June 30th, Landing hosted by Ko'mocks First Nation! Song sung for all the canoes as they are welcomed ashore.
Life is Journey: Tribal Journeys
Heiltsuk Glwa doing their round after leading canoes to our shores!! What a powerful day it was!
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Vince Ambrose
· December 24, 2017
My 1st time participating was 2016 Paddle to Nisqually with my cousin beginning from Beecher Bay. 2017 I had my own crew, we started off with 4 crew members launching from our Hesquiaht territory beac...h. Our canoe traveled 690 kms with 6 full time pullers and 2 spares shorthanded at times but we completed the journey proving our doubters we would do it. Hesquiaht has registered our canoe Nii-nus Hes-kwii for the Power Paddle to Puyallup 2018 we are looking forward to another great journey . See More
Darl Swan Campbell
· August 23, 2016
Tribal journeys is the best thing I've ever done. I went on my first journey in 1997 and I was hooked.
I luv our traditional songs and dances ...especially from other nations.
Journeys is healing ...traditional...
Making good and meeting new friends and some relatives..
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Cyndi Pallen
· May 17, 2017
Our canoe family "OHTAQKEN travelled the waters of our ancestor's, a spiritual experience, to share songs and dance with many nations and canoe families "was amazing". Our youth witnessed the many ble...ssing by being in the present... would like to encourage more youth to go this next year, hosted by Quadra Island Cape Mudge First Nation. See More
Gene Sampson
· August 21, 2016
Tribal Journeys... is always good. It's about us as native American Indians.... as well as all walks of life. Too uphold your tribe... our Elders,Ancestors, and family and friends. Too know that we wi...ll be drug and alcohol free..... So that our kids... will know that they have choices in life. Knowing that they are traveling the waters... like our ancestors!! With a clean and sober life...... so if you want a better life too live. Do tribal journeys..and you will love it. See More
Suzaan LQ Jim
· August 4, 2016
Our family has been attending these Journeys since 1989..
It's breathtaking & ominous!
All the positive words and the tribal communities share concerns. ...
All together healing w prayers and beautiful songs to mend our souls.
Family friends community. Heal and strengthen the future ✨
We all strive for betterment we all can relate ✌️
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Jennifer Gibbs
· August 6, 2016
An absolutely amazing experience! Thank you to the Nisqually Tribe for the generous hosting of this 2016 Journey. Volunteering with you all has been such a blessing. My favorite moment was definitely ...driving a golf cart for Elders and pullers. I've met some beautiful souls this week. See More
Grace Ann Byrd
· August 5, 2016
I love taking part in shared Cultures, and witnessing the magnitude of the Awe, it's so inspiring.
I have been welcoming People to my homeland and waters. I enjoy meeting new people and tending to eld...ers, and seeing friends and family.

Grace Ann Byrd, Nisqually Tribal Member, Miss Chemawa 1987-88
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Carole Blakey
· July 28, 2016
Today we on Three Tree Point in Burien were blessed to have several of the beautiful canoes stop for a break. I wish I had known in advance as I could have met them with refreshments. Please feel to let me know if you plan to stop on the way home so I can properly welcome you. I also have a few phone pics I could forward along. My neighbor said about thirty minutes later there were dolphins or porpoises seen. Even a couple of gulls followed the boats as they left. See More
Peter Prevost
· April 26, 2017
Last year's journey was an unbelievably great time on the water. I was a support boat for the Nooksack Tribe from Washington State. Best time of life. Going on the 2017 journey come he'll or high wate...r. Highly recommend this. See More
Sue Hempel
· March 13, 2017
Can not wait to get on the water to see family and friends, meet new friends and feel the wind and ocean all around us.
Laxháakúdaoo Dominy
· May 17, 2017
So much to look forward too! I can't wait to see long time friends and the beautiful families!
Larry Wright
· July 12, 2014
Excellent, experience for the young generation that will carry on Tribal Canoe Journeys . Proud of the Elders supporting this huge Event. & Bella Bella Community, I'm so proud ( Gitxshen)
Charmi Childs-Olson
· October 27, 2016
I love the canoe journeys and the hosting tribes go all out. Quianna (thank you).
Randy Simmons
January 11, 2013
Hi this is randy simmons from la push I am one of the origanal cooks froms. The first gatherings at tahola I have not been able to reach guy capoman but he has asked me if I could help with the cookln...g this year if you van give him a message he can reach me at cell 360 640 9125. Thanks randy See More
Barina Trent
· August 6, 2016
The songs and dances shared are food for the soul ♡♡♡
Bob R. Sandra
· August 13, 2016
Medicine for my Spirit,Soul >>>>~<<<<,definitely recommend it!!!
Joelene Busby
· January 15, 2017
Loved it coming back and I'm going to bring the family
Kia ora from Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Thank you
Marilyn Wandrey
· April 6, 2014
Awesome photos! Fawn memories of 1993 paddle to Bella Bella! Looking forward to completing full circle to a community of big hearted and hospitable people! Treated with such love and respect.
Jetf Chokee
· October 20, 2015
Want to Thank those how helped, you've done good Work.. CHOKE" Ohh Yeah" 2016 SqWali?abs 2016 SqWali?abs" 2016 SqWali?abs..
Melanie McCarty
· May 28, 2014
Sure would love to go but we will have to see we went to first one there would live to go back