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Part of the reason why these vehicles are phasing out in Singapore.
Launch of latest EURO 6 Fiat Doblo 1.6 & Fiorino 1.3
U heard of driver fighting over a carpark lot but hardly Fighting cocks fighting over a carpark lot. A scene disappearing soon in Singapore public spaces.

All remaining 11 units in Singapore have been booked for Category C (Commercial Vehicles) registration. This Euro 5 RANGER 3.2 XLT model will continue its EURO 6 debut next year.

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From OK2 Pte Ltd.

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Ford Ranger 3.2 XLT Double Cab

R.A.N.G.E.R - Ranger Always Never Get Enough Rest.

Yes we are talking about this Turbocharged machine powered by 5-cylinder, 6-...speed Automatic All-wheel drive.

The fierce-looking Ranger adopt a chunky front end grille with 3 floating slats. It's Electric Power-Assisted Steering keeps her nimble & responsive during tight corner drive.

Price tag of about S$80,000 (excluding COE) is something worth considering if you are looking for a menace-looking product. Closest rival to Ford Ranger are Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Triton

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Remembering our First Commercial Vehicles in Singapore. (Undated photo of First Mobile Bank by OCBC & LEE Biscuits)

From the shape of both vehicles & number plate, the undated photos appear to have taken between 1940-1970.

Source: OCBC Archives & Lee Food(Tai Hock) Pte Ltd

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Arguably the most decorated & coolest twelve (12) doors vehicle in Singapore. It has the most expensive yet extensive refrigerated system that chill products within minutes.

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A 2-storey upper structure Y-plate 24footer lorry is often being seen as a road menace on our road. In fact, they become petite when they cruise along side with all heavy duty trucks on highway.

Singapore Land Transport Authority(LTA) has imposed a speed limit of 60km/hr on all Y-Plate while 70km/hr on all G-plate Goods Vehicle.

So next time while you are cruising along side with them, pay some attention to the engineering configuration of their beautiful structures.

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Special letters for Private & Public Events

Temporary plates is specially issued for events such as ART STAGE Singapore.

ART STAGE Singapore held its flagship show of Southeast Asian art world recently between 26 - 28 January 2018.

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Tumbler Element, a fire response vehicle, is designed to provide rapid response to emergency situations and function in tight urban spaces.

Stretching Your Motoring Dollar

If you are Revalidating (renewing) your vehicle COE now, please hold back! The Prevailing Quota Premium( average of past 3months COE) is falling.

A quick glimpse ...
PQP for Jan 2018
Cat A $42,970 (+272)
Cat B $52,271 (+421)
Cat C $50,607 (-464)

PQP for Feb 2018
Cat A $42,122 (-848)
Cat B $50,578 (-1693)
Cat C $46,992 (-3615)

Financing options in 100% are available here. In short, if unsure, ask as this is free. Renew only when it is time to renew. Cheers - KK Ong

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We all love a vintage, especially the plate without suffix, except for the weather...

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We are happy to announce that our new website TRIGEN is now live! Click on the link below and take a look at our vehicular products and solutions. #TRIGENAutomotive #HOPETechnik

TRIGEN Automotive is a leading manufacturer of special function vehicles that are driven by innovation and performance.

Thinking of revalidating/renewing your COE? Buzz us!

More vehicle owners are choosing to keep their wheels beyond 10 years.

From January to October this year, 46,299 COEs were revalidated - a 20.4 per cent jump from the same period last year.. Read more at

LTA services will cost more from Dec 20 include vehicle transfer fee, double from $11 to $25.…/vehicle-registration-transfer…

SINGAPORE - Vehicle buyers will have to pay more for a wide range of vehicle-related services from Dec 20.. Read more at

Men play with Rear axle of a Mitsubishi #FV517 Tipper
Boy play with LEGO bricks of a truck.

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