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Charles Lownes
· April 15, 2015
We are not changing anything in this country with small scale demonstrations. To understand why go to YouTube and watch "Everything is a rich man's trick". It will take something of the size of 20 mi...llion people marching on Washington See More
Paul Richmond
December 24, 2012
Have a Healthy Holidays,
May your creativity flow in the new year
Here's something I did for the Holidays...
Hopefully it will be a few laughs
About things we know aren't funny
Calling all Elves
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Christopher Spanos
April 27, 2012
I wanna be in the 1%, I wanna live carefree,
I wanna be in the 1% where the law can't ever touch me.
I wanna be in the 1%, I wanna live like a king,...
I wanna be in the 1% where your dreams are reality.
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A Alexander Stella
April 2, 2012
…. these people understand all too well: “either hang together or get hanged one at a time” ......
Tom Ulrich
November 26, 2012
Two sites you should follow and like on facebook:
* Stand Up 4 We The People at
* Progressive Information at
Andrea Mitchell
February 9, 2013
Fracknation is coming to the egg on February 11th.
Elisa Worthington
June 7, 2012
Check out this local artist, Illy Rap.
Jay Dawgz
July 4, 2012
Official Occupy support page for Con Ed Union rally
Jan 9, 2013 2:29 PM
Occupy Red Square
Occupy Red Square
Occupy Albany NY created a poll.
February 7

open question. its been 2 years since occupy Albany became defunct and stopped meeting and the rest of the communication infrastructure needs to be retired. Does anyone object to me closing this page? It is not currently serving any purpose in organizing and the posts of the past year can be shared on many other pages.

The ACLU says more than 30 bills have been introduced amid a huge swell of activism, prompting UN intervention over criminalization of peaceful protest…