Oktoberfest Dublin 2015 - Angels
Only seven more sleeps until lots and lots of this... PROST! 🍻🍻 #OktoberfestDublin
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Rachel Kelly
· October 1, 2017
I've gone every year and loved it. However this year the que to get in was outrages. Nearly three hours to get in and then once your in its more queues to get in tent, toilet and bar. I think Octoberf...est Dublin is now to big to have in this venue so I hope that next year you try have it in a bigger location that has the capacity to hold more people or even make it a ticket event for all. See More
Greg Cooling
· September 27, 2017
After paying 150 Euro for a reserved table for myself and my friends, it was very disappointing that a member of our party was told that he needed a pink wristband to get a drink after 10pm which woul...d be an extra 6 Euro and when I observed this I went up to ask what was going on. I was told by a very rude individual behind the bar that we needed a pink wristband and when I took one out of my pocket he said that it was not on my wrist so I wasn't getting a drink. I took my companion away to then face security surrounding our party. Luckily there was a very nice lady security who explained that unfortunately this rude man had asked them to remove my companion and we left of our own accord as we didn't want a scene. Thank god your security team have decent people working for them. Also there is no such think as Holy Pink Tuesday, why you needed Mexicans from hell on stage to celebrate the so called Holy Pink Tuesday and by God Davina is not a Mr. First time at this event and it's the last. See More
Paul Martin Somers
· October 2, 2017
I've been every year and I loved it. Maybe because I went on a Sunday the queue's were not bad and after a dance downstairs we found a bench for me and all the staff to chill and get fed and drunk for... the night. The heads are big on pints but that's because it's the way it's meant to be. I suppose if queue's were mental on the weekend it's becoming a victim of their own success and maybe a move to the RDS next year, but my experience I loved it See More
Damian O'Reilly
· September 26, 2017
I would give you less then one star. Just because one of the German "bartenders" ( big guy with dark beard) said to security that my friend was agressive for them (he wasnt completely). It was just be...cause he didnt have a pink wristband on him but in his hand. What should i say if i didnt get my wristband at all while i was ordering my drink? This whole "fest" has nothing similar to german Oktoberfest.... just give up doing this anymore cause it looks like a party somewhere in the country side... but not in Europe. See More
Paula Collins
· October 2, 2017
I enjoy the festival a lot, the beer the food and most of the atmosphere it seemed to missing a lot of the stalls that were there 2 years ago also which was disappointing but not a deal breaker, BUT y...ou could really do with hiring better security I asked a simple question (you need photo id now? Ive been out of the country for 2 years and in previous years had never been asked for photo id) apparently she already had her back up cause the response from a so called professional person was disgusting. Hire better people who understand customer service and diplomacy! Talking from experience dealing in customer service it no wonder people are unhappy with the treatment they are recieving - she was a grade A royal Bi**h with an attitude! See More
Danni Ogilvy
· September 28, 2017
Me and my partner went in for 35 minutes and left! There were more guards to be seen than happy people enjoying themselevs. The staff all seemed to be very rude to all the customers before we even ord...ered a drink �. Way to small and crowded and no Oktoberfest buzz to it at all �

