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Kevin Luzader
· March 7, 2018
I probably wouldn't need blood pressure medication if I didn't have to deal with Ohio Health to get medication. Starting 01/01/2018 I can no longer get pricing for medication except for one ridiculous... way. I used Optum Rx all last year. Now when I try to price a medication on their website it says this medication may not be covered under your plan. Every single medication says that. I call them and they say that nothing is imbedded from Optima or Ohio Health. I called Optima and they said they have nothing to do with prescriptions, call Optum rx. I called Human Resources at Ohio Health. Their question to me: " Did you go to the Optum rx website and sign in and price the drug?" How stupid after I just told her I tried to price the drug online and then called Optum rx and they said they couldn't give me a price because the info was not imbedded in their system. Now, RMB said it was possible to get a price. I need to have them delete any payment methods on file and then have my doctor send in all new prescriptions and they would have to call me to get payment and then they could tell me the price before I pay. They can't just look up the medication through my Ohio Health insurance, that would be to easy. Also RMB pricing is higher than Optum rx, that is why I switched last year. If I can't get any pricing soon I will have to quit taking my meds because I can't just hope I can afford them. See More
Josh Foor
· January 25, 2018
Everytime I have been to Ohio health facility with my toddler son for his seizures we get treated like we are stupid pushed away told not to call the squad. Well here Ohio health when ur son stops br...eathing turns purple and is making sounds like u have never herd before drools running out of his mouth at a high rate he stiffens up. Then he starts trying to talk to u because he is two and has no clue why he is under so much stress and his body is weak but he can't because his whole body is Locked stiff and as straight as a board. Then he starts convulsing his eyes roll back in his head his lips are now purple you think you watching you beautiful son fade away and you can't do anything. Then after wards he doesn't respond he doesn't wake up he just lays in ur arms and u begin to cry why because then are starting to think you lossing the one thing that means everything to you. So you get him to the hospital by squad and u get into the room and wait 30 45 sometimes even 2 hours to be seen by a "doctor" who comes in and says we'll Mr Foor it seems ur sons having these seizures they should go away by the time he is five. And next time don't call the squad. Then walks out that's it. And he makes more than me when I did more at home to make sure my son was OK then he did probably in his whole shift. This corporation Ohio health it's a joke you employee jokes you have turned the hospital into a joke and you have turned treatment into a joke. But hey I understand if a pecocet or a vikadin doesn't fix it then we can't help you that's the motto right. See More
Carolina Gutierrez
· February 11, 2018
Family member went to their emergency care for - a bad headache -more like a migraine. They did test on her and found a aneurism. After an angiogram they found the aneurism was half a millimeter long...! Great news. They only focus on the aneurism but forgot about the pain, the primary reason why she went to the emergency. She has about $31k + on medical bills and still has a pain that can’t stand.
It’s very frustrating to seek out for medical help and just be sent home with out treatment or even pain medicine to treat the pain. On top of that a medical bill that will only give her a bigger headache. Medicine in this country is not good at all.
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Justin Myers
· October 2, 2017
I just wanted to thank OhioHealth Billing department for helping me realize my true passion in life, bookkeeping. Today on 10-02-2017 I was able to get an erroneous bill corrected from 11-30-2015. H...ere’s hoping the one from 12-07-2015 can be resolved in 2018. If you too have a deep desire to spend hours correcting simple bookkeeping errors please visit an OhioHealth facility near you today! They teach you how to not pay for a bill twice. Correct paid bills that were applied to different accounts. Teaching OhioHealth’s customer service how to send a simple E.O.B. to you secondary payer!!! If any of these tedious activities interest you after a long day of work OhioHealth has the hobby for you! If you want to have fun like I did get yourself a family of six and contract strep throat and watch the bookkeeping fun begin!

