Talapia or no? Give us the....



A representative and non-exhaustive selection of agtech companies have been visualized in this African AgTech Market Map by AgFunder and The Seed Project.

For those members in Arizona, the next lecture on aquaponics at the Arizona State University Global Institute of Sustainability. All are invited. Please RSVP, lunch will be served and seats are limited.

P.S. for some reason the link goes to the bottom of the page instead of the top. Please scroll up to read the full information.

Dr. George Brooks is a founder of the AgTech development firm NxT Horizon and regularly contributes to Aquaculture, the international magazine of seafood farming as well as Green Living AZ...

Just a memory from a 3-hour farm prototype.

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Posted by Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks

Dr. Brooks and I checking on our fish. Tilapia!!!!!!! Growing fish in the backyard.

Here is the aquaponic paper session for Aquaculture 2018 two weeks from now in Las Vegas Nevada. I am giving 3 of the presentations.

AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2018 returns to one of the favorite entertainment spots in the world for the only major national aquaculture conference and exposition held in the U.S. The U.S. Aquaculture Society (formerly U.S. Chapter of WAS) joins with National Aquaculture Association and the Aquaculture Supp...

The press page from our webpage. Always great stuff to read here on our most recent projects:

News Article - BY Sally Mesarosh. Raising giant freshwater prawns — in the desert - Community College Daily: American Association of Community

Important news coming soon.

NxT Horizon is honored to be working on this project at the Farm at South Mountain.

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Building the 3rd Self Contained Aquaponic System (S-CAP/3-Hour Farm) for the Farm at South Mountain's Gather and Grow program ( page 20). ...At 48 ft2 of E-DWC (Extra-Deep Water Culture (my terminology)) grow bed vs, 30 ft2, and using 2 fish tanks, it is 60% larger than the earlier units. Half finished today, finishing up next Friday.

Our thanks to Farm at South Mountain Sustainability manager Greg Brownell, Current and past Farm Interns from the Arizona State University School of Sustainability Matthew and Kyle and Leah and Collin, and volunteers Candy Gordon and the incomparable, one and only often imitated but never duplicated, Abraham James!




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