Save your money and go to Germany for the real thing ��
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Brian Nealon
· October 1, 2017
Really Disappointed. We went in yesterday for a few hours and to be honest we left after an hour. €6.50 for a pint thats half froth so getting half a pint. Paying €5 deposit for a plastic glass. C...ome on its not even glass. My son was hungry so he went to a food stall. Got a sausage and a bun and it cost him €5.50. He received about €1 worth of food at most. In a nutshell i wont be rushing back. Its basically a large beer garden thats ripping people off with the price of its food and drink See More
Rebecca Bex Lee
· September 29, 2017
Every year the queues are ridiculously long. It's free in every night apart from Friday and Saturday where you pay ten euro in. They need a bigger area. Went to go there tonight and the queue was thre...e miles long. Watched it for a while it wasn't moving. Oktoberfest need to expand the area it's not big enough to cater for demand. Had a better time in neighbouring bar Ely could hear the music and was indoors and warm in a nice dry area. If you're going to charge make it worth the money See More
Isabel Lehsten
· September 30, 2017
Really cool event with adorable bar staff and fair prices... not higher than in most pubs!
Amazing area, cool decorated and nice food...
Entrance fee is fair, it's included a meal voucher and we got s...erved in the queue and they offered us an umbrella... Really nice and absolutely worth it!!! ���� See More
Shaun Fitzgerald
· October 3, 2017
I went on a Tuesday night and enjoyed it. It was busy but no queue to get in which was good. I enjoyed the beer, the food and the atmosphere. The only negative was the very rude lady serving the drink...s but I didn’t let her spoil my night. Judging from the other reviews, there seems to be a common problem with the rude bar staff. Something you should consider addressing before people stop coming to your event. See More
Maggie Walshe
· October 2, 2017
Oktoberfect is a joke, the festival was ruined by letting in far too many people. There was a queue to get in, an hour long queue for the ladies toilets and a queue to get into the tent. It got so ove...rcrowded that they stopped people going in to the tent past a certain stage. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone goes to it next year. See More
Michael Brennan
· October 2, 2017
Queues too long, beer too expensive, beer glasses only half full, other half froth, if it half
Beer and half froth and that’s supposed to be like that then it should be half price! staff said that’s h...ow they are told to pour it � overpriced, do I need to go on really!?!? See More
Deirdre Bermingham
· October 1, 2017
Went down yesterday. I cant believe iv never been before. Maybe it was the beautiful weather. , but we really enjoyed it. Lovely atmosphere and the food was delicious. Okay so a pint was 6.50, but... thats the average price in Dublin. The portaloos were spotless which was a bonus. Plenty of security around and we didnt see anything untoward at all. We will definitely be back next year. See More
Leticia Godinho Brennan
· September 29, 2017
Love it and always will. Had great fun yesterday and last saturday.
I see ppl complaining about the closure time of 1hour and then get back at 5:30pm. Totally agree!!!!! if ppl stay drinking there all... day they just will get so f** drunk and of course make mess and also mess to themselves!! As they say it is for the place to look more family orientated and health and safety reasons!!!
Totally backed up!! You guys rock!!!!
Regarding to the price, is not cheap, however is the price that have always been and is cheaper than temple bar ��
Great atmosphere!!
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Yue Wu
· September 23, 2017
Unfortunately there is no zero star. I just warn anyone who luckily see my post, u may not be able to enter because the security guys does not like u.They could easily drive u out say "I dont like you...r attitude". They make up a reason to stop my friend today and I say "we jump the queue", after prove them they are wrong, there is no apology, but continue drive u out. I dont know if because we are Chinese???? That's so so rude, no manner, I cant believe it is in Ireland. Extremely disappointed!!!!!! Would never ever go there again!!!!!! See More
Barry James Price
· September 30, 2017
arrived and queued up for 45 min, then told without ID there was no entry, it was "mandatory" for everyone who wants to enter must have ID, no matter what age you are. absolute joke after traveling so... far only to be turned away. Zero stars!!! See More
Aidan Wolf
· September 29, 2017
This is the best 2,5 weeks in Dublin!!! I love the staff, the beer, the band!!!! They are playing very good songs to makes us happy and enjoy the party! I would love to go there every night! The food just amazing! I have only 1 bad experience:the smooking area is not covered. Bit upsetting to stand in the rain outside when we are going for smoke. If next year you can cover this I will 100% enjoy, now 99%. ��������� Prost every one!!!!! See More
Alexandra McAvoy
· September 29, 2017
Absolutely fantastic night last night! Booked for a corporate event, and although Stuttgart is more geared up for big groups, the atmosphere was amazing, the music was fantastic and the service with A...drian pre and post event was just great. Thank you very much, my guests are all raving about it. Some are even saying it's better than the usual annual jaunt to Germany... � PROST!! See More
Júnior Pedretti
· September 26, 2017
Boring, dirty, security very rude, there's no entertainment, and if you want to buy a big glass as gifts you are not allowed... Shame!
Ps. Honestly it's nothing compared to the real Oktoberfest, my a...dvice guys ? Go and spend 30€ plus in a normal traditional Irish pub it worth much more and you can get fun. Very sad, I was very very excited for it Oktoberfest, never again Dublin. See More
Phil Brunton
· September 25, 2017
Had a great time yesterday.
The band had the place rocking.
Beer a bit pricey at €12 Euro, €17 at start; €5 of which was deposit to hire the glass � anyway all in all it was a cracking day & night.

