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Inspired by the story of Portland's smallest park, we taking to the streets and want you to join us!

An interesting perspective on weekends. How important are weekends to you, and how do you use them to renew?…/it-took-a-century-to-create-the-weekend-a…/

Weekends are a lie created by capitalism.
#One20 in action!

Have you seen the Heineken ad? Probably. A solid message of getting to know people and finding more than just differences. This will be interesting to see unfold, especially their partnership with the Human Library. What are your thoughts?…/heineken-encourages-us-…/

For its new campaign ‘Open Your World’, Heineken has released an ad it describes as a ‘social experiment’. The film sees a group of strangers invited to have one-on-one conversations with each other while performing a series of tasks and then sharing a beer.

We agree: Being American means letting people be people.

“This is my America: people letting people be people.”

Saying "I was wrong" is always challenging yet this is where growth and learning begins. Appreciate the insights from Molly Page here.…/the-power-of-3-simple-wor…/

It's been said that we don't only learn from good examples. The United debacle can serve as lesson about the power of 3 simple words.

Congratulations to all the Boston Marathon runners!…/the-best-moments-of-the-2017-…

A pair of Kenyans took the titles, but Americans ran strong on both sides.

Let go and sleep well! Some tips to help with both....…/worriers-guide-to-getting-better-s…/

What to do when you can't sleep because you're worried about not sleeping.

A library without walls... and so much more! Going on the road for positive change.…/bus-driver-librarian-brings…/ar-BBzzHsQ

Librarian Shannon Morrison recently drove a large bus into a Walmart parking lot while wearing a long blue skirt covered with prints of Hawaiian hibiscus flowers.

Have you taken or encouraged someone to take a gap year?

"Studies show that students who take time off before graduating increase their grade-point averages, drink less when in college, and go on to find more fulfilling career paths."…/my-perfect-imperfect-gap-year.htm…

Taking a break from college to surf, wash dishes and, most important, break away from Mom and Dad.

What are you willing to give up to be happy and help make others happy?…/6-things-to-give-up-for-more-fulfi…/

Sometimes, the path to a more fulfilling life is found with less, not more.

Agree or disagree? "If you believe you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere."…/the-age-of-the-citizen-is-comi…/

Against a backdrop of Brexit, now is a pertinent time to rethink our ideas of society. Jon Alexander suggests that when we consider ourselves citizens rather than consumers, communities are stronger and more effective

What a great way to engage and be a friend!

This high school student started a unique club to make sure that no one in his school ate lunch alone.

Have you ever been frustrated and then vented too much? If so, ever apologize later? A story to consider....…/

Starbucks employees have had worse encounters with customers, but this woman made up for her sassiness with the most heartfelt message ever.
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Thin Difference

Our team member Molly Page is convinced that writing might just save her life.
She shares a few thoughts on #selfcare in her latest post:

Spend time in nature this weekend. Get happy!…/nature-makes-us-happier-infographic/

What is it about the great outdoors that makes us feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and more connected to ourselves—and each other?

Have you seen this? Talk about neighborhood sustainability! I am not sure I want to be the one to put this together though


It doesn't even require nails.