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Customer Service: 800-272-9741; Corporate Office: 405-553-3000
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For parody purposes and to spread the word that OG&E is offering a 10k instant rebate to their customers thru 6/30 at OGE.COM/events. Maybe one day we can compete in the 405! 😂😂😂😂

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Duncan Lyle
· April 30, 2017
I hate my monthly bill as much as the next guy, but when it comes to service, you guys are great!
It's been a rough weekend in Oklahoma with all the power and downed lines and we had a down line in our side and back yard from the storm on friday night. I was a little frustrated that it didn't get taken care of until this morning, mostly because I couldn't just put the dogs out and I had to go out with them...
But then when I talked to the lineman that came out in the cold and rain this morning to pull the third overtime shift in 3 days, I found out how tough and dedicated these guys are. I didn't catch his name, but I just want to share my appreciation for OG&E and the hardworking guys that spend grueling hours in heat, cold, rain, sleet, wind, and snow to make sure our lights and heat stay on!

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Jacob Morton
· March 17, 2017
I received a shut off notice in the mail a month after I had moved to my new address. I called customer service to see what it was about and the woman who and assisted me was so professional and courteous. We went over the notice and why it was instated. She wasn't rude or demeaning, but actually very understanding. She offered me a later shut off date if I needed to get some money together first without me even asking or prompting the idea. We ended up getting everything worked out, and it ended up being just a misunderstanding, but I wanted to say how professional and courteous the customer service was today! I wish I would have gotten her name, but I let her know how well she did at her job and customer service as well! � See More
Ginny Sanders
· May 12, 2017
I reported an outage then two minutes later, my power came back on. This very nice man called from OG&E to check on me and make sure my power had come back on.... Very nice people that work for the electric company. We're dependent on them as they're the only one who serves my neighborhood, but they don't take advantage of the monopoly. I've been with both Electric Company's in central Oklahoma and the other one is a little cheaper, but I am happy with OG&E. mad respect for the hours these folks put in to keep my power on. Thank you to all involved! See More
Dan Jones
· May 20, 2017
Power outage started almost 4 hours ago. OG&E was immediately notified the power outage. Not a single truck has been seen in the neighborhood and OG&E is still ...stating "the estimated time of restoration is unknown at this time". Really? Is that because OG&E doesn't know what the cause of the outage is because no technician has arrived onsite for hours after the power outage started? I would think someone could at least send some field technician who is member of the 'C team' to at least look like they're trying but that may be too much to ask. I guess the concept of good optics is lost on the public relations people at OG&E...that or they don't care.

Edit:. Nearly two hours later, still nothing.
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Jared Taylor
· May 9, 2017
OG&E is an absolute joke. The only reason you guys get 1 star is that I don't have the option of choosing 0 or negative. Constantly having outages in our neighb...orhood that last anywhere from 6-24 hours. We have currently been out of power for going on 12 hours. It was reported at about 9 pm last night and at 730 this morning still not a single crew anywhere around to fix the issue. If your company is going to have such crappy service and response, at the very least have a 24 hour answering service so your customers can speak to someone to try and get the issues fixed. See More
Karen Stark
· April 29, 2017
Yesterday, about noon, our power went out. After waiting awhile to make sure it wasn't just a little burp, I called OG&E. They informed me that they had turned my electricity because someone asked them too. I asked, "WHO"? "We can't tell you that", I was informed.

Now, mind you, I pay my bills on time by bank auto draft. I am up to date and current on payments but OG&E decided that I no longer needed power because some unnamed person decided to tell them our house no longer required electricity.

According to the OG&E spokesman, to tell the person, who called them asking to put my account into their name, that they needed to verify they actually lived in the house (MY! HOUSE!!) would be unfair to them. But, to leave me, a disabled person, without a way to heat or cool my home and to leave me in the dark was okay?

Just think if they had decided to do this while I was on vacation for 2 weeks, turning off power to my refridgerator and freezer!! Think if I was on home dialysis or had other electrical medical equipment. I think this is egregious.

