You may have noticed, but we just released a ton of new stuff on your Home Island in Poptropica Worlds. Check out:

+New decorations in your house!
+New costumes in the shop -- the long-awaited winners of the costume contest!
+For Members, a brand-new room, featuring all Dr. Hare-themed decorations!


We've also added a new ending to Dr. Hare's Revenge. If you've been wondering where that pink-suited meanie has been hiding this whole time, collect all the carrots in Dr. Hare's Revenge to find out.

This update is available everywhere you play Poptropica Worlds. So update now and dive back in!

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Heads up: Legendary Swords is now open to all on Poptropica Original! Get on over to and start slashing your way through E.Vile's robot army!

Decorate Your Poptropica Worlds House.mp4
Mystery of the Map: Clip #1
Trivia time: Who's this guy and what island is he on?

The legend has returned! Legendary Swords is BACK on Poptropica Original.

Choose your weapon and get ready to hack-n-slash your way through Dr. E. Vile's army of angry robots. Explore a bizarre alien world full of strange creatures and weird vegetation. Fight massive bosses.

Become a legend. Play Legendary Swords now on Poptropica Original!

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What is the future of Poptropica?

We were talking to some Poptropicans on Twitter about this very subject, and it needs a little bit more explanation than we can fit in a tweet (not even 280 characters!).

See, Poptropica Original, the web game, uses a technology calls Adobe Flash, and Flash as we know it is going to stop being supported by many browsers sometime in the year 2020. You can (and should!) download plugins for it, as explained on our flash help page. (

Flash is a big part of the reason why we created Poptropica Worlds. It's built in Unity, not Flash, which will allow us to make new stuff for both web and mobile, and which does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon. For brand-new islands and games, look to Poptropica Worlds.

A lot of players want to know if there's something we can do to "save" the original game. Well, it’s not going anywhere and the good news is that we still own all of that stuff! All of the art, the characters, the stories -- what's called the "intellectual property." We've already remade one island, 24 Carrot, in Poptropica Worlds, and we plan to do more. Plus, your existing account works in Worlds just as well as it does in Poptropica Original.

Fear not. We think Poptropica is an entire ecosystem. It comprises games, including Poptropica Original, Poptropica Worlds, our Mystery of the Map Books, our comics, and more. Poptropica is a world. It's an idea. Poptropica is anywhere kids go for great stories, incredible art, and a heckuva fun time. If that's the web, or mobile, or somewhere else entirely, we'll be there.

We know this for sure: we're going to keep making the best Poptropica we can. We promise. We’re working on a VERY exciting new island coming early next year -- get ready!

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"Flash Help - Poptropica"

You've played Dr. Hare's Revenge on Poptropica... but have you mastered it? We'll show you how!

Want some tips to master the mazes of Dr. Hare's Revenge, we have you covered! You can play along with us and download the game now! Mobile: http://m.onelink...

All good things come to an end, like long holiday weekends, and follower giveaways on Poptropica. Time's almost up! Get to Poptropica Original to find Cran Barry, Sweet Tato, and Punkie Pie!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Poptropica! Don't forget to find the three followers on Poptropica Original. Just like Thanksgiving leftovers, they'll be gone by Monday! Available on Web only:

Several players reported that the flag was missing from the water tower in Early Poptropica. That was our bad. It's back now!

Thanksgiving dinner has deserted! We made three new followers to give to players of Poptropica Original, and then they ran away! Now they're hiding somewhere on the Islands of Poptropica. If you can find them, they're yours -- but just like Thanksgiving itself, this offer's only good for a short time.

Search the Poptropica Original website for any sign of Sweet Tato, Cran Barry, and Punkie Pie. Find them, and get them as followers!

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Poptropica Creators
Video Game

FLASH SALE on Poptropica Worlds! Through Halloween, get discounts on eight spooktacular costumes in Ye Olde Shop!

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We're sharing Halloween treats on Poptropica Original!

The official Poptropica Blog: News, tips and tricks, contests, and more!

Dr. Hare's Revenge beta is now open to everyone! Play it on web or your mobile device of choice.

Those of you playing on mobile devices will get to try out a new control scheme, with a virtual joystick and jump button. We really want to know what you think, so give it a try and give us your thoughts!

Play the latest version of Poptropica Worlds now to try Dr. Hare's Revenge!

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Birthday Contest Winners just dropped on the blog! Congrats to the 10 winners of 1-month free membership. Everyone did an amazing job who participated!

The official Poptropica Blog: News, tips and tricks, contests, and more!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the membership contest we have held over the past 10 days. The contest is now closed and WOW, did we receive some amazing submissions. The HQ team is going to be reviewing them all and announce the winners by the end of this week.

Costume contest winners are soon dropping in Pop Worlds AND Pop Original, stay tuned!

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Hope everyone is putting the final touches on your membership contest submission! Only a few days left, submit by 25th & you could be 1 of 10 with a free 1-month membership

Hello my fellow Poptropicans! We have an exciting challenge for you all. In honor of our 10th birthday, we are going to be giving away TEN, 1-MONTH MEMBERSHIPS to the winners of this fun contest. This contest is open from Friday, September 15th - Monday, September 25th (9am EST). **Make sure to read...