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Interviewing the traveling Argentine jugger Ezequiel Fernández who is touring Europe to experience different ways of playing and training jugger.

Hi everyone, We need your help!!!

We have had a message from a German jugger asking that we ask the public for topics that they are interested in seeing/listening to/ discussing for our next podcast. And perhaps next few podcasts. So what would you like the OnJugger crew to focus on? What interests you in the world of jugger? What are you angry about ? What communities would you like us to do a piece on?

We had started doing prep for two short podcasts. But we are open to su...ggestion.

1. Women of jugger? - A look at the current female players in jugger, why they play? do they think that the fact that unlike ultimate frisbee and tag rugby we do not have a gender cap does this help or hinder our sport? and lots more. With interviews from players past and present based all over the world.

2. The Australian DUI - we will talk with and hear from the main brains behind the tournament about what is happening, what people can expect, what rule system and structures are they implementing and we will also hear from some of the international juggers who are going to the tournament and what they are looking forward to.

So what do you want from us next?

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Here is another VERY basic mini refereeing game / learning to feel hits game. WE DID NOT CREATE THIS GAME as far as we know this came from the Zonenkinder (Germany) we just adapted it for reffing.

This is really good for beginners to learn how to feel hits and for beginner referees learning where to look and what to look for.

We hope this helps. As always please like, follow, subscribe and share!! If you have any thoughts feel free to comment below thanks. !!

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An extremely basic refereeing drill here. This also is an excellent drill to learn how to feel hits, tell when there is a double or feel who hit first. The o...

Refereeing Training Game 1

Here is the first refereeing training game that we are using in Ireland at the moment. This really works!! (Always room for improvement) but this game has really helped us not just become better referees but has given all our players more confidence to call in fractions on the pitch.

Have a watch and please let us know what you think! We hope this helps. As always like, share and follow!!

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Germans are weird, BUT BEAUTIFUL, creatures. WARNING watch at your own peril !!!!

Pink Pain

Trailer 20. Deutsche Meisterschaft.

Wir haben keine Kosten und Mühen gescheut alle teilnehmenden Teams mit diesem professionell produzierten Trailer auf die Deutsche Meisterschaft einzuheitzen Die Liga im Süden - Aber Pink!

The I AM JUGGER poster has just been released!!!

It is beautiful!

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Mark Hill Photography & Media with Marion Lïeto and 4 others.
July 19

I AM JUGGER film poster.

It is done!!! After countless hours of research, work and retouching I am very proud to present the "I AM JUGGER" film poster for the ...documentary film which will be released later this year!!!

I hope you like it

Check out the film here

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Here are all the info-graphics from the podcast. We thought we would release these separately as well to help people understand the new Irish reffing system with sanctions that we are trialling at the moment.

Here is episode 3
To listen to the audio only download here


Important to note this system and sanctions are heavily drawn from the current German and Spanish systems with our own new ideas and sanctions added. Which are in turn drawn from rugby sevens and our own experiences playing jugger for the past 13 years.

Let us know your thoughts.

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OnJugger Episode 3: Refereeing, Rules and Sanctions is live!!!

To listen to the audio only download here

Have a watch and enjoy as always please leave a comment, like us, follow us and engage with discussions!! We know that this episode will hit a lot of people in a lot of different ways but please remember that the OnJugger team are only trying to improve what we feel needs to be and raise awareness about these issues.


Important to note that the refereeing system and sanctions are still being trialled here in Ireland but the feedback has been extremely positive so far.


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In this episode of OnJugger we deal with one of the greatest problems facing jugger at the moment. The quality of refereeing, the exploitation of rules and t...

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Episode 3 Refereeing, Rules and Sanctions will be released tomorrow!!! A massive thank you to everyone involved !! This will be our best podcast yet!! I can imagine that people will be divided on certain points but we feel that these are extremely important topics that need to be discussed. So tune in tomorrow and enjoy.

OnJugger updated their cover photo.
July 11

The panel of "Jugger Experts!!" for the next OnJugger Episode. Episode 3 Reffing, Rules and Sanctions!

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Episode 3 Reffing, Rules and Sanctions is being edited over the next few days Out soon!!!!!!

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Gotta love those Aussies


Meanwhile in Vienna......

Posted by Jugger Vienna

So we are pushing back the release of Episode 3 by a week. So it should be out by the end of next week Sorry for the wait! quality over quantity.

People have asked us to create some more qwiking training vids so here is one !

For this video we are focusing on how to safely beat a defensive qwik, playing by German rules, who always runs back and hovers over their goal. With hands out stretched to grasp the skull as the attack qwik trys to score.

We hope you get something from this and if you would like us to focus on another jugger situation comment below.


Thanks, Danke, Gracias and all the other languages!!!

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With the rise of defensive qwiks especially within the German rules here is a short video that shows one way to safely beat the defender and score. A big tha...

We shot all the discussions and debating for the next episode of OnJugger last night!!! With the excellent panel of Dave Edwards, Jonas Kopka, Kate Foley, David Keaveney and Mark Hill. Debating the state of reffing in jugger around the world, a new reffing system in development, what are good sanctions that can be used in jugger?, how would training a referee work? and chain should it be 8, 7, 6 or 5 stones?

Today we will shoot the live demos for the trial reffing system an...d various reffing games and drills which Setanta Jugger Club are developing.

If everything goes to plan we should have the next episode out by the end of next week!!! Stay tuned!!

As always please, comment below with any questions or topics you would like discussed, like our page, follow us, subscribe on YouTube (we are part of the Setanta Jugger Club page) and share ! Thanks.

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Wonder Women in Jugger!!

Not to be sexist towards the men from this match who some played brilliantly. But the quality of play by the women in this match really deserves a mention. Either on staff, q-tip or qwiking the level of play is excellent to watch. Enjoy.

Jugglers Jugg vs Pompfritz Schwarz Gelb gegen Schwarz Gelb, das Finale der 1. Rheinischen Meisterschaft in Bonn kann starten. Jugglers Jugg welche eine konst...