P.S. I like my doctors and the care I receive but am so torn because for two years billing has made it impossible. I will be sad if I have to leave my doctors to avoid dealing with billing.
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Andy Hershberger
· January 22, 2018
You are not living up to your values at Riverside. Instead of answering patient questions and treating them there is a culture of passing the buck. "Sorry, I don't know why "they" are taking so long. ..."They" haven't send the CAT scan info" "The pharmacy hasn't responded". I can only hope that David Blom's mother is treated the same way if she is ever admitted. Perhaps a taste of his own bad administrative medicine will change things for the better. See More
Joe Petrozzi
· November 19, 2017
This review is strictly regarding the Ohio Health Urgent Care in Delaware. The inefficiency is incredible. Wife had a sliced finger. We arrived to an empty facility with the exception of one other per...son who was leaving when we walked in. Registration was instantaneous. Right from registration to the vitals station. Directly from the vitals room to a procedure room where we waited, & waited, & waited for someone to come in while the facility was EMPTY. See More
Jill Sampson
· February 23, 2018
I had an unfortunate experience at the Lewis Center Physician today. I had to wait 20 minutes to sign in and when it came time for my turn, the receptionist told me that since I was late I lost my app...ointment; the doctor was getting ready to leave. I argued my point (I’d been there the whole time waiting) and got to keep my appointment. The nurse tech that brought me to my room was excellent. Once the doctor arrived, she was clearly annoyed, I assume because she was having to stay. She spent 2 minutes with me. She did not want to answer my questions and was very short with me. I told her I had vertigo and had read treatment is anti anxiety meds. I asked if there were alternatives. She named a medication and said, “Why don’t you just go look that up” and left the room. I am appalled. See More
David Rogers
· January 12, 2018
Thank you Ohio Health for declining my life dependent medication ive been taking for 25 years. Your complete lack of integrity it why health care appears as corrupt as it is. May youre children have t...he same incomprehensible coverage you give us dispote gladly accepting our check every month. See More
Teri Silver
· September 3, 2017
If I could give these folks negative 100, I would. Still dealing with a DOS from May of 2016 ... Long story and I'm not going to get into it here. But With Ohio Health swallowing up all the provider...s and their ineffective "customer service" and their not even knowing what an IZ is, and the countless numbers of telephone calls and "escalations," I cannot believe these people are still in business. I cannot believe what I am STILL going through. I got wholly ripped off in all directions. So, so angry. And it isn't over yet! See More
Savannah Marie
· November 7, 2017
I've had it with OhioHealth. Every single appointment I have with them whether it's with my primary care doctor, OB or any other doctor I have..Every single one of them every single time call me THE D...AY OF my appointment to reschedule. It never fails. I've been waiting over a month for this 1pm appointment with my back doctor..And of course they call me 2 hours before my appointment needing to reschedule. I really needed to see him today. This is fucking bullshit. See More
Theresa S Sedlock
· September 8, 2017
I love Ohio Health...especially the gym at the McConnell Heart Health Center...they have over 140 classes in a week including Aquatic, Spinning, Fitness and Education classes...and a great weight mana...gement program...and Riverside Hospital treated me excellently when I had to visit their emergency opinion is that it is the best hospital in Columbus... See More
Christina Forsyth Doran
· March 14, 2018
Delivered my son on March 8th at Dublin Methodist and it was the best! Very comfortable! And the staff was amazing!
Robert Rice
· August 26, 2017
The MyChart website sucks. Most of the time, it will not allow you to log on. It either gives you an invalid username or password error or loops you back to the sign in page after claiming you have b...een logged off. If you do get logged onto the site, the first link you click on logs you out and takes you back to the log in page. What use is a website that you cannot get into? The help line is worthless since they do not actually help you get into the site.. See More
Bill Lowery
· February 2, 2018
You guys need to switch Valet companies if it is a private contractor.. I've been sitting 20 minutes for valet and I did the same two weeks ago. They move slow and without a purpose as if they don't even care.
Gabrielle Beck Shafer
· December 1, 2017
