In light of the the shillionaires in the shadow government and the grievous servitude to shadow government agendas, Counter Darkness has decided to do a shill of the month award.

Counter Darkness Shill of the Month Award.
Shadow Government Suppression Systems.

Psychological Warfare Quotes (Some gems here)…

"Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated, cannot consummate a successful operation if the overall aim of the total force and it’s momentum are off target.[2][3]" ~Sun Tzu T-Shirts Now Available.
Central Intelligence Agency Quotations - CIA Quotes.
Dark Brew Episode 4: Omnisense & Yvonne Palermo Overview & Discussion :: Psychological Operations Blueprint “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold g...

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Comprehensive Summary of Total Individual Control Technology…



1 Total Individual Control Technology
2 Electromagnetic Weaponry
3 Research and Development (RnD)
4 Black Project Artificial Intelligence (Ai)
5 Neural Monitoring
6 Electromagnetic Mind Control
7 Memory Manipulation
8 Brain Wave Cloning[8]
9 Neural Heterodyne[8]
10 Synthetic Signals in the Brain[8]
11 Body Control[8]
12 BCI - Electronic Telepathy / v2k[8]
13 Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality - Synthetic Dreams[8]
14 Neurobody[8]
15 Augmented Reality - AR[8]
16 Electromagnetic Scanning Technology[8]
17 The Electronic Control Grid[8]
18 Social Engineering Programs
19 New Age Psychological Operations[15]
20 The Covert Technology Side of the New Age[15]
21 New Hi-Tech Generation of COINTELPRO
22 Electronic Targeting Holocaust
23 mkultra Cover Stories
24 NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes
25 Most Evil Acts Done by These Technologies
26 Perpetrators of a Covert Holocaust
27 References

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"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority.[1]"-- Major I. Chernishev, Russian Army; US Military Publication ~ Parameters: The Mind has No Firewall

Comprehensive look at modern psychological warfare:
PSYOPS Blueprint:
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Psychological Operations Blueprint - Psychological Warfare Analysis - Disinformation Formulas. Written by Omnisense.
A directed energy weapon cartoon art series book aimed at describing a global technological conspiracy in images with corroborating eye opening whistleblower quotes. This is a great coffee table book, or something to hand out to spread awareness of technological crime by military sources, government...
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The #CIA & global intelligence apparatus is out of control.

"There are psychological operations for all demographics." ~Omnisense

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