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Occupy Seattle



#ResistanceIsFertile #Resist #TrumpFascism

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"A general strike (or mass strike) is a strike action in which a substantial proportion of the total labor force in a city, region, or country participates. General strikes are characterized by the participation of workers in a multitude of workplaces, and tend to involve entire communities.

Forget protest. Trump's actions warrant a general national strike."…/-World-Wide-General-Strike-against-…

What would it achieve?
"In her Guardian column, Francine Prose praised the widespread protests that have erupted across the country in response to the Trump administration — most recently at airports in response to his xenophobic executive order on immigration. But, she wrote, "these protests are too easily ignored and forgotten by those who wish to ignore and forget them."

A general strike, then, could more aggressively "protest our current government’s callousness about our environment and our health; its rampant greed; its disrespect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," according to Prose.

"It’s hard to think of a nonviolent movement that has succeeded without causing its opponents a certain amount of trouble, discomfort and inconvenience," she wrote."…/general-strike-feb-17-what-will-happen-if…

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"When the sun goes down, you guys are gonna be gone."
County of Maui Misleading or Misled on MPD Conduct at Monsanto -2
County of Maui Misleading or Misled on MPD Conduct at Monsanto -1

What does YOUR sign say?


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Women's March on Washington - Hawaii's Page to Women's March- MAUI
January 17

Toby Neal and Kimberley Ann Hornsby made some amazing signs for the Women's March on Maui. Aloha and Equality was the spirit of an amazing women's empowerment birthday party. Get some sign ideas from these talented women. #MAKEYOURSIGN #WHYIMARCH #CLOCKISTICKING #MAGICMARKERS

Washington or Maui? Tough Call, Fighting Trump Anyway

Sat 8:00 AM UTC-10Maui, Hawaii Islands
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No, It's Not Fair To Say To The Next Arrivals, "No More Room" --- But If They Would Sink The Boat...

"How many tourists is too many tourists?

Does that question even matter anymore, or does capitalism trump all with its “Never enough!” war cry?

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How many tourists is too many tourists?

Join The Resistance - To The Erosion Of Everyone's Human Rights

"In solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, Maui will host a unity march on Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 8 to 11 a.m. The march will be held at UH Maui College front lawn. Kaahumanu Avenue at Wakea. (Start and end point.)

Human beings of all races, religions, abilities, and sexual orientation are uniting around the country to speak out for the protection of constitutional rights, safety, health, a...nd family solidarity. The march is designed to be as inclusive as possible while acknowledging that it’s OK to have a women-centered march."

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"Improving Shelter Conditions" Will Close 1/3 Of Present Homeless Shelters

“The requirements are not in touch with reality,” Bill Hummel, director of Lighthouse Shelter in Waipahu, said. “Even if there was enough money, there isn’t enough time.” Hummel said his shelter would be forced to close in a matter of weeks unless requirements changed.

Connie Mitchell, director of the Institute for Human Services, said they would stagger sleeping shifts between night and day hours to e...nsure their clients all still had a place to sleep.

The Next Step Shelter will no longer be able to serve families, according to its head, Sheila Beckham. “Children may end up on the streets. It’s a very scary and painful thing to be involved in.” The shelter only has one sleeping facility, and will no longer be able to serve families.
Scott Morishige, the state’s homeless coordinator, said, “The state is in a really difficult situation... But we can’t hold off in one area just because the other one is not there yet.”…/hawaii-homeless-regulations-s…

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The state with the highest per-capita homeless rate is trying to raise standards for those in shelters but critics say without more housing outcomes will worsen

At Standing Rock, Gabbard Tries And Fails To Skate Over 30m Scope Concerns

Nice try, Tulsi. You'll make a politician yet. But is another pol really what we need?

'"Gabbard had not yet taken a public stance on the TMT. But in that moment she was put on the spot....
“The people there have stood strongly and spoken for the land,” Gabbard said. “That issue, it looks like, has resolved thanks to the position and the stands that they’ve taken.”

Her response didn’t please a Native Hawaiian in the audience who has emerged as a prominent figure in the Standing Rock protest. “No,” boomed Andre Perez, interrupting Gabbard. “Mauna Kea is not resolved.”