Took 2 hours for something k was told would take 45 min max. Staff was rude. They all need fired and rehire with better training smh totally disappointed and contacted my employer to let then no as we...ll so hopefully they can take there business else where See More
Mary Connelly
· January 15, 2018
The dr. Spent 10 seconds in room and sent me home without even trying to help. But i am sure he will bill my insurance
Yvonne Sparks Rayburn
· March 21, 2017
My Mom was taken by squad to the Grady Memorial ER with a severe cut on the back of her leg that ran the length of her calf. The entire staff, from the front desk, to the registration assistant, to t...he nurses were kind, caring and patient with my Mom and our entire family. The PA who came in and looked at her wound and eventually did the sutures was absolutely fantastic. Janel Scarborough, we can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my Mom, for being so kind during the process and for putting her back together. To you, I know it was another "case" for your day but to us, she is our only Mom. Thank you for making us know that she really mattered to you as a person, not just another ER case. See More
Paige Taylor
· June 14, 2017
OhioHealth is quite literally the WORST organization i have ever dealt with. You would think they would be quick about processing their paperwork so they could get paid but we are now going on almost ...5 months of no answers. They have continually submitted bills to my insurance that have already been paid out to them and then tried to bill me because my insurance declines paying it a SECOND time. This is a result of the person responsible for keying in payments from insurance companies, not performing their job.The people they have working there are completely incompetent and as an organization they should be embarrassed!
*Side note i went to OSU about two months ago and they processed my paperwork in about one week and the bill has already been paid in full. Ohio Health should be ashamed for putting their patients through such a difficult time.
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Ervena Mckinley
· August 30, 2017
If you need home health care go elsewhere. We have a wonderful nurse and physical therapist but can't seem to get a schedule for my dads showers. They don't come and don't call. This has been an problem since April. It has lead to many many calls and much frustration for our family. See More
Brandi Glore
· July 21, 2016
I have never visited Ohio Health, but I find it disturbing that one of their employees in Columbus, Danyel Geeler McAfee, felt comfortable making a offensive/borderline racist comment on a 10TV's FB under a story about an eleven year old child that was murdered by her uncle. After her sarcastic comment, I'm not sure that She would provide the same level of care for African Americans as she would other cases. Although protected by the First Amendment, up until yesterday evening McAfee displayed that she works for Ohio Health as an RN, which means she represents your corporation. McAfee may need to be retained in social media etiquette or, at the least, stopped from representing your company when she feels the need to make these types of statements. The post has been taken down and she has since hidden the fact that she works for Ohio Health after I informed her that her actions were inappropriate, but I have a screenshot of her statement and her claim to work for Ohio Health Hospice See More
Ashley Benitez
· January 17, 2017
Because of you, my life has had so, so much hope restored to it. I was in the care of three amazing OhioHealth doctors: Dr. Gerome, Dr. Novi and Dr. Peter Lee. These doctors proved that after ten long... years - I did in fact have a condition that four doctors in Zanesville denied that I had. I was made by the Zanesville doctors to feel like I was a dirty person, like I was unworthy of treatment and like I had no hope of changing the quality of my life. I am here to express my undying gratitude to OhioHealth. Not only did those three golden doctors come into my life, give me hope for my future, and restore my faith in the medical field, but OhioHealth also informed me that I have been chosen as a charitable donation... that my account has been wiped clean of the bills I accrued leading up to my surgery that I was supposed to have and will still receive (after I give birth). I want you all to know that you have helped me in a way that is befitting of no other term than life-changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart � See More
Nicole Pugliese
· June 13, 2017
Ohio Health Billing Department SUCKS. I have been battling a bill with them for 4 months now. I am one pissed off patient! I will now be sending a complaint to the Ohio State Medical Board and to t...he Ohio Health CEO David Blom.

