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Give us a call at 888-965-6696 and ask to speak with one of our friendly and informative search consultants: Sharla, Sue and Michele.

Also, don't forget to tune in to a new episode of Long Lost Family this Sunday evening at 10:00pm Eastern time on TLC. Have a great weekend!

Ready to start your search for a long lost family member? OmniTrace can assist you.

Please call us at 888-965-6696 and ask for Sharla, Sue or Michele. You can visit our website and complete our online form:

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Congratulations to OmniTrace client, Stan Sears. We recently located his birth brother!

Our research assistant, Yaz, was instrumental in this successful search. Stan sent Yaz the following:

"I'm on the right. Gary is on the left Had a good visit with plans to have coffee during the week and dinner with our wives at least monthly.


We are sharing information and finding a lot about the family and each other. Thank you for your help.

Stan Sears"

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Our newest, trained private investigator, Erin Jo, received this nice note from a happy client today:

"Thank you so much! I did not believe it was possible but you all came through for me. My brother and I talked and he talked to my mother and she is still in shock. We plan to get together the first of June. Again thank you all so much. God bless you."

Last reminder that a new season of Long Lost Family premieres tonight 10:00 pm Eastern Time on TLC. Enjoy!

(If you are ready to start a search for your biological family, visit now.)

People Search, Find Birth Parents, Adoptee Search, Birth Mother Search
Lisa meets a woman who was left on a curb by her mother when she was 4 years old - she's desperate to find her mother to understand why. Chris uncovers stunning information for a woman searching for her family that leads to an unexpected reunion.

Our newest private investigator, Erin Jo, recently conducted a successful search and found our client's nephew. Here's a nice note Erin received:

"Dear Erin —

THANK YOU for this exciting news, I spoke to my mother immediately, and she is beyond words that we might find her long lost grandson.


We will write to him and introduce ourselves — and hope that it is him, and that he wants us as family!


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Congratulations to OmniTrace client, Edward Doktor! With much help from our Canadian researcher, Lori McGrath, we were able to reunite Edward with his son. Attached is a reunion photo.

(Please call us at 888-965-6696 if you need help with your search. Thanks.)

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Call OmniTrace today to start your search for your birth parents, siblings or adopted child:


Need inspiration? Watch a new and exciting season of Long Lost Family, which premieres Sunday, April 8th. Read more here:

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Long Lost Family is back. Recently, TLC announced season three will premiere in April. Hosted by Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner, the docuseries “offers viewers the chance to hear stories from people who have endured a lifetime of separation, and who long to finally be reunited with family members wi...

Our newest OmniTrace licensed Private Investigator, Erin Jo, just received this email from a happy client:

"Subject: re: Search Results



You guys are fabulous! I just got off the phone with a 52 year old cousin I haven't seen since she was 13 months old!

You guys are worth every penny; I will definitely spread the word about you. I have several employees in the same boat I was in.

Robert E.
P.S., Inc."

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Just received this nice note today...

"I contracted your services in 2005. You found my mother. I called her and she said she'd never been in California, so I dropped it.

My son decided he and I would do the Ancestry DNA test Christmas 2016. Through that test, I have rediscovered the woman you found and two half-sisters, and several cousins whom I am getting to know.


Thank you for all you do!



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Our OmniTrace senior search consultant, Sharla Kotler, received this appreciative note today:

"I just wanted to thank you once again for finding my nephew Mario, our whole family has been so blessed & Mario is so happy to have family, his adoptive parents died 20 years ago & he had been alone for 20 years with no family & it took a toll on him. He celebrates all holidays with all our families, we all lavish him with love. Lots of friends & family have asked how we found him after looking for so many years & we have given them how they can get a hold of you. We hope you had a awesome Christmas with your loved ones & wish you a happy new year, always know that you are in our prayers & we thank God for you. As long as I live I will never ever forget you.


Congratulations to OmniTrace client Ann, who sent our search consultant, Michele, this email today:

"Dear Michelle
I have experienced a lot this past few weeks after finding my biological father family. Unfortunately he has passed away, but I have siblings and aunts and uncles that knew of me and now I can finally meet with them soon. Thank you so much for the help. I could never have done this alone. My appreciation can not be shown in words as I have gained so much more I ever dreamed. Please thank the investigator as I didn't get to I wish I could have had a chance to meet him. Just to thank him personally for what he has given me this Christmas! Again can you tell him if he is ever in my area please call I would love to meet him he made my life complete.


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Our annual OmniTrace Christmas / bowling party.

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Tune in to TLC’s season finale of Long Lost Family tonight. Check your local listings for the time.

The head of our research department, Chris Maione, received this nice note today from our client Greg. Thought we would share:

"RE: Info on birth mother

Hi Chris, ...
I did call Ron and we spoke for about an hour on the phone. I did get some information from him. He said when he gets back home he will send me a picture of our mother.
Chris, I thank you enough for all your help and all the work that you did. It's sad to know both my parents are gone, but it is great to know I have a full blood brother.

Thank you again,

I will keep you posted on everything"

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