Interviewing the traveling Argentine jugger Ezequiel Fernández who is touring Europe to experience different ways of playing and training jugger.

A look at sports style training plan with Setanta Jugger Club.
We are planning on bringing out a podcast on training methods soon. Hope this helps.

For me the most important thing for any training session is that everyone has fun. Seriously! It doesn't matter if you have been playing for 20 years or 20 days, if you are aiming for the DM final or just to have a mess around with friends, if you don't enjoy the session you will not be coming back for another one.

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Get voting !!!

Lars Burghardt created a poll in Jugger Worldwide.

Greetings to all Jugger players around the world.
Currently Pink Pain from Darmstadt is planning to host the German Open in September of 2018 with 64 teams. The... decision, who hosts the German Open 2018, will be made in January. If we are chosen all announcements (like date, price, etc.) will be made as quickly as possible.
Now we need some brainstorming and input from you:
For this year we would like to name the tournament "world championship".
We hope that this naming will help with the acquisition of sponsors and create interest for our beloved sport.
Do you like the naming idea? Are you opposed to it?
I for sure would love to host a big, international get-together.

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Mask Jugger? This looks like a great tournament all the way from Colombia!!

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Posted by Anthony Trejos
Anthony Trejos to Jugger Colombia

Fragmentos del torneo Juggerween

We are proud to release that the biennial Irish International Jugger Tournament 2018 dates will be 4th / 5th August. The tournament will be held at the same venue as before Wanderers Rugby Club, 65A Merrion Rd, Dublin 4, D04 F8F8.

The Irish International Tournament has a proud tradition of attracting some of the best jugger teams from around the globe. To play hard and play fair! We always strive to organise free cultural events around the city a few days before and after th...e tournament. From city tours, hill walks, pub crawls, live music, BBQs and much more. This tournament will be no different!!

Registration will be available soon.

We have worked hard to get these dates out as soon as possible so players and teams from around the world can book time off work and organise funds to book flights.

If and when possible we ask organisations around the world to be considerate when picking dates to host their own tournaments so we do not have two big tournaments on the same time and force players to choose between both. If and when possible.

We tried to arrange the dates close to either the Swedish or the traditionally known German tournament the "DM" but unfortunately we unable to do so this time out. But we would like all the travelling teams who are going to the Swedish tournament to know we are planning to host a mini tournament for those teams in Ireland around that time. More info on that soon.

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Ooooo pretty jugger poster from Argentina.

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Jugger Uruguay updated their cover photo.
October 10
OnJugger shared a post.
October 7

Here is a great and funny app from the Spanish team Titans!! Have a go

Antonio Rodríguez Gijón shared a link to the group: Jugger Worldwide.
October 6

I am proud to be able to announce to the world jugger community the launch of the English-language Titans Jugger Club App.
As you will know, it includes the Spa...nish rulebook v.4.1 and different functionalities that can help in the practice of the jugger. From a wide variety of sounds for stones to a scoreboard for your matches.

The reason for waiting for the release of the English version has been due to the pending release of the regulation in English.
Here you have the link of the English version:…
I also include the link with the Spanish version:…
Thanks to the FEJ (Spanish Federation of Jugger) for the translation of the rulebook and the Spanish community for the support to the application.
A greeting for the whole community!

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Meanwhile in the USA..........

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Posted by Preston Jarvis
Preston Jarvis to Jugger Worldwide
October 5

Am I doing it right Sarah Bevan and Jonathan Blum?

Jugger is......

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Happy birthday Juggmen

The Flying Juggmen Bonn added 5 new photos.
September 17

Hallo an alle Jugger-Begeisterte und die es noch werden wollen!

Die Mannschaft: The Flying Juggmen. Entstanden: 2012.
Der Verein: Jugger-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg e.V. En...tstanden: 2016.
Das Ziel: Ein Jahr Jugger-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg e.V feiern!

