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Matheus Rezende McCubbins
· September 20, 2015
It was amazing, the apartments are very nice and the neighborhood is very calm. I loved the activities that were offered every month. And the clubhouse is just so cozy. Oh, let's not forget about the amazing coffee that they have there.
Karla Arias Gonzalez
· September 16, 2015
This apartments are the best
I enjoy being in the swimming pool
What do you really need to have fun watching the big game on Super Bowl Sunday?
A big TV, food, beer, and a fun crowd? Well you can enjoy all that and so much more right here at your Oak Creek apartment community in Palo Alto this February 6th with the Resident Super Bowl Party.
Green living isn’t just a choice you make on a whim, it is a lifestyle adjustment just like becoming a vegetarian or even a vegan. You have to really want to do your part to do the job right and actually be successful at your decision. And when it comes to living green, your comm
Fitness is Easy at Oak Creek Apartments
There is a place in Palo Alto, California where you can combine great apartment living with an active lifestyle perfectly.
If fitness, health, and beautiful scenic views are what your heart desires than look no further because the Oak Creek
There is a little something for everyone when you live at the Oak Creek apartments in Palo Alto, California. It is so much more than a piece of luxury apartment living, but a community that comes fully loaded with fun resident events.
Enjoy the best of every world with lush lands
Does clutter have you screaming for “HELP!” at your Oak Creek apartment?
Clutter can be a BIG problem, but there is no need to worry because we have the inside scoop to how you can get better at minimizing the clutter in your apartment. All it takes is some time and practice. Plu
Martin Luther King Day will be celebrated in Palo Alto this January 17th. Although MLK’s mission may have seemed complete, his dream is very much alive.
Many organizations are preparing to hit the streets all over America with joyous parades, commemorations, and most importantly
Start Biking at Oak Creek Apartments
The Palo Alto Oak Creek Apartments are a beautifully landscaped community with 27 acres of lush greenery, but the best part to enjoy is the biking trail.
Many of the Oak Creek apartment residents are fairly active, but if you fall in the “some
Healthy, Fat Burning Snack
Like many residents at the Oak Creek apartments, I would love to get fit for 2011, but how do you get started on the right foot when many people work out endlessly and still see absolutely no results. Little do many realize that diet has everything to d
Keeping Your Feet Happy for the New Year
Welcome back to the Oak Creek Apartments for the New Year! I bet many of you have many goals you have already started working on like getting fit or loosing those holiday pounds, but their is one detail on your entire body that you should

What do you love about living here?

Talk or Text more in the New Year?
Hello Oak Creek Apartments! How do you plan on communicating in the new year? According to Usa Today, many of our phones are used more for texting than actual talking. It’s as though, text have replaced verbal communication with people. Many of
As Tempting as it may be, Try not to Reach for the Salt
Hello Oak Creek Apartments! Now that the holiday season is drawing to a close, it’s time to get off of the “I’m not watching what I eat” train. Your health is too important to just let it fall to the way side. [...]
Happy Holidays Oak Creek Apartments! We hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow and enjoy each and every minute of your day. We’ll see you back in the office after the holiday is over. In the meantime, here’s a recipe you can use for your holiday meal. Enjoy!!!
It's Time for a Holiday Update Oak Creek Apartments!
Hello Oak Creek Apartments! The holidays are here, and the celebrations have begun. We’ve been having a lot of great activities happening on-site, and hope that you are enjoying everything this season brings. Here are a few re
Are you ready for some football? Not just yet! If you are planning to watch the game this weekend with some friends, don’t spend your money on going out, stay home at the apartments and make your snacks. After all, with all the money you’ve spent on presents for the holiday, ther
What Do you Do with old Holiday Cards?
Hello Oak Creek Apartments! Every year many of us give send out holiday cards and receive them as well, but the question is, what do you do with them after the holiday season is over? There have been many answers to this question with the m