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Jason R. Pogue
· October 17, 2017
Such a great time and very informative and entertaining!!

The Oklahoma State University Division of the Vice President for Research, in partnership with Iron Monk Brewery, is excited to present a new opportunity for you, the public, to meet and interact with experts from a wide range of research fields at OSU. Researchers from the sciences, arts and humanities will be joined by Dr. Kenneth Sewell, the Vice President for Research, to have a conversation regarding their work and the impact it has on you and your community. Ample time ...will be provided for you to interact with the researcher and questions are encouraged in this informal, but informative, setting.

We hope you will join us the third Monday of each month to enjoy some of Stillwater’s own local brew while chatting about some of the impactful and interesting research happening here on the OSU campus. Each session will be approximately 20 minutes of open dialogue between Dr. Sewell and the researcher, followed by questions and discussion from the audience.

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Watch the rebroadcast of the OSU Research on Tap program "E.Coli and Friends" with Dr. Tyrrell Conway on OStateTV

The topic of this discussion is "E-Coli and Friends" featuring OSU Regents Professor and Department Head of Microbiology Dr. Tyrrell Conway.
Mon 5:30 PM CDT
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Don't forget our Research on Tap is a week early this month! We look forward to seeing everyone tonight, 5:30 at Iron Monk!

Don't forget! OSU's Research on Tap is a week early this month, so we'll see you next Monday, March 12, 5:30 at Iron Monk to hear Dr. Dani Bellmer discuss her research on spirulina!

In this country we have access to numerous sources of protein, but around the world, hundreds of people die every minute due to protein malnutrition. Increasing population growth has created a need for an alternative source of protein that can replace conventional and expensive plant and animal proteins. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the use of microbes as an alternative and sustainable source of protein. Spirulina is an edible bacteria containing very... high levels of protein and is also rich in many other vitamins and minerals. It is considered to be a powerhouse of nutrients, and has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the best foods to combat hunger and malnutrition. So why don’t we see Spirulina as an added protein in food products all over our shelves? It has a very bitter, unpleasant flavor that has limited its use in food products. One promising method for increasing the use of Spirulina is to encapsulate the bacteria in a gel matrix to mask its bitter flavor. We can create small coated beads of Spirulina that can then be incorporated into all kinds of food products with no adverse effects on the flavor. Can you imagine that one day tiny microbes could replace your steak?

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Mon 5:30 PM CDTIRON MONKStillwater, OK
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Wow!! A HUGE thank you to all who attended tonight! We appreciate you all and hope you had a great time!

We look forward to seeing everyone a week from today for the next installment of OSU Research on Tap, 5:30 pm at Iron Monk! You won't want to miss Dr. Tyrrell Conway and Dr. Kenneth Sewell discussing "E.coli and friends"!

If you missed the Jan. 22 Research On Tap with sociologist Duane Gill, the program is on OStateTV. Research On Tap is a monthly science discussion sponsored by ...the Office of the VP for Research and held at Iron Monk Brewery.… #OSUResearchMatters OSU Research on Tap OStateTV

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The topic of this discussion is "This Research Project is a Disaster" featuring OSU Regents Professor of Sociology Dr. Duane Gill as he talks about his research of the impacts caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.
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“E. coli and Friends: Adventures of the Gut Microbiome. Wait, what’s a microbiome?”

One of the hottest areas of biomedical research is the human microbiome. The microbiome is purported to impact aspects of human health from disease resistance, to obesity, to mood. Scientists have learned what species of microbes inhabit the microbiome, but there is little evidence to link, for example, particular species to obesity or mood. To illuminate basic principles of microbiome functio...n, Dr. Tyrrell Conway and his students determined what nutrients E. coli grows on in the intestine. Building on that knowledge, the Conway research team currently is working to determine how E. coli competes for those nutrients with hundreds of other species in the gut microbiome. It now is clear that E. coli lives in a beneficial, symbiotic relationship with other members of the microbiota. Hence the title, “E. coli and friends”.

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Mon 5:30 PM CSTIRON MONKStillwater, OK
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OSU Research on Tap shared their event.
January 22

See everyone tonight! Cap off your Monday with some local brew and a great conversation!

Mon 5:30 PM CSTIRON MONKStillwater, OK
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In 1989, the supertanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, releasing millions of gallons of crude oil. Shortly after the grounding, Dr. Duane Gill and a team of social scientists began a study of the human impacts of this technological disaster. Their initial research on the commercial fishing community of Cordova evolved into 24 years of studying the ways this event impacted the community. Dr. Gill will talk about some of the research adventures and findings, and how this project has influenced the broader field of disaster social science.

Mon 5:30 PM CSTIRON MONKStillwater, OK
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December’s edition of OSU Research on Tap won’t fail to intrigue you as we will discuss alcohol use and disorders in a taproom! This month we will feature Dr. Julie Croff, discussing if our surroundings could be to blame in a 50% increase in alcohol use disorders over the last decade. Croff’s research has led her to look for answers in individual and environmental factors. This work includes examination of the places we drink our alcohol, the communities that surround us, and the enforcement of alcohol policies. Could any of these factors be impacting alcohol disorders, the third most common preventable disease in the United States? And why in the world would these factors impact women, especially adolescent women, minority groups or the elderly more so than others? Meet us at Iron Monk, Monday, December 18 at 5:30 to find out!

Mon 5:30 PM CSTIRON MONKStillwater, OK
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See you all tonight, 5:30 at the Iron Monk!

Monday is quickly approaching! Join us at Iron Monk for OSU's Research on Tap!