Movements just released their third single! Don't sleep on these guys!

We are Movements from Southern California. Thank you for listening to our new single "Scripted".

Hey everyone our friends in Movements just released their new song "Buried"!

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We are Movements from Southern California. Thanks for listening to our second single, "Buried" To download and/or view lyrics, visit: https://movementsbandca...

Hey guys, just dropping in to let you know that Brett and Spencer have started a new band and they just released their first single and music video today! Go check it out!

Just wanted to hello! Anyone still watching this?

Directed by Jaime Lucero Jr. Cinematography by Seth Cooper Edited by Spencer York

Screaming done ! The single is officially done!:) We cannot wait for you guys too hear it!

All clean vocals are done on the the new single, only screams left!

Sneak peek at the guest solo on our new single!

shanemarkley's video on Instagram

God I want a pug now!

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We have a VERY special guest appearance on our next single. Any ideas who it may be? Heres a hint... he plays guitar ;p

Hello minions! Watch this, love this, share this ;p

Directed by Jaime Lucero Jr. Cinematography by Seth Cooper Edited by Spencer York

We've got a sweet deal right now for you guys by our good pals at Phoenix Brand, Co.! Go to and type in the code "OhTheInvisible" and get 10% off of your purchase. These guys make great stuff and everything goes quick so act now!

We love you guys and can't wait to show you what we have in store!

Welcome to Phoenix Brand

Holy crap! Tim Lambesis was arrested for trying to hire a hit-man to kill his estranged wife!

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Metal Injection

This is very real: As I Lay Dying Official frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested earlier today after trying to hire a hitman to murder his estranged wife.

Happy may fourth!

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R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER. Your contributions to the metal world cannot be described in words. Hero's die, but legends live forever!

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Brilliant words from Mark Michell of Scale The Summit:

I find it disheartening how much all of these different genres of music out there divide people. It may sound silly, but now being as deep-rooted in the music industry as I am with my career, I’m really able to see how much of an issue this has become being exposed to the people and inner-workings of it each day. I feel in the past several decades, the number of “genres” and “sub-genres” have just…multiplied, and they all...

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