Nach einem erfolgreichen 5ten Geburtstag der Mannschaft war es nun Zeit für ein weiteres Jubiläum!
Es war Zeit für einen stolzen ersten Geburtstag unseres Vereins!
Stattgefunden hat unsere Feier auf dem Hofgarten vor der Universität in Bonn. Nach einer grandios improvisierten Rede und einer Danksagung an all jene, die mit daran gewirkt haben, dass unser Verein so weit gekommen ist, konnten die Spiele beginnen. Denn wir waren natürlich nicht allein.
Jugger- Freunde aus der ganzen Republik waren eingeladen und erschienen zahlreich. Mit Mischteams aus Bonner Spielern, den Zerschmetterlingen aus Köln, Jugger Asylum aus Koblenz, Blackthorn Jugger Club aus Düsseldorf und einzeln angereisten aus Bielefeld, Bochum und anderen Städten wurde ein zwangloses Mini-Turnier ausgerichtet.
Die Teamzusammenstellung wechselte durch, man lernte neue Gesichter kennen und hatte beim gemeinsamen Ausüben seines Lieblingssports viel Spaß!
Auch der einsetzende Regen hielt uns nicht auf, sondern bescherte den wettererprobten Juggern nur manch schönen Regenbogen.
Nach einem anstrengenden, nassen, aber sehr schönen Tag traf man sich noch mit einem Grill am Rhein und ließ den Abend dort ausklingen...
Es war wirklich toll, dass ihr alle da wart! Uns hat es allen sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Wir hoffen, dass ihr alle auch nächstes Mal mit von der Partie sein werdet, wenn wir uns zu einem zweiten Geburtstag treffen und wieder der Ruf über den Hofgarten schalt: DREI, ZWEI, EINS: JUGGER!!

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Hello to all jugger enthusiasts and who want to be! The Crew: the flying juggmen. Created: 2012. The Association: Jugger-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg E.V. was created in 2016. The Goal: a year of jugger-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg e. V Party! After a successful 5th birthday of the team, it was now time for another anniversary! It was time for a proud first birthday of our club! Our celebration was held at the hofgarten before the university of bonn. After a grandiose improvised speech and a thanksgiving to all those who have worked with it that our club has come so far, the games could begin. Because, of course, we weren't alone. Jugger friends from all over the republic were invited and appeared numerous. With mixing teams from Bonner players, the @[1310721235711602:274:Zerschmetterlinge] n from cologne, @[1914522715458082:274:Jugger Asylum] from koblenz, @[682433485281839:274:Blackthorn Jugger Club] from düsseldorf and individually had from bielefeld, bochum and other cities, a informal mini tournament was hosted. The Teamzusammenstellung went through, learned new faces and had a lot of fun in the joint exercise of his sports! Even the onset of rain did not stop us, but gave the weather to the weather only some beautiful rainbows. After a busy, wet, but very nice day, you met with a grill on the rhine and then the evening round there... It was really great that you were all there! We all have a lot of fun! We hope you will all be with the game next time, when we meet for a second birthday and again the reputation of the hofgarten: three, two, one: Jugger!!

JUGGER in England

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Savage Jugger
September 14

So Savage! Jugger is back from our first tournament at Catch the Fish in Kiel! We had an awesome time, met some awesome people, played some awesome matches, and... placed 43 out of 64! Not bad for our very first tournament, like Ever!

Also, this was the first time a British team ever made it to an international tournament, so yeah, we also kinda made history! Whoop whoop!

Big thanks to our wonderful mercs and the lovely people who made it happen

So Far, So Good!

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OnJugger shared a post.
September 11

Some great shots from the Catch the fish tournament by Magnus Hose.

Magnus Hose shared his album to the group: Jugger Worldwide.
September 10

The first pics of the Catch the fish tournament are online!

OnJugger shared a photo.
September 5

JUGGER in Argentina

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Géza Mátray is with Guillee Lancon and 14 others.
OnJugger shared a post.
September 3

JUGGER in Austria is growing!!!!