Perez, an Air Force veteran, told the crowd that he was one of many Native Hawaiian demonstrators who was arrested on Mauna Kea last year. He noted the project is the subject of an ongoing contested case hearing before a judge appointed by the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources and that the telescope could still be built. “It’s not official yet,” Perez said. “We’re still struggling to protect Mauna Kea. Let’s not lose sight of that.”'…/gabbard-faced-tough-questions-i…/

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CANNON BALL, N.D. — On a blustery day when new snow blanketed the hard prairies of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard boarded a plane to Washington, D.C., where she was scheduled to vote on bills related to pay for injured veterans and investment rules for small businesses....|By Nick Grube

HVCB, Promoting Tech-Savvy State, Sends $1m Check In Mail. It Gets Stolen.

Still, at least they saved the $30 wire transfer fee. Fiscal prudence, yes.

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Lynn Kawano added 4 new photos.

EXCLUSIVE: The agency promoting Hawaii to people on the mainland is the victim of a million dollar heist.
Honolulu Police sources say the Hawaii Visitor's and... Convention Bureau sent a check, written for more than a million dollars, in the mail to pay for an advertising campaign.
The check was sent to New York but was somehow stolen along the way and cashed in Arizona.
HPD does have a possible lead to a suspect in Arizona. So why is a state agency writing a check for that amount and then sending it regular mail? We tried to get answers from the HVCB but were given a statement that said the agency is not being forced to absorb the cost, their bank is taking the hit instead.
PC: Hawaii Visitor's and Convention Bureau

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Cochran Announces Candidacy For Mayor -- But...

Many progressives seem to applaud and support Elle Cochran's announced candidacy for Mayor in 2018. So here's a little reminder -- she's no Mother Teresa, as this letter in Maui Weekly, September 2014, might remind us. (Article no longer on line.)

"Lahaina Homeless Ejection a Tragedy

...Continue Reading

STANDING ROCK, NORTH DAKOTA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some Hawaii residents who have been part of the protest against a controversial oil pipeline in North Dakota are now dealing with snow and below-freezing temperatures ahead of a visit by Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Several feet of snow now covers the free speech zone where protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been allowed to camp out at the Standing Rock reservation.

"The snow is heavy enough that it's collap...sing the smaller tents," said Hawaii resident Andre Perez. "The weaker tents have been caving in."

Perez was among those arrested at Mauna Kea in the protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope. He's at Standing Rock as part of the Indigenous Peoples Power Project, training protesters in nonviolent tactics -- even as North Dakota authorities have ordered the camp vacated by next week.…/…/contentdetail.htm…

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Sat 8:00 AM UTC-10Maui, Hawaii Islands
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Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā added 9 new photos.

ALERT - TIME SENSITIVE 10-5-16 (See Pictures)
(Regarding Wailuku Water Company. ʻĪao Diversion)

On September 13th, 2016, Maui experienced one of the worst torre...ntial rain events seen in decades. Raging rivers caused widespread damage across the island, especially in valleys of ʻĪao, ʻUkumehame, Kauaʻula, Olowalu and Waikapū. Hui o Nā Wai ʻEha has quietly supported those families who have been directly affected, especially along the Wailuku River. Many of these families have reached out for support and guidance from the Army Corps of Engineers, State Commission on Water Resource Management, and County Agencies to help resolve issues caused by the Wailuku River, however received the typical run around and pointing fingers at each other instead.

While families who have legitimate safety and property concerns are being ignored, disturbing and unapproved work on the Wailuku River commenced on Monday, 10-5-16 by none other than Avery Chumbley, president of Wailuku Water Company who "owns and manages" the ʻĪao Diversion. The destructive waters of Wailuku River damaged the diversion intake, buried it with massive boulders, as well as widened the riverbed by over 15 feet (see pics). The flow of the river also moved some distance away from the diversion.(see pics). Immediately following the storm and news of the diversion, Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā reached out to every governmental agency to ensure that we would be notified and at the table regarding any discussion or possible decisions about the future of the diversion.

While we don't want to take away the focus from the important efforts being made by the ʻĪao Valley Community, Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā can no longer remain quiet about Wailuku Water Company's divisive action taking place and irresponsible governmental oversight or lack their of. On Monday, 10-3-16, Hui o Nā Wai ʻEhā learned that the Army Corps of Engineers rubber stamped and expedited an application and permit for Avery Chumbley of Wailuku Water Co. without thoroughly understanding his plan of action to realign the Wailuku River. They were surprised to hear from us on Tuesday that the course of the Wailuku River drastically changed. Avery is illegally going beyond his scope of work by realigning the Wailuku River and creating an artificial path for water to enter a now cleared diversion, rather than than allowing the river to flow in its current and natural state (which is away from the diversion).