1) The front desk receptionist over charges my credit card for a copay of $50 when it should have been $30 (I of course have the receipt for this)

2) I then get a bill from the billing office stating I owe $30 for a copay on the above mentioned visit - so I call and explain the the billing office that I paid $50 on this day and have the receipt to prove it and that it is the billing office that owes me a refund of $20....the billing office response was "well ma'am you will need to send us a copy of that receipt to prove it"

3) I mail in a copy of the receipt and bill to prove I paid it and they owe me a refund.

4) I get another bill from Ohio Health again stating I owe $30 for the above mentioned visit - so I call the office again...state all the same above information and the billing representative says "yes ma'am, we did receive that and I can see that the payment was posted to another patients account in error, I will sumbit a request for this to be fixed and request for a refund" this was done on 05-08-17

5) Today 06-13-17 I get a "this is our 3rd and final notice your account will go to collections of you do not pay $30 for the above mentioned visit"

So not only am I being harassed via mail from the billing office for months, I am now being threatened with collections on a bill I overpaid at the time of service. I will of course call the office again, get told the same thing, most likely get sent to collections and have to send all this information to the collections department at which time someone there will understand my plait and help me correct this issue that has been an Ohio Health Billing department error this whole time.

GREAT JOB billing department!!
Go to Mount Carmel....they do not screw people over this bad.
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Matt Petrole
· May 1, 2016
The service is great while getting it. The reason why I'm giving 1 star is because I've had nothing but trouble from their billing department ever since my surgery 5 years ago, and more recently my ph...ysical therapy. Twice since I've had surgery I've gotten a call from collections saying I owe $25, despite having proof of full payment. More recently, I had to get physical therapy because I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and they fixed the problem alright, but now I've applied for financial aid twice to help cover the bill and the first time it was denied without them saying anything because apparently I never filled out a form that I wasn't told about and the second time because somewhere there was a discrepancy between what I wrote on the form and the W2s I provided for proof of income. You already have the W2s, why do I have to add them up, and how can there be a discrepancy when I literally added up the total for the W2s I sent in? I guess if you are wealthy it's not a big deal, but I'd avoid Ohio health if you want an easy experience after your service. See More
Deron Fisher
· December 6, 2016
I went on a recommendation to see a Dr. Mark Gittins, DO at the Ortho Neuro clinic for my Hip pain that I am still experiencing. I told them at the time that my pain level per their chart was between ...8-10 after doing the X-rays that they wanted this Dr. told me that the pain that I was having was due to my spine, and that there might be some muscle issues in my hip, and to get an MRI, he sent me to schedule an appointment with their spinal specialist and to get the MRI scheduled. Nothing offered for my pain at all. Just given some vague information and sent on my way, that'll be $500 please. I attempted to do the MRI the following week and due to the pain that I was in I couldn't sit still long enough to do the tests. The technician doing the MRI wanted to know if I wanted to reschedule and I did for the following week with the hopes of possibly talking to this Dr. instead I was told he was in surgery which I first said, was ok if he could call me and possibly prescribe something for now and next week, instead his Secretary stated that he would need the MRI. (Just plain stupid) after I already told them I couldn't lay through the tests due to the pain. About 5 hours later the office manager calls me and suggests a medication. I would recommend that you find a medical company that actually care's for more than the dollars they collect. Avoid this practice at all COSTS. See More
Heather Ewald
· November 2, 2016
After taking my son to urgent care, I received a bill for $104.00. I used their phone option to pay the bill with my HSA debit card, recorded the date (9/21/16) and the confirmation number for my pay...ment.

On 10/30/16 I received a collection notice for the unpaid balance (unsettling), but called to provide the payment confirmation number to clear up the discrepancy.

I was informed that my payment confirmation number was completely useless because they had no record of my payment in their system. Just let that sink in.

I now have to jump through hoops to prove that I paid. "Cancelled check is preferred." Well, I didn't pay by check, I followed instructions on the bill and used their automated bill pay system with my health savings account card.

I'll get this straightened out and will absolutely never use Ohio Health as a medical provider, ever again. Useless bill payment confirmation number? Seriously??? That was a first, rediculous and infuriating.
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Cameron Krauss
· April 8, 2017
Their billing department is terrible, they sent me to collections after they refused to fix a billing mistake and accept payment from my insurance company when I was hit by an uninsured driver. I'm no...w fighting to try to get my credit sorted out, wouldn't have gone if I knew it would be this much of an issue. This is the second time they have billed me incorrectly for treatment. See More
Mallory Amanda
· March 10, 2016
I had to go to Dublin Methodist a few months ago when I was visiting family. The staff was caring and attentive, and I was out in short order.

