👉👉 Where Does The Majority Of Your Income Come From, Recruitment or Duplication? 👈👈

That's a great question! ✔️✔️✔️

It's one of those questions that most newbie distributors don't think to ask because they're so focused on promotion.


So you can imagine how surprised I was when a super savvy newbie network marketer asked me about it today.

👉 Here's my answer...

☑️ In the short-term... it comes from RECRUITING
☑️ In the long-term... it comes from DUPLICATION

But this is really a question that's about LEVERAGE.

👉 You see, you can't work DUPLICATION when you have no one to work with. Your first step is to MASTER RECRUITING and to MASTER LEAD GENERATION.💪💪

You don't need to sponsor hundreds of people either. You just need to help a few people to DUPLICATE FASTER.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? 🤔

However, you will probably need to help MANY people in order to find those few serious leaders that will work the business and duplicate your efforts.

👉 So the question you really have to ask yourself is, can you give everyone who enters your team the opportunity to DUPLICATE FAST?

In other words, you need a SYSTEM TO FOLLOW.💡

If we told you that the training inside Elite Marketing Pro would absolutely change your network marketing career, would you be willing to try it?

👉👉 Here's your FREE PASS to my mentor's 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp →

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👉👉 In network marketing having ENTHUSIASM means you can do a product demo or give a presentation and forget half the things you were going to say, but customers will still buy if you communicate sizzling enthusiasm and raw excitement.

👉 You can present your business opportunity and leave out half the details, but people will still join your team if you are contagiously enthusiastic about what you are doing.

👉 Another thing I love about network marketing is, everyone (well, t...hose who work the biz) are very enthusiastic and actively encourage those they sponsor to be as successful as possible.

👉 In conventional employment, the people above you in the (pyramid structure) pecking order can often hinder your own promotion. They can make life difficult for others simply to protect themselves, seeing up-and-coming staff as a potential threat to their own jobs. The better you perform, the higher they'll set your targets. Your tasks are made harder too! All of which leads to ongoing battles with management.

👉 Network marketing is the exact opposite and encourages team building. In this business, everyone wins! 💪💪

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This video is a must watch for anyone involved in a home-based business :) Eric Worre shared some great material.
Overcoming laziness and getting stated
Tuesday Motivation: Stop Worrying, Start Living

👉👉 Get up and take action! That's the only way you're going to get what you want. Success doesn't come to you, you must get up, start moving, start creating, start studying, start working and soon, you will see the desired results!
Happy Tuesday FireStarters! Let's GO!! 🔥🔥💪💪

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👉👉 If your values and list of benefits are authentic, and your cause shows that people matter, you might find that what aligns with your beliefs and values is that you're making peoples lives easier, providing a solution to a frustration, giving customers the confidence to be themselves, or empowering individuals to fulfill their greatest potential. Love what you do and success will surely follow.👏👏

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You just can't sit and learn...You must DO. 💪💪 That's how you and circumstances get better! 😎 It's Friday 13TH... Unlucky for some in business, but always lucky for DOers!! Let's GO!! 🔥🔥

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Focus on being passionate about what you are interested in, whether that's family, health, or whatever. Share that passion by communicating information related to your product or service to help educate others to solve their problem(s) — just share what you care about and what you know and you will begin to attract prospects.

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People are like smartphones.
Smartphones have chargers
People have weekends
Happy Weekend fellow entrepreneurs!! 😎🍻🍻
What's your plan for this weekend?

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#QuestionOfTheDay If you could change ONE thing about your business or life, what would it be?

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You are No One until somebody trolls you! It's like a rite of passage to be checked off your success list if you want to make big money in business. People living happy lives have much better things to do with their time than waste it appeasing their haters and doubters. I get trolls hating on me almost daily, especially on one of my YouTube channels and on my blog contact widget. Being a target for hate is par for the course when playing big in network marketing, but you soon develop a thick rhino skin and mostly just ignore them.

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In life, nothing worth having comes easy. You have to work for your goals. There are times that your effort is rewarded or someone may need to give you a push in the right direction. But once you are there, you must continue to persist. The challenges along the way also help mold you for your future. If you want something bad enough, you have to study it. Learn all the nuances of the job or career you're looking at or that next leadership rank that you want to attain. Remember, nothing comes easy, you need a willingness to learn, internal drive, grit, and perseverance. With all this in mind, eventually, you'll reach what you've been working for. Stay focused and you will attain your goal. 💪💪🔥

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👉👉Persistence means not giving up when the going gets tough. Things are going to get challenging; just about when you are at the point of attaining your goal. But this is the moment where all of your hard work is about to pay off and your dream is about to become your reality. Be Persistent! NO MATTER WHAT!! 💪💪

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👉👉9 Power Questions To Ask Other Network Marketers & Affiliates To Recruit More Team Members.

This is the shorter version of my mentor's 7 STEP 🏝️"ISLAND of YOUR DREAMS" 🏝️ CONVERSATION which was all about how to recruit people who are NOT already in a network marketing opportunity. (see my blog resources page

👉In this video, Gloria covers the 9 questions you should ask people who ARE involved in a network marketing opportunity.


The video includes a simple question you need to ask if you want to bring up your own opportunity while talking to another network marketer. 😎✔️✔️

👇👇Download Gloria's Free Grab Bag Here 👇👇

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It's Monday. Bring it on! 💪💪 Monday is not the day to be back at the grindstone, Monday is the day to be back at your passion. Do what you love and you'll never have a problem. Kick ass. Every day. Be AWESOME!! Let's GO FireStarters!! 💪🔥🔥

#Monday #bringiton

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#QuestionoftheDay What was THE moment you decided to be your own boss?

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👉👉Fantastic network marketing training from our EMP community superstar Gloria on increasing The CLOSE.

This is pure nuggets of gold information. Serious training stuff here! 🎓

👉Gloria covers the 4 real reasons why people say No. #3 and #4 are HUGE!!


Gloria also explains that #1 question you MUST ask during your conversation to help your prospect commit to what they want, their _____, or else you'll simply be wasting your time signing them into your opportunity.

👉#4 will probably go against everything you've been taught by your company or upline, but Gloria teaches you to come at things from another direction entirely, and she explains it in such a way that it makes perfect sense. It's pure gold training!!

👇👇Click the link below to grab Gloria's free LinkedIn Recruiting Scripts Grab Bag.

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Don't let the fear of falling or failing hold you back. Don't spend your life looking up and wondering whether or not you can climb that ladder of success. Get over there and try. Yes, you might fall or get scraped and that is okay. Be brave enough to try and determined enough to try again and again if you need to. Don't miss out on the view from the top and the strength gained in the climb. The higher you go the more options you have. Let's GO fire starters!! 🔥🔥

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👉👉Many social media strategies have become so ubiquitous that they no longer work like they used to. Many leaders and companies continue to teach outdated strategies that simply no longer cut it because everyone is doing them. But smart networkers stay informed about what is working right now with digital duplication systems to provide real leverage. Here's one of those insightful articles that help you get your head around what is really working today. 🤔
👉👉Click the link to read "The Three Tiers of Modern Prospecting and Recruiting for Today's Network Marketers"

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