Communication with the Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM) Deputy Director Jeff Pearson seems to show that they are just as clueless about the work initiated by Avery. According to CWRM, Avery of Wailuku Water Company need to have approval from the State in order to bring any heavy machinery into a river and move dirt, debris and rocks around . They have no such approval, and yet have been allowed to complete major work in the river with heavy machinery for the last 2 days.

Bottom line is that Avery Chumbley of Wailuku Water Company is running ahead with cursory, uninformed Army Corps review and without CWRM approval, effectively ZERO governmental oversight, for 2 full days of non-stop heavy machinery excavating in the river. They are running amok on the river like no other and are getting away with it. What should have been an opportunity to create something that does less injury and insult against the Wailuku River, is now a free pass for Avery and Wailuku Water Co. to turn back the clock like nothing ever happened. See the pictures for evidence.

Our legal team has been working tirelessly around the clock for the last 2 days trying to halt any work done by Wailuku Water Co. What we have learned from this ordeal so far, is that governmental agencies are pointing fingers at each other, left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, and are willing to give Avery of Wailuku Water Company a free pass to do whatever he wants to do.


1. Show up and testify on Wednesday 10-5-16 (9:00 am) at the Maui County Council Chambers during the Water Resource Committee Hearing update on ʻĪao Valley, Wailuku River and Nā Wai ʻEhā.
2. Show up and testify on Wednesday 10-5-16 (5:00-7:30) for a meeting with Governor Ige at UH Maui College (Pāʻina Cafeteria)
3. Contact Jeff Pearson (Deputy Director of State Commission on Water Resource Management) -
4. Contact Suzanne Case (DLNR Chair)
5. Contact Mayor Arakawa -
5. Contact Army Corps of Engineers Hawaiʻi (808) 835-4017 and
6. Share this post far and wide

Mahalo nui loa! Let justice prevail for Wailuku River!
Hawaii News Now Earthjustice Office of Hawaiian Affairs MAUIWatch Maui County Council Hawaii DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources) Alan Arakawa County of Maui KITV KHON2 News The Maui News Environment Hawaii Nani Santos Kainoa Horcajo Allan OrnellasAlena Ornellas Tiana Malia Kaupe Maui Tomorrow John Duey Kuulei Kualaau Koa Hewahewa Hōkūao Pellegrino

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Enjoying The Fish?

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Occupy Seattle

Enjoying Hawaii? Chances Are You're Eating Fish Caught By Enslaved Foreign Workers

Thanks to a loophole meant to protect a top state industry, Hawaiian seafood being caught by U.S.-flagged "floating prisons" full of vulnerable foreign workers.

"Pier 17 doesn’t even show up on most Honolulu maps. Cars whiz past it on their way to Waikiki’s famous white sand beaches. Yet few locals, let alone passing tourists, are aware that just behind a guarded gate, another world exists: foreign fishermen confined to American boats for years at a time.

Hundreds of undocumented men are employed in this unique U.S. fishing fleet, due to a federal loophole that allows them to work but exempts them from most basic labor protections. Many come from impoverished Southeast Asian and Pacific nations to take the dangerous jobs, which can pay as little as 70 cents an hour.

With no legal standing on U.S. soil, the men are at the mercy of their American captains on American-flagged, American-owned vessels, catching prized swordfish and ahi tuna. Since they don’t have visas, they are not allowed to set foot on shore. The entire system, which contradicts other state and federal laws, operates with the blessing of high-ranking U.S. lawmakers and officials, an Associated Press investigation found."…/hawaiian-seafood-caught-by-f…/

Photo Credit: Caleb Jones, AP

~BB/gw Occupy Seattle

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Olowalu Seawall Project Scrapped! (Or Is It, "Shelved"?)

Congratulations to the Malama Olowalu Ohana, Maui Tomorrow, and all the individuals who worked on the project and stopped the construction.

One seawall showdown on Maui has come to an end after an unexpected reversal by the state on Monday.
"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains..." A local, participatory, Consensus based, direct democratic proces...s *THIS IS A PROCESS / NOT A PROTEST* in solHIdarity with OWS ~ you can email, or follow us on Twitter @OWSMaui. See more
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