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Marco Henrique Vieira Marto
· September 6, 2017
It is being a great experience in Corvallis and in West Hall. The staff, the colleagues, and the people in the city, West Hall, and Forestry Sciences Lab are very nice! I will change to Callahan Hall ...tomorrow and I come back to Portugal in 27th September. I will miss you all. If you need something from me or from Portugal, please let me know.
I wish all the best for you!
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Justin Michael-Thermal Tran-Sheetz
· January 11, 2018
Terrible quality food, terrible variety, many food code violations...
Wen Yu Yang
· August 10, 2017
Your refund process fee is very high but you took about 6 weeks to finish my refund.
Shannon Mello
· May 27, 2014
I need a preferably a female roommate and preferably for McNary hall.
Moving to Beaver Nation 2017
Happening now! Complimentary #OSUMoveIn barbecue at all three dining centers. #osuwelcome17
Need help moving in? Benny the Beaver is on it. #OSUMoveIn

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Callahan Food Forest, where science, not luck, is the reason behind these clovers. Clover is a great cover crop for gardens during the winter season. Soon, they’ll be tilled under, adding nutrients like nitrogen back to the soil. New veggies & herbs will be planted and then cooked into meals for folks lucky enough to eat at Oregon State dining centers. ☘️🍀

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Meet Pine & friends. These students live in Wilson Hall, and they decided that their dining center needed one thing to make it better: Smiley Fries. These little gems are potatoes shaped like 🙂, and that brought up all kinds of good feelings and fond childhood memories for this crew. Pine wrote a feedback form suggesting that we carry them, and our dining team went to work, creating a special one-day-only Smiley Fry Friday. If you have an idea to make our dining centers better, you too can fill out a feedback form! Find it at

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