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Happy Monday, it's the start of a brand new week, new goals, new intentions to achieve.
👉Your intentions are powerful. What you intend leads to behaviors, then good habits, which lead to developments, which ultimately lead to your destiny!
👉Get clear on your intentions for the week, declare them, and watch them manifest!
👉Are your intentions clear and declared for the rest of the week, month, and year? Let's Go FireStarters!! 🔥🔥💪

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Overcoming laziness and getting stated
Tuesday Motivation: Stop Worrying, Start Living
This video is a must watch for anyone involved in a home-based business :) Eric Worre shared some great material.

Whoa!! It's Friday!! 🍻🎉🎉 Did you wake this morning wealthier💰than when you went to sleep the night before?

Because otherwise, if you are just trading a block of time for currency, whatever the currency is, you can never be successful because there is simply not enough hours in the day.

As an entrepreneur, you’re often dealing with limited resources, be they time, money or manpower. You can't really create wealth until you break away from the trading hours for currency mode...l....until you get into some form of leverage and create some kind of residual income so that your wealth, or systems, is generating more wealth. You need LEVERAGE, you need to be mindful on that.🤔

👉👉I recorded a short podcast on leverage. You can check it out and listen here on my blog:


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Great article showing how easy it is to use Google Analytics to track all your own content. The free code builder tool makes it a breeze to add the UTM snippet of code to your links and begin tracking data.

Google Analytics and UTM tracking sounds complicated, but it's really not. See how easy it is to compile data on what's working in your digital marketing.

Ever feel like you're following the advice your company is telling you to implement, yet it's getting you nowhere real fast?

Yep! Been there and totally done that, and it was not only ineffective but annoyed the heck out of my warm market. If I kept up being Mr. McSpammer I'd have quickly become a fully paid-up member of the NO Friends Left Club! 😱

I think many network marketing novices get taken down this path at first.....You don't know what you don't know, right?


This was "me too" when I first started in network marketing.😢

But I came to realize that if you want to be successful there is much more to it than just setting a bunch of goals and putting it out into the cosmos.

There are some bad habits to break, some new ones to create!! Although, to be honest... 🤔're more than likely to first need some mindset training for making the transition from employee.....where a boss decides and sets your activities, goals, and runs your day (maybe your life too!) becoming a business owner where YOU have to make ALL the tough decisions and mistakes by yourself.

Between the never-ending excuses, the "I don't have enough time", the fear, uncertainty, and the latest game on TV, there is actually a method to leveraging the internet marketing madness.

💰 If you are wanting to turn a struggling business into a profitable business, you need to create a profitable playbook. You need to up your game, you need to learn a few new skills.

That's why I've constantly plugged in over the past couple of years to learn from the best mentors on how to actually attract people instead of just repel them. 👥👥

And I want to help YOU magnetically attract your perfect prospects using the internet.

👉 Which is why I am giving you access to a FREE 10 day online recruiting Bootcamp where you'll learn an easy way to recruit - rejection free without wasting precious time and resources chasing deadbeat prospects and leads.

Get access here:

👉 👉


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👉 If you don't have a clearly defined Daily Action Plan then life as a busy entrepreneur can sometimes feel like you're struggling to keep juggling balls up in the air while spinning plates at the same time, leaving you little to no time for a life, or really getting anything productive done that produces income and results!
👉 You certainly don't want to quit the day job hamster wheel to play on a hamster wheel of your own making. So it's important to focus on activities.
👉 I can resonate with Julie's struggle, when we are new we all go through it. If you don't yet know what you don't know, how can you improve on it? Julie's 5 tips are priceless time-saving advice for accelerating your shortcut to success.

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Have you ever felt like you were BUSY all day? But, when you look back and think, you honestly can't answer the simple question... “What the heck did I DO today?” Hey, I've been there! And this article is all about work/life balance, which is so important for the small-business entrepreneur. Tak...

A wish without ACTION is just a wish. But it is OK to Dream. Imagine what and how You would like Your Big Dream to be....draw it on a sheet of paper and color it in. By stimulating Your Creativity you will be in touch with Your Right brain....where everything is beautiful & funky....where Happiness is!! Have an outstanding week ahead firestarters!! Let's GOOOOO!! 🔥💪💪


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The weekends always zoom by way too quick. But we can handle the upcoming week - no matter what we have to face or what gets thrown in our way. We've got this! 💪💪

#sundayThoughts #success

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First organic juice of the day! Banaba leaf, barley, alfalfa grass, oat grass, wheatgrass, kamut, beet, and more ... My coach says I have to have my greens.

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One of the most challenging, aspects of running a network marketing business is marketing it. Most rookie network marketers have little to no background in online marketing, and often lack the resources to experiment in this area, especially early on. Failing to market your MLM business and its products effectively can be costly; poor marketing can limit your exposure to new customers and can leave you vulnerable to more market-savvy competitors.
However, it doesn’t have to this way. Even if you lack resources, you can get your message out and create awareness of your business or product. Here's a great strategy for marketing your network marketing business effectively, even when the money is tight.

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As marketers, we constantly hear about the need for growth to be successful in network marketing. More clicks. More leads. More conversions. More money...

Your thoughts, actions, and words all result from your choices. In spite of everything, choose to be happy anyway. Make today amazing!

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It's not too late for a belated Christmas present! All those folks I saved from losing everything investing in USl-Tech ponzi now they've just terminated their entire US & Canadian affiliate base. A yellow Carrera 4S Cabriolet will do me fine! 😀

Porsche's 911 lineup includes a 700 horsepower GT2 RS and a 607 hp Turbo S Exclusive Series.

I couldn't have said it better myself....a positive attitude will make results of an optimistic life.

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Well, it's DAY #1 of 2018 and the first product sale of the new year went to Australia. 💰👏👏
Happy New Year!! 🎆🎆 2018 a year of HAPPINESS, GROWTH, and ABUNDANCE to all. Wishing you new beginnings. Let's GO FireStarters!!! 💪🔥🔥🔥

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Thank you all for an amazing 2017. Wishing you a prosperous and joyous 2018! Let's ROCK!!!

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Do you remember how to spread the wings of your imagination wide and let your mind soar? Don’t let the daily grind (or the years) clip your wings or bog you down. Let’s dream BIG — Big dreams light your inner fire & provide the ongoing fuel for your burning desire. Manifest the possible … YOUR possible. Let's GO!!! 💪💪🔥

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"Nothing comes from nothing," a reminder that as we get ready to welcome in 2018 that hard work is always required in order to achieve something great.

"You must continuously feed the inner beast that sparks and inspires."
— George Lois.

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