Reimagining the Writing Process
See what we've been working on all summer. New OneNote and Windows 10 updates and improvements are here:
OneNote has many functions built in that help make simple math truly simple. Find out how math in OneNote can add up:

MIE Expert Nicos Paphitis shares his experience using OneNote to design an adaptive lesson. Read how he kept each student challenged, and engaged, and why he truly believes adaptive learning “is the way forward.”

One piece of work kept a range of students engaged and working throughout several class periods, without anyone feeling inferior or unchallenged.

Picture Dictionary is an exciting update to OneNote Immersive Reader. Getting Smart shares how this and other assistive tech help “level the playing field” for learners:

Today, Microsoft announced the addition of a visual dictionary to its suite of inclusive classroom suite to make it easier for teachers and students to change text size and spacing to accommodate reading differences. Learn more here.