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Steve Pugh
· November 10, 2017
Mental health is very much about Co-operation, benevolent regulatuon and the liberation of modern technology.
Linda Egan
· November 4, 2017
The Damage Psychology Does, This is what Psychologists do in the name of Mental Health. This has been my experience and many others who don't have the strength to complain.

Psychologist Katarina Timu...lovka tried to label me as an low IQ when I was very sick in St Vincent's Hospital Fairview, not very bright giving someone who is mentally unwell an IQ test and then refusing to take it off their record when you send in evidence of High IQ. Way to go making Mental Health patients feel like shit. And plenty maybe unfortunate enough to not be able to stand up for themselves, or to unwell. Wow Psychologists they have low self esteem why not give them a push of the pier they could be suicidal and your telling them they are not bright.Scumbags!! Psychological Abuse and you use so called scientific instrument to get away with it. See More
Faqir Muhammsd
· 7 hours ago
A highly skilled psychological association across the world had ever seen and read informative seminars messages very helpfull for me being a dyshamic mood disorder patien for the past four decadest
Catherine Gibbons
· October 18, 2017
well worth becoming a member if studying this subject
Mel Maelo
· October 14, 2013
I like the fact that psychology as a subject is now open and accessible to the general public these days instead of being a bit of an unknown, slightly scary subject to consider delving into. This sit...e goes a long way in enabling all to understand and realise that psychology is a fascinating and extremely enlightening area to follow as a career or simply to study, research and increase one's knowledge. See More
Muhammad Shabaz
· February 19, 2018
british psycoligist society plays a significant role in improving ones mentality
Sof-ee Bow
· October 21, 2016
Sharing knowledge - fantastic approach. Enjoying the posts of others & currently studying my psychology masters, to enhance in my passion for counselling and become a professional in the field. Regist...ered with BPS and looking forward to developing my experiences further, to be the best I can be to support others!
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Momie Ake Biltonie Boniface
· October 28, 2017
Its brilliantly with wide understanding of different categories
Bronwen Stewart
· August 23, 2014
Psychologist have come a long way, they are now have a better understanding of depression and how it can debilitate a person be them male female young or old there is limit to who it can effect. Toda...y we are able to help others by just having more compassion for those suffering and a better understanding. So reach out to those who you believe need help. One day God will suicide will be a thing of the past. See More
Miguel Samanez
· November 30, 2015
BPS is a excellent source of researching and lectures . I review every week this fanpage , the knowledge never finish . Congratulations for this proffesional service.


Miguel Samanez
Clinical Psychologist
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Nibrass Beden
· April 22, 2014
Does it make u good and you do what ever u like even love some body he or she they dont see it but it lovely to care to some body becouse they are so specail in yr life
Pete Goddard
· September 28, 2014
So pleased to be a member of the BPS. It's a great way to stay in touch with current debates and exciting new research. This has been a great resource for me to use in my classes, encouraging discussi...ons and expanding a restrictive curriculum. See More
Intekhab Ur Rahman
· October 16, 2015
Providing latest information and researches and updating knowledge.
Please suggest how can I get Life Membership of this society.
Amine Ben Saad
· June 21, 2017
good page accessible for everyone
Sarah Attridge
· April 11, 2016
I'm a first year psychology student and I have found this site to be really inspiring when I need to read psychology
Helen Salomone
· November 10, 2015
It's really good idea - in this way it'd help those people achieve the results after doing the research/counselling etc
Mushtaq Mehsood
· June 28, 2015
Yes I think that through psychology study we can get ride of problems & issues, I like it too much.
Femi Olarewaju Lodge
· January 26, 2014
I waited for years to be a member of the BPS and I am proud I achieved this.
Kaur Gagandeep
· September 5, 2015
I love this ..seems like m getting closer to my dream ..proud to b here...Thnq
Sonia Lee Mcnally
· June 13, 2014
I love being a member of the British Psychological society, really useful and informative

Less than two weeks remaining to secure early bird rates for Annual Conference 2018.…/less-two-weeks-remaining-secure-ea…


This year's event will be held at at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham from 2-4 May, with four keynote speakers now confirmed:

Claire Murdoch, the national director for mental health with NHS England, has praised the work of educational psychologists after the Grenfell Tower fire:

"The role of educational psychologists in helping children in that area be resilient, cope with what’s happened [and] talk about their mental health and emotional needs has been phenomenal. We absolutely have to pay tribute to them."