Ever since then, I have spent hours upon hours on the with my insurance company, collections agencies and the hospital to address inaccurate charges. A filing error and an apparently defiant billing manager at the hospital have led to a cycle of being harassed by collections agencies, having my insurance company intervene on my behalf, and then the hospital starting the cycle all over again.

I work with clients in healthcare, so fortunately I know how to advocate for myself and that hopefully, 8 months later, this issue will be resolved soon. However I can only imagine the number of people who have been pressured into paying bogus charges by this hospital. Always follow up with your insurance company if you're unsure about a charge, and don't let systems like this intimidate you into paying more than you owe.
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Shari Folger Bascom
· December 29, 2016
No bladder infections in a week! I have had a constant infection since August. No problems at all with the bladder. Still weak and tired but there was so much poison in me! I had a sore on my leg sinc...e august and it itched all the time and it's GONE too! I feel so extremely blessed and highly favored. They were 2 weeks from removing my sling and bladder mesh just as a last resort. When the problem was a dying mass on my colon.... all negative but hiding from all scans and X-rays! I would have been soooo much worse because the infection still would been there. Can u even imagine? I was dying! I can't even tell u how I feel. What a mountaintop I am on! Praise God for Dr Steve Gardilcic Dr P Sheth and Dr. PVaidya! They were used by God to save my life. OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital showed up CCF and brought healing to me in our little burg of Mansfield. Who needs the big hospitals? We have THE best right here!!!! Urology Associates of North Central Ohio OhioHealth. Richland Surgical Associates. @drpvaidya Infectious disease Ohio health. See More
Janelle Haupt
· December 7, 2016
Called to make an appointment a month back with Ohio health Sleep services and had the privilege of talking with Mahnika. She was overly kind and went out of her way to try to schedule an appointment ...sooner then what they had available. I got a little emotional on the phone and she was so sweet and I could tell she really cared and wanted to do her best to help me out. I wish everyone in customer service was more like Mahnika, because now a days it is few and far between!!! See More
Brian Blake
· March 9, 2016
I am thoroughly disappointed with Ohio Health's pricing and practices. I need an ultrasound for my abdomen and their imaging facility wanted $516 up front (always more on the back end), just to regis...ter. I said 'no' and have shopped around and found a place $200 cheaper. I think it is a terrible terrible practice to not have xray or ultrasound ability directly in the Doctor's office but, I understand now. You can price gouge people by sending them out to an imaging facility. If at all possible, I will never choose Ohio Health for my health care needs. Your chargemasters are ruining your reputation - hope the money is worth being seen as part of the problem. See More
Terry L Lively
· October 27, 2017
Awesome job guys thank you ! best care i have ever had ty so much
Patty Carroll Fackler
· May 30, 2017
My son took my daughter-in-law to er in shelby, Ohio for stitches. Cut was the length of her palm of her hand. The er doc only put 3 stitches in the cut. It was still gapping open when she extended he...r fingers. She showed me the next day, I promptly took her back to the er where we talked to the nurse manager, Jacoby, who treated us like we were stupid and told us "the doctor was using a new technique." Getting no where, we treated it ourself with steri-strips. We will never go to med-central again! It is called Dead Central for a reason. It's Avita for us from now on! See More
Brett Anthony
· August 16, 2016
I do not wish to speak about OhioHealth as a whole or even O'Blenness hospital as a whole but I think it is important for people to know about the ER at O'Blenness hospital.
The emergency room is abs...olutely horrendous. The doctors and nurses don't care either way about you. My doctor had no problem misdiagnosing me with pneumonia and a pulled stomach muscle. He prescribed an antibiotic and a muscle relaxer. Once the narcotics from the visit wore off, and the muscle relaxer didn't work, the pain came back tenfold. Once back in the ER to hey charged me for a second visit, ran a cat scan, and REALIZED I had appendicitis. If I had stayed at home it could have ruptured- causing serious complications. While waiting for surgery - and the pain was intolerable- the nurses wouldn't bring any pain medication no matter how many times I asked. Finally, I asked a male nurse and he checked with a female nurse who blatantly lied about giving me any pain medication. Once out of the ER and upstairs, I had a great experience. Dr. Nesbitt, the nurses Tiffany, Brandon, and Steve were amazing. See More
Jessica Singrey
· May 4, 2016
The doctors and nurses are fantastic! I would highly recommend any of them. The trouble lies in their billing. Sending the same bill multiple times, turning me into collections after I paid the same b...ill 3 times, billing for a service and then billing 6,000 for the same service a year after the fact. And having no one know how to do anything when you call in about your bill and their shady practices. Life was much better when healthcare was between the patient and doctor. Now it is all about corporations. See More
Wren Unetic Hawkins
· May 10, 2016
While at the hospital, the medical staff has always been great. Billing is awful. No one is on the same page. Mary, Travis, and a few others have been very nice. Jack, however, needs a few lessons in ...kindness. I've had a few complicated stays, and a few errors in billing, causing my account to be complicated. Jack made sure it was also upsetting on top of that. People have medical bills because they are sick. I happen to have a chronic disease, so medical bills are very familiar. I do my VERY BEST to pay them on time, which I am assuming is a rare occurrence. Saying "thanks", "I'll handle it", "don't worry, we've got you" would go a long way. I made sure to make a note of his name for future phone calls to Ohio Health, and he made sure to spell his name for me. Good thing, my illness has made me lose my ability to spell. J-A-C-K. See More
Billie Kataytay
· March 17, 2018
You can thank Iris Santos for your rating , never dealt with anyone with less common sense. #FIREHER
Carol Rish Mariotti
· November 25, 2016
I was told I had to pre-pay for a medical test. (I since found out that is a bold faced lie). I gave them my credit card info over the phone on 8.25. On 9.1, I arrived at the hospital & was handed a r...eceipt for my payment.