And so our event comes to an event for another year! Thank you for another unforgettable 18 days and nights. To those of you who came with old friends, and others who left with new friends, we hope you enjoyed dancing, drinking, eating and enjoying a night to remember! We love returning here every year and we're already looking forward to seeing you all again next year. So for one last time in 2017... PROST!


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Over the last 18 days and nights our friends and media partner at 98FM have been a huge support... especially the thunders who you might've seen when you were here. They deserve a very big PROST!


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It’s our second last night here in Dublin, and what a beautiful evening it is... PROST!


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Just when we thought we couldn't be any happier to be back in Dublin, last night we had our very first #OktoberfestDublin proposal with Péricles Bertiole and Elise Frie!! Watch what happened... 😍 💍 ❤️ 😍 💍 ❤️

(Spoiler alert: she didn't say 'No')

Video credit: Roberta Aherne

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Biergarten 🌤️
Ice cold beers 🍻
German food 🌭
Dancing! Dancing! Dancing! 🎸
Years and years of memories 😃


Just some of the things you'll enjoy if you come and visit us on our last two days... PROST!


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Thanks to everybody who entered our contest. The answer was... bottom! Congratulations to Shane Turner who is our winner!

For details on how to claim your prize send us a PM (we've 'liked' your comments so you know it's you). And to the rest of you, see you here for our last weekend... PROST!


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Angels 😍😍😍


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Our event ends this coming Sunday, 1st October, so before we close our doors, we're having another giveaway! Meet Sarah and Mogil. One of them is holding a VIP envelope behind our #OktoberfestDublin sign which includes:
4 x VIP entry
8 x beer vouchers...
4 x food vouchers
4 x Oktoberfest hat tickets

To be in with a chance of winning the prize, simply ‘Like’ this post and comment ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’ and the winner will be announced on Friday afternoon. Don’t forget to share the competition with your friends and best of luck! PROST!

(For terms and conditions visit:

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Join us this Tuesday, 26th September at George's Dock beside the IFSC the second of for Dublin's newest LGBT night in the city's best beer garden - Pink Tuesday! We'll be in full-on party mode from 8pm with our very own drag show and more! PROST!


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On this Monday evening, we're trying to make the first day of the week easier to manage in two ways. First of all, a stein of Erdinger Ireland weissebier that normally costs €12 a stein is €10! Secondly, we're offering you Dublin's only traditional biergarten! PROST!


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As we enter our final week, a little reminder that not only will you find Dublin's best biergarten here at George's Dock beside the IFSC, you'll be able to join in the city's best sing-song too... PROST!


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This weekend, for the second time in 2017, there will be more of this... PROST! 😀 🇩🇪 😀 🍺 😀


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What a great night❤️


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Meine Damen und Herren! As the weekend is approaching again, now is the perfect time to remind you about our new opening hours for 2017! Here are our opening and closing times for Friday and Saturday:

- 12 noon – 4.30pm (Free admission)
- 5.30pm – 11.30pm (€10 entry which includes a voucher for a meal with €1 going to our partner charities The SCOOP Foundation and Movember Foundation Ireland. All tickets sold on the door on a first come first served basis)


Why the new opening hours I hear you ask?! Well, there are a few reasons… first of all, we want to make sure our event is looking spick and span for our two busiest periods! Also, especially on Saturday, we want to make our event more family-friendly than ever! On top of that, we’ve other health & safety and security reasons which have meant the changes for 2017.

Look forward to seeing you for weekend number two… PROST!


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Just your average night at #OktoberfestDublin 😀😀

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