As you might have noticed already, our server is down for about two weeks straight already (of course, who didn't ). This is caused by our network connection issue and we keep hoping that we will be able to bring the service back online for you as soon as possible. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for your understanding in advance.

Hello, we are in the middle of web and update server migration and the process will take us a few hours. In effect of this, the game launcher won't be able to be ran for the meantime. Please expect for the process to complete tonight.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience and have a good day.


Good news to all O2Jammers running Windows 8 and 8.1!

Recently a compatibility patch has been distributed through the game updater to allow Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users to run O2Jam Live.

While the effect of this patch is being continuously monitored, if you encounter any unusual behavior or error after downloading this patch, please report by posting your issue to our Facebook fan page or Facebook group, then our staff shall assist you as soon as possible.


Note: If you are running Windows Vista or newer with UAC enabled, it is highly recommended to run the updater as an Administrator or else you will get a user elevation-related error. If you get the error, simply ignore it and the game will run normally upon relaunch.

Note²: If you encounter "O2Jam is not a valid Win32 application" error after updating, please reinstall the game.

Have fun!

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Server is back online! Thanks for waiting.
Now the experience and gem rates have been set back to normal.

Anyways, do you miss doing in-game events with us?
We would like to hear from you what kind of in-game event and prizes do you want to see. Give your opinion in the comment box below!

The server is online
Sorry for the late announcement

Happy Jamming!

The server currently down due power electricity outage.
Please wait a moment

Sorry for inconvenience

Server is back online!
If you cannot log in to the game, Please reinstall the game.

And also, the Web in-game (shop, friendlist, etc) is currently down, we are working on it right now.
Sorry for inconvenience


Edit: Web in-game is fixed and now working properly!

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If you created a new account within the last 12 hours and cannot log in to the game, please send us a message with your account details for assistance.

Server is back online! Please send us a message if you experience any problem afterwards.

Finally, our funding target has been successfully fulfilled.
Thanks to you guys, especially the kind donors!

Since we received a bit more than we targeted, we decided to try to upgrade the entire server hardware so you guys can enjoy better jamming performance in the near future.


Check out the list of donors here:

The donation funds are now in the process of withdrawal so it'll be few more days before I can actually spend the money. Please expect the server to be back online no later than next week, hopefully this week!
Once again, thanks for your loyal support!

Best regards,

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Yana Nugraha shared a link to the group: O2Jam Live.

Bad news!

Our server's motherboard is finally dead after serving us so much joy for more than 2 years. The good news is, the hard drive is (probably) safe so do...n't be afraid of losing your game progress!

Anyways, since we do not generate profit at all during the lifetime of the server, this time we really need your help to raise fund to replace the current motherboard. As a token of gratitude, we will send you special gifts for your character when the server goes back online later, no matter how much you contribute.

Click on the link to find out how you can donate:

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading.


Berita buruk!

Motherboard yang digunakan pada server akhirnya rusak setelah memberikan kita banyak memori melalui O2Jam Live. Berita baiknya, hard drive yang kami gunakan tetap aman, jadi jangan takut untuk kehilangan karakter kalian!

Karena kami sama sekali tidak mencari keuntungan selama server ini berjalan, kali ini kami sangat memerlukan bantuan dana dari anda untuk mengganti motherboard pada server. Sebagai tanda terima kasih, kami akan mengirimkan pemberian spesial untuk karakter anda setelah server kembali online nanti, berapapun dana yang anda donasikan.

Klik link dibawah untuk mencari tahu bagaimana anda dapat melakukan donasi:

Kontribusi anda sangat kami hargai!
Terima kasih telah membaca.

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We are sorry that the server down due critical issue for these 3 days, Now the Server is up

And also we are increasing exp and gem rate to 4x!
Happy Jamming!

The server is back online again!

Again.. We are sorry that we having technical issue on the server due unstable Power Outage around server area.

We are sorry for inconvenience

We are sorry that we having technical issue on the server yesterday.

Now the server is back online!
Happy Jamming!

The server is back online!
You can log into the game now

also we increased the EXP and GEM rate (2x -> 4x) for a week!
Happy Jamming!

We are sorry
Our computer server having technical problem

Sorry for inconvenience