They tell me the Oklahoma Corporation Commission forbids them "to deny service" to anyone asking for it. BUT, didn't they deny me the service I had asked for and paid for when they disconnected my service?

I'm thinking about calling the ADA to see if I can sue OG&E. Someone needs to do something about this before it happens to others even more elderly (I'm 68) or more handicapped (I'm currently bedbound by a serious back issue).

Oh, and I was also informed this happens quite often to people but OG&E says it would be too time consuming to call the number listed on file to ask if we really wanted our power disconnected. They also had my email on file. And yet, they say, they don't have any way to make sure it doesn't happen to others. That's nuts!!!
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Elizabeth Wissler
· March 24, 2017
Every few months we'll have a series of brown outs or power flickering that last for a few hours. There's always an excuse (if they even respond) and they'll sa...y they've fixed the problem. In between those intermittent series of flickers, we'll have one during the day every few weeks (we can tell because our electronics will freak out and yes they're on power strips). Sometimes instead of flickering, we'll just lose power for a few hours.

We have yet to get an answer regarding WHY this happens and if there's any plan to fix it.
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Mandy Lance
· March 7, 2017
I just moved to Oklahoma and am not impressed just because of the electric company! They have the rudest customer service people!!! They lost my deposit turned electric off I sent them proof and went all night without power and it is so cold in my apartment my kids froze last night!! My power is still off this time because I didn't send them two forms of IDs that we were never told we needed to send and now it will still take 1-2 hours to receive the ids and then someone will be dispatched to turn back on needless to say I've lost two days of work and all my food in the fridge!!!!! Not happy!!! See More
Mike Bridenstine
· May 2, 2017
Due to a problem with the og+e online bill pay, we paid our bill twice, before it was due. So now they are sitting on our $110.00 for at least the next 10 days ...because that is policy. We have not paid a bill late in over 16 years. From customer service we have seen a lot of tap dancing, but no one willing to provide customer service because policy. come on og+e. is this the best you can do? See More
Kimberlea Foster
· April 22, 2017
I agree it is tough to rate overall. There are many strong points that are really good. HOWEVER, my concern is for customers who have medical equipment, no wher...e else to go & no money to either. Not to long ago, a motel was designated for these customers to go to at utilities expense. It is cheaper than hospital bills n law suits. Why did OGE stop this service? What has to be done to restore this Oklahoma Standard service? Whatever needs to be done Lets Do It cause Our Okies need it, deserve it & its the only honorable way to treat your customers with varying disabilities as well as the very old & very young! :) See More
Riley Bogle
· April 12, 2017
Thank you for all of your hard work however, It is absolutely insane to almost every single Oklahoman I know, that the biggest power company in the state isn't 24/7. I understand everyone needs a break but you don't even have customer support or help after 5:00
Or on the weekends. Not even an emergency line. How is this justifiable when you literally get paid millions and millions a month from homeowners and companies all over the state?
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Rebecca Speck
· April 12, 2017
Well three hours later I'm still sitting in the dark for some unknown reason. My bill is paid so I am pissed off. Finally saw one of your stupid trucks drive almost an hour ago and still no power. This is ridiculous and you better be glad that it isn't super hot outside because I am home with my grandson and three dogs. See More
Rosalie Sayres
· April 21, 2017
This company sucks. The wind blows and our power goes out only two houses are affected so they take up to 24hrs to come poke at the transformer for 5 seconds to... turn it back on. We were told by an employee that even if we had someone on a ventilator in our home that wouldnt put us at top priority. What kind of company says that??? A crappy one like OG&E See More
Nick Caporale
· April 11, 2017
If I could give OG&E 0 stars I would. Their service is that bad. I set up automatic payments through my bank account. Literally input my bank account informa...tion to their website. First month about a week after my bill due date I get a late notice and ding to my credit score which is how I first found out I was late!!! After realizing that it was from OG&E I went online on my bank's website and sent the payment through that way and it was accepted. I confirmed my bank information on the OG&E website and submitted a payment for the same amount (as I wanted to pay as quickly as possible). It went through, so now I have double paid, but fine whatever at least I know they have the right bank information, right? WRONG! I kick back and not worry about my OG&E bills because I think it's handled. Nope! I'm now sitting here with two months of late bills (the first one was $1.34 might I say because I had double paid) and a$40 late fee on top because apparently my payments didn't go through. How is it that the one month I pay through my bank it magically goes through on OG&E's website but all the other months it doesn't go through? Sounds shady to me. How about a little communication OG&E? Oh wait, that means you wouldn't be able to collect your shady fees. The worst part of the whole thing is there is no other provider to go to. Absolutely the worst service I've ever experienced in my life. By the way I have never missed a payment for anything in my entire life. See More
Amy Nicholson
· April 29, 2017
Thank you for your hard work, determination, and dedication to working so hard to get our power turned back on today! I want to let you know how much we appreci...ate the linemen and other workers who worked long hours in the cold, wet rain to make sure everyone had power back. Thank you again! See More
Toon Richard
· June 15, 2017
Really getting tired of their crap. The wind can sneeze and me my aunt and uncle lose power. We are the only 3 tired to this freaking grid i dont know if its really crappy or what they refuse to look into it or even fix the issue. We are with out power again because of a freaking breeze. See More
William Blake Mathews
· February 9, 2017
Would rate zero but I have power so I'll leave it at 1. I have called in for over a week about a bank statement I have faxed FIVE times and for some reason, it ...never gets received. Your CSR's can't call out, can't transfer, and can't do anything, apparently. Definitely can't find a fax. So, now I am again, waiting my required "one hour" before seeing if the fax was received. Which it probably wasn't. It truly seems as if OGE just wanted to charge an extra $200 to my account with no consequence or care. Maybe if the people you hired were trained properly, they'd be able to identify a square, flat thing coming from a loud grey box as MY FAX coming in on the FAX MACHINE. See More
Trisha Shields
· May 10, 2017
Am I the only one who is experiencing terrible customer service!? Someone called in and switched my own account out of my name, now I have to pay a deposit agai...n to get it put back in my name! This is a racket! If I could use a different company I would. I've never seen anything like this company-literally the worst. See More
Abhi Davlapur
· May 10, 2017
If I could give OG&E zero stars...I would....

