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Comprehensive Summary of Total Individual Control Technology…



1 Total Individual Control Technology
2 Electromagnetic Weaponry
3 Research and Development (RnD)
4 Black Project Artificial Intelligence (Ai)
5 Neural Monitoring
6 Electromagnetic Mind Control
7 Memory Manipulation
8 Brain Wave Cloning[8]
9 Neural Heterodyne[8]
10 Synthetic Signals in the Brain[8]
11 Body Control[8]
12 BCI - Electronic Telepathy / v2k[8]
13 Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality - Synthetic Dreams[8]
14 Neurobody[8]
15 Augmented Reality - AR[8]
16 Electromagnetic Scanning Technology[8]
17 The Electronic Control Grid[8]
18 Social Engineering Programs
19 New Age Psychological Operations[15]
20 The Covert Technology Side of the New Age[15]
21 New Hi-Tech Generation of COINTELPRO
22 Electronic Targeting Holocaust
23 mkultra Cover Stories
24 NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes
25 Most Evil Acts Done by These Technologies
26 Perpetrators of a Covert Holocaust
27 References

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"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority.[1]"-- Major I. Chernishev, Russian Army; US Military Publication ~ Parameters: The Mind has No Firewall

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The #CIA & global intelligence apparatus is out of control.

"There are psychological operations for all demographics." ~Omnisense

See the link for rare insight on #psychologicalwarfare. Archive

List of Shadow Government War Crimes:…

The planet is dealing with evil, not simple greed or marginal corruption. The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil. One of the tenets of evil is sadism, a taste for cruelty and pain in both the innocent and the enemies of evil.

God as a Psychological Direction Tool:…

#BCI #Ai #Occult

First to understand how the premise of God is used as a psychological direction tool a proper understanding of how it is perpetrated is in order. In a nutshell BCI & Ai once perfected have prolific God impersonation ability and various war criminals are willing to impersonate God in order to carry o...

BCI Sadism:

Targeted individuals deal with these sick minded creeps.

BCI is an acronym for Brain-Computer Interface. End game BCI can produce any mental state, both natural and synthetic. The potency of BCI technology provides for a plethora of weaponization uses. In addition to the modern day weaponization of BCI, there is a coming neuro-tech revolution that will be...
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"I believe they are the controlling force behind the European parliament and they keep secrets from us because knowledge is power. They attempt to implement ...
Evo Omnisense Terra
July 28

Society is so backwards that knowing the truth is considered mental illness.

Occult Definition of NLP (…

There are public consumption meanings and occult truths...

There are occult truths and meanings to things and then you have the public consumption version. NLP aka neuro-linguistic programming is a topic which distinctly matches that description. The standard definition of NLP is a bastardized and/or watered down version for public consumption, while the tr...
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Psychiatric Warfare Quotes.
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Some of the Best Quotes by Omnisense.
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The truth movement isn't some instant rainbow filled #ascension lalaland, it is a slow-drip-slow-kill internet activism process.

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Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio Quotes.