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Dominik Dopplinger to Jugger Worldwide

Attention! Attention! Something big just happened!

Jugger Vienna is proud to announce: There is a second Jugger team in Austria now!

Our friends from Graz had t...heir first training in the "green heart of Austria" today. They have our old spar set in order to kickstart their Jugger carrier

We are working on founding another Jugger team in a third Austrian state. So... Austrian championships, we are coming!

How did this happen? We from Jugger Vienna have been at AniNite (an Austrian Anime and Nerd convention) two weeks ago, showing our beloved sport to the visitors of the con. There we met our Styrian friends, who were immediately excited to try it out. And now, two weeks later, we have a second team in Austria.

We wish all the best to our new friends. We will stay in close contact and support them in any way we can.

3.. 2.. 1.. Jugger!

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After 2 years work the Heroes of Jugger series 1 has come to an end! I will create a series 2 but when and for how long I do not know. It has been a great journey and I so grateful to have been able to connect with some many wonderful juggers around the world.
My goal has always been to promote, connect and bring the world of juggers together. To celebrate those who do so much and receive so little from the rest of us. Thank you to every single person involved in this project you all deserve to be heroes.

And with all that please meet "Valkyrie & Evan"

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Mark Hill Photography & Media is with Evan Savage and Valkyrie Savage.
August 31

"Valkyrie & Evan" Savage (yes that is actaully their names!) are the 52nd and I guess 53rd heroes of jugger. Which means this is the end of Heores of Jugger Ser...ies 1.
Valkyrie was working in Darmstadt, Germany, for the summer of '09 and came across people doing weird stuff in a field. She asked if she could join. Evan came to visit later that summer, and history was made!
In the summer of 2014 they founded Jugger California and its first team : The Berkeley Riot. Wrote an instructable about our weapon construction ( In their own words " though we have learned a lot since then haha.
During that fall we were introduced to David Webb Peoples, who happened to live ~1 mile from us in Berkeley!
We founded a campus jugger team in California, UC Berkeley’s Ursae Majoris, attended our first jugger tournament, Mile High International in Colorado. Brewed The Blood of Heroes, a beet kölsch, for the occasion. our team (Berkeley Riot)’s cheer becomes “Good luck, have fun”
all in 2015. We helped out with weapons construction for California’s third jugger team, the SF Juggernauts. Designed and 3D printed jugger-themed cookie cutters ( for a Christmas party for our teams, and ended up making more sets to ship all over the world.
Gave a talk at Nerd Nite ( , netting us a few more players. In the
spring of 2016 we attended our second jugger tournament, Järnsvenskan in Sweden. we laser-engraved pint glasses with the tournament logo for each team. Later that year we organized the inaugural Cross-Bay Game Day in Oakland. David Webb Peoples attended And in the
winter 2016-2017 we helped found Jugger Toronto (the Royal Canadian Maple Meese).
We enjoy the fun, crazy, artistic side of jugger, and love making weird objects for it (beer, cookie cutters, pint glasses, tights, pompfen mandalas).
Playing wise we both swap between chain, staff, and qwik. Evan mostly plays staff and Valkyrie mostly plays chain.
We have founded or had a hand in four jugger teams in two countries and have hosted juggers from all over the world at our house as they travelled.
We have played jugger with literal thousands of people, exhibiting it at games and art festivals in California and Canada.
We love the community that jugger provides!
Valkyrie & Evan you have given so much time, dedication, poured love and support in to our sport worldwide. You truly deserve to be Heroes of Jugger.

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We are so excited!!!

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I am Jugger is with Mandy Asensi and 4 others.
August 29

Get ready Juggers.

Close to the end.


OnJugger shared a photo.
August 28

What an epic image from Latvia !!!

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Árpád Zolyomi updated his cover photo.
August 28

Photo: Zolyomi György Editer:Mārcis Atāls latvian beach jugger!!:)