Briefly, I recently moved apartments and I wasn't told about paying an extra deposit or anything. With no notific...ation, they disconnected my POWER. I immediately paid what they required...Yet, no power restored till this AM >24hours later. Worst part of it all was their incompetent, empathy lacking, callous, customer service reps. One representative name "zac" refused to let me talk to another customer service rep and/or transfer me to a manager. He also refused to give me any ID/documentation that would represent like a case/complaint that we were filing.

To make matters worse, I have family visiting, and a DOG that started getting dehydrated from all the HEAT...Lets not forget that my fridge is now completely semi destroyed(lost food). AND...they want me to pay a reconnection fee.

Whats laughable about all this is how powerless we feel in the face of this one electric company...They essentially control the whole power market in oklahoma. Example: My apartment complex only gives you one choice for power...OG&E. This is the case for many other places as well. They know that and they don't really care about their customers in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.
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Ken Schmidt
· June 2, 2017
The frequent power outages and severe power blinks have become intolerable. I have spent a monthly electric bill on fuel for my generator since the first of the... year. I don't suppose they would be willing to reimburse us for those expense not to mention the inconveniences. We pay our monthly bill in good faith and we certainly deserve better service that is being provided. I believe that it is time for all of us to start complaining to the Oklahoma Corp Comm. I am not confident that it will do any good, but I do not know of any other thing that can be done. This is what happens when any company is granted a monopoly by the government. We have no choice and they know it. See More
At OG&E we pride ourselves on "Living Safely." We're preparing new safety TV commercials to help remind those we serve to live safely as well. Here's a sample of our linemen in their next TV debut.
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