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"Frome in Somerset has seen a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions since it began a collective project to combat isolation. There are lessons for the rest of the country."…/town-cure-illness-community-f…

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Frome in Somerset has seen hospital admissions fall since it began to tackle isolation. There are lessons for the rest of the country, writes Guardian columnist George Monbiot

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Founded in 2017, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Psychology is a cross-party group of members of parliament from both the commons and the lords.

Episode 11 of our Research Digest's PsychChrunch podcast is now out, on how to get a good night's sleep.…/episode-11-how-to-get-a-good-n…/

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In episode 11 of our PsychCrunch podcast, presenter Ginny Smith hears how how worry about sleep is sometimes more of a problem than lack of sleep itself.

"Researchers find elderly people with high cognitive function have more of a certain type of brain cell."…/scientists-unravel-secrets-of…

#psychology #mentalhealth

Researchers find elderly people with high cognitive function have more of a certain type of brain cell

Sexual addiction: symptoms, causes, consequences. Our latest guest blog post comes from Dr Funke Baffour.…/sexual-addiction-symptoms-causes-c…


It is often described as an intense craving and obsessional participation in sexual activities to a much greater extent and level than is healthy or sustainable.

Psychology4Graduates 2017 videos now available to view.…/psychology4graduates-2017-videos-n…


Videos of the keynote speakers at our Psychology4Graduates 2017 event, as well as interviews with delegates, are now available to view on the BPSOfficial Youtube channel.

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After a traumatic event, some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – generally within about a month – while others don’t.

"Why we need to stop telling little girls how pretty they are."…/why-we-need-stop-telling-…


Focusing on how girls look sends an unfortunate message.

South West of England Branch undergraduate psychology conference to be held in March.…/south-west-england-branch-undergra…


The British Psychological Society's South West of England branch are holding their annual undergraduate psychology conference at the University of Plymouth on Saturday 10 March.

Mothers with multiple children have an intuitive grasp of behavioural genetics. The latest from our Research Digest blog.…/mothers-multiple-children-have-int…


Several leading psychologists have recently raised concerns about the stranglehold that the radical left has on free speech and thought in our universities.

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A storm of retractions, corrections, data irregularities and controversy over duplicate publication are destroying the credibility of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab. It’s time for the university to be open about what’s going on

The 2018 Wellcome Book Prize longlist has been announced, celebrating the many ways in which literature can illuminate the breadth and depth of our relationship with health, medicine and illness.…


The 2018 Wellcome Book Prize longlist has been announced, celebrating the many ways in which literature can illuminate the breadth and depth of our relationship with health, medicine and illness.

"Open University study finds that, while students dislike collaborative learning, they are more likely to pass if they take part in it."…/student-satisfaction…


Open University study finds that, while students dislike collaborative learning, they are more likely to pass if they take part in it

The Psychologist spoke to Carolyn Mair, Professor of Psychology for Fashion, on the eve of the publication of her new book, 'The Psychology of Fashion' (Routledge).…/march-2018/more-frills


Do you think fashion has had the attention it deserves from psychology? Fashion as an area of interest has been largely neglected by psychologists. There could be many reasons for this oversight. For example, fashion has been considered by academics from a range of disciplines, including psychology,...

"In a new book, an argument for giving children more of a sense of control over their lives."…/the-case-for-the-ldqu…/


In a new book, an argument for giving children more of a sense of control over their lives