My payment was not credited on either my Sept or Oct statement. I called to inquire & was told they would "look into it & get back to me". They did not.

I have called & e-mailed them, spending several hours on the phone, but to date, they have not credited my account, having a new excuse each time. Today, I received a "Final Notice" from them.

Not once in this calendar has my statement been accurate. Not once. That's really sad.
See More
Justin Pettus
· October 3, 2017
Didn't receive any treatments or tests and standard ER visit was $800. They did nothing for me.
Nina Tolliver
· August 17, 2016
Mansfield Mid Ohio Health. Shame on you. I realize you are extremely busy with all the OD'S. But I have lost faith in you. My son in law, who I love as my own son, was seen yesterday due to You guys wouldn't admit him. He calls his Doctor today, she tells him to go straight to Shelby Hospital. He's being admitted. I watched my son in law lay in pain all night. And his Doctor said Dustin should have never been released. Shame on you Mansfield Mid Ohio Health Hospital. My whole family has lost so much faith in your Hospital. And we even spoke to the Administrator face to face yesterday too. SHAME ON YOU. See More
Donnilynn O'Brien
· April 30, 2016
I was at Westerville ER and then transported to RMH for acute appendicitis. I was so impressed with all the care I received at both places. I was diagnosed quickly and a plan was in place to get me surgery quickly. The nurses on 7 orange were great....loved all of you. And Dr Ruiz did a great job. I'm 3 days post surgery and feeling good. See More

Many of us have a special doctor in our life who has changed it for the better. For Gifford Weary, PhD, it was OhioHealth neurosurgeon Janet Bay, MD. Watch her remarkable story. Honor your own doctor for National Doctors' Day, March 30, with a gift of gratitude at

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to celebrate Dr. Bay who completed her last surgery yesterday. Dr. Bay was the first female neurosurgeon within the OhioHealth organization, and we'd like to thank her for all she's done for OhioHealth and our community. Congratulations on a groundbreaking career and your upcoming retirement, Dr. Bay!

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When we think about how smoking damages our bodies, we normally think of our lungs. But smoking is also hard on our hearts and vascular systems, which can lead to both long-term problems and emergencies. We talked with a cardiologist to understand how smoking affects the heart and how quitting smoking can improve your heart health.

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