Whoa. It's been a long time since I posted guys! I'm trippin balls looking back on all the posts and comments and memories i have associated with this. Nostalgia out the ass tonight.


Uhm yes


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My 1k Surprise <3

yes pl0x


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ayyyeee so should i just keep posting pics of hot chicks to revive the page. seemed to work not too bad. lol


So it's been how long since I posted?

6 months?

Damn. I haven't got a life soooo why not try and revive my long dead page.


Also. I have a huge crush on this chick but I don't know her name. Q.Q


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Cone watch me play since drunk Smite

anybody who sees this should add me on steam and play dota 2 with me. c:



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Trash Boat updated their cover photo.
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I'ma go die now because I love this picture so much.


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debating if I want to try and revive the page or not.

also cant tell if all hope of it even reviving is lost or not yet.


when was the last time I posted on trash boat??


I want to break into people's houses and do nothing but cut every cord I find

why the fuck can't california ever get snow


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Like this if you enjoy breathing