When United States took the Hales Trophy home in late 1952, the award was displayed at the United States Lines headquarters in New York. Video and story.
Raffaello was la dolce vita on the high seas, a grand, glorious and excessive last party followed by sadness and disillusionment. The last great Italian ocean liner, Raffaello, was launched on 24 March 1963 at the Cantieri Riuniti dell’Adriatico shipyard in Trieste, Italy. The 45,933 GRT Raffaello...
Two neighborhood job seekers approached me today. Both claimed extensive aquatic and air navigation experience.

Remembering Joseph Groves Boxhall, Titanic's Fourth Officer…/joseph-groves-boxhall-tit…/

Joseph Groves Boxhall, Titanic's fourth officer, was born on 23 March 1884 in Hull, England.
Swedish American Line sailed away from passenger service on 22 March 1975, suspending the operations indefinitely.
By being the only ocean liner maintaining a scheduled transatlantic service, Queen Mary 2 keeps the flame alive.

Report: QE2 was towed to Dubai Drydocks World on Sunday ahead of its expected launch as a floating hotel.…/famed-ocean-liner-qe2-moves-to…

Former Cunard Line flagship was towed to Dubai Drydocks World on Sunday ahead of its expected launch as a floating hotel
Dollar Line sank in 1938 after (ironically) running out of money. In the 1920s, Dollar Line was the largest and most profitable US shipping firm.
Most ships in HMT Georgic's condition on 19 March 1943 would have been towed to the breakers. Yet Georgic defied the odds and was returned to life.
There were two liners bearing the name Empress of Scotland. Both ultimately fell victim to what could be described as the Empress of Scotland curse.

Actors take a bow. White Star's Suevic, unfortunately, lost hers.…/…/when-suevic-lost-her-bow/

White Star's Suevic lost her bow in an unusual incident that began on 17 March 1907. On that unhappy St. Patrick's Day, Suevic went aground off of Cornwall.

On a transatlantic crossing, my mission was to make Smiley frown.…/15/remembering-smiley/

We called him “Smiley,” but that wasn’t his name. First off, he was German, so it’s unlikely that his parents would have named him Smiley. Something like “Heitermann,” perhaps, but definitely not Smiley. Smiley was a crew member on the first Hanseatic (ex-Empress of Japan/Scotland). His ...

City of New York combined speed, beauty and thrills. It's a pity she isn't better remembered.…/city-of-new-york-speed-be…/

Inman Line's City of New York had it all: speed, beauty and thrills.
Art Deco icon, Ile de France, was launched on 14 March 1926 at Chantiers de Penhoët, St. Nazaire.
Unlike many others, Disney Cruise Lines does make a serious effort to bring traditional ocean liner design into the 21st century.

On one voyage, White Star's Doric carried 33,210 pounds of opium to San Francisco.…/10/first-doric-debuts/

White Star Line's Doric (1883) was launched at Harland & Wolff on 10 March 1883. The first Doric accommodated 70 first-class passengers and 900 emigrants.