Oakland County Animal Control Hot Car PSA
To report dogs outside without shelter, contact our dispatch at 248-858-1090. When calling have the address of the home you are calling about so we can send an officer out to investigate.
If you see a dog without proper shelter please report it to our dispatch center at 248-858-1090. When calling please have the address of where the complaint is located at so we can send an officer out to investigate. Thanks!
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Loren Joy
· October 12, 2017
I want to thank the staff for facilitating the meeting and adoption of our sweet Daisy-Mae aka Sophie. This extremely good girl was a repeat visitor to dog jail from people who had surrendered for rea...sons unseen to us. She has been such a welcome addition to our family.

We decided a month after our 16-year-old boy died it was time to find another buddy. After a series of mishaps including a dead car battery, my husband and I ended up having to walk from the parking lot of the courthouse in a heavy rain. We walked in sopping wet and we treated no different than our dry peers. We signed our waivers and walked back into the kennel area.

After walking into the second dog adoption area we saw our girl in the first kennel. The space for the dogs was the largest I’ve seen in an animal shelter like this. We were given a leash and walked to a room at the far end of the kennel past the rest of the dogs where we got to meet and confirm she was the one. We fell in love and the rest is history.

Another blip we had is that all members of the household need to be present to complete the adoption. My mom had to make an emergency trip out from halfway across the county to meet this sweetie. I admit that we didn’t call and we’d likely have been told about this rule. We saw her late on a Tuesday night and adopted her early Wednesday so there wasn’t much time. I would appreciate if this information had been on the site. Other than that I have absolutely no gripes.

These people love animals. Every worker or volunteer I encountered talked about what a good girl she was. We were warned about her few past issues were and told she sheds everywhere. After her adoption the man who assisted us in filling out all the documents urged my husband to check out how much he had paid - her adoption fee had been waived and we had been charged only for her license. We don’t know why, but we are extremely grateful because it allowed us to get more supplies for this little girl.

Anyway, we are happy to have our Daisy with us and on a walking plan so we can spend lots of long years together.
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Katelyn Bodi
· March 31, 2018
My first visit there I was immediately greeted and welcomed to the shelter. Not only did they show me around, but they spent time talking with me and answering questions about volunteering and how shelter is ran. The facility is beautiful and well taken care of. I’m looking forward to going back and potentially volunteering my time there. See More
Gerald Stann
· February 9, 2018
i have adopted 2 cats and 1 dog from the OCAC&PAC...They are the highlights of my life...The staff and volunteers at the adoption center are the kindest ,most caring people I have had the pleasure of ...meeting. Please consider a rescue when considering an adoption...Remember , pet adoption is a lifelong commitment ! See More
Angela Skillman
· December 9, 2017
Adopted my sweet boy Dexter (aka DQ Blizzard) back in November and he has settled right in with all our other cats & dog. He's a wonderful addition to our family. The staff at the shelter was awesome!
Brbara Webb
· November 3, 2017
I want to thank everyone there for the care (Martin Moose tracks) Zach got before I adopted him. He has come such a long way from that nervous 11 month old stray I adopted in August. He is so gentle..., easy to train, willing to please and so funny. He is my first Papillon/rat terrier mix. I love this, what I call a "designer dog". I found out I have to feed him Salmon dog food or he has skin issues.He enjoys O.Z. my puggle who is 11 years old. His being in our home has livened her up again. See More
Kathryn Anne
· December 2, 2017
Why can't I give this murdering facility zero stars? THEY ARE MURDERING a dog that was found and surrendered lost, after less than a week of being there!!!!!! They refuse to allow the finders to take ...him back or give anyone a chance to save him!!!!! They will not even hand him over to a rescue!!! These people are AWFUL and will kill any animal they deem "not perfect" all because this poor boy (#314966) growled at another male dog!!! Do they not understand or care the situation the dog is in, the stress he is under in a strange and frightening environment, OR THE WAY DOGS IN GENERAL BEHAVE??? This is an atrocity!!! Murderers!!!! See More
Ashley Zalman
· March 20, 2018
Adopted an older large all black cat Sammy two weeks ago. We absolutely love him he is a great addition to our family. The volunteer who walked us around was very nice and helpful when showing us arou...nd the cat adoption area. See More
Brianna Nicole
· September 13, 2017
I was here yesterday and was immediately greeted and assisted by so many helpful staff members. Even through calling to check the status of a particular dog, every person I've spoken with has been so ...helpful and informative. Thanks for all you do, your work does not go unnoticed! See More
Edgar Sedano
· March 5, 2018
Amazing work done by the Oakland county animal control! My family got their furry friend back!! Thank you so much!!
Stevie Allred
· November 14, 2017
I traveled 1300 miles to get my missing dog, they didn’t have my dog when I got there.
Karen Freeman
· September 15, 2017
We've adopted several senior dogs from this organization and can say without a doubt they absolutely rock! The facility is always clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful, Cory is outstanding. We... have since moved across country and often wish our shelter was more like this. See More
Matthew Farkas
· July 8, 2017
There are amazing people that help run this facility. They have the task of finding homes for animals that are running out of options. Unfortunately, the task is never ending and the animals outnumbe...r suitable homes and potential owners. Volunteers spend numerous hours a day without anything but a thank you on a good day. The shelter couldn't run without them. The staff does what it can with what it has available to complete this up hill task. They all have huge hearts. I just can't say thank you enough for what you do daily for those animals including giving them the hope that one day they can find a loving suitable home. Thank you. See More
Ann Starking
· October 27, 2017
It was an extremely beautiful clean facility everyone was super nice amazing to my dog and very understanding
Debbie Howard
· June 15, 2016
I have lost a dog and have been going in to see if he has been brought in, and calling they have been very helpful but wonder about there quarantine dogs seeing that they won't let anyone even people... who have lost a dog know what types of dogs they have back behind closed doors. Strays that come in or lost dogs could have gotten sick and needed to be quarantined but they will not let you see them. So how is a person to know that they don't have your dog chipped or not if they are holding back dogs or animals for whatever the reason. See More
Breigh Smith
· February 1, 2018
This new facility is AMAZING!! Very well staffed and everyone was very helpful.
Dawñ Boots
· July 26, 2017
The staff is extremely welcoming and really care about these animals! Our first visit and hoping to add to our family. They took their time with us and we knowledgeable of the dogs we wanted to see!
Brittany Baker
· September 30, 2017
Staff was very nice and helpful! Great new facility! Thank you for letting us adopt Shadow! She is perfect!
Sam W Floca Jr
· May 19, 2017
I'm down here in Texas so, if you will forgive the pun, I don't have a dog in this fight. I do know Mrs. Winiarski very well and consider her a woman of character and a deep and abiding love for our ...little four legged friends. Were I in Michigan and looking for a pet, I would trust her recommendation. SAM See More
Shannon Alexis Brunt
· December 28, 2016
We are looking for our missing dog Elsker. My son and I went to the adoption center today to see if he was there. They were very nice and helpful. They pointed out several resources. We are still ...hoping to find him, but were very grateful for the kindness shown us today. See More
Amanda Lynn
· March 19, 2016
I have been to many animal shelters and have never seen an outpouring of volunteers and dog walkers showing up to help these animals. Seeing animals that have been there for a year being trained and ...worked with to hopefully become better pets is amazing. Go and give he animals a look they have some beautiful pets! See More

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