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Alto Shafax
· August 3, 2017
I have started using ooredoo from 2013 to until today..ooredoo will be a good freind always..it gives me a free data to online on messenger and it is the fastes...t network on maldives..on postpaids also there are so many opportunities on it..dhiraagu i have got lots of problems..in a month they disconnect my connection for 3times and i have to pay them atleast in a month more than 8000mvr..so from that day onwards i have changed to ooredoo network and its very worthy to me!! See More
Ahmed Usam
· 4 hours ago
We used to manage with 1.2 GB a month.. Now if we take 6 GB package and not watch videos also, it's not enough for a month.

Plus, previously if we have even 3 ...MB balance and take a new package before the due date that 3 MB gets added to our new data balance, and now even if we have 10 GB in our balance, and we take new package before due it means 10 GB is useless.. See More
Salxy Elli
· August 18, 2017
Ooredoo has become as greedy as dhiraagu now overcharging for calls and texts.. Data going up in a jiff ! And the staff at the customer service have no idea how... to speak to a customer, customer akah edhevey javaabeh nudheveythaa vaahaka dhakkany ehaa rude koh ! I used to recommend Ooredoo to my friends, but now I think dhiraagu is better than you guys See More
حسن موس
· August 1, 2017
Okay. I have been complaining for more then a month,about how my internet, the so called"supernet" keeps disconnecting every 10 to 15 minutes. Your supernet is ...shit. No other way to describe it. Have called them,msged them done, everything i can. Each time the reply i get is, "we are checking on the problem,let us get back to you with an update" and so far i haven't got shit from ooredoo. No improvement at all. Today is the 6th,i have 2 more days left till this months bill payment duration time. If it does not get better by then,i'm just going to change to dhiraagu. Seriously you guys should consider doing something else. Why take money from people when you cant even provide the service they are paying for? See More
Mohamed Shafeeu
· August 28, 2017
Do you know that other network carriers like Verizon and AT&T have millions of customers? Do you know how fast the internet is in there with 4G? Do you know how... slow is your 4G internet here in Maldives? Well I’m very disappointed to say that the so called best network carrier is the worst of all. 4G average speed in Ooredoo in real time 800-900 kbs. Is that the best you could do? Well I'm amazed by other network carriers I mentioned above with millions of customers the average internet speed is 5-9 MBs. Can you imagine the difference. And the worst part is no unlimited data plan for prepaid or postpaid customers. That's all for now. See More
Shew Aisha
· August 2, 2017
Ok so this has being happening for quiet so long.. and keeps me dissapointing for quiet a lot of services that ooredoo provides.no advertisement was shown regar...ding the service unlimited service. As before if we acitvate unlimited 10 we are able to get 5 hrs daily (free)for the ooredoo number but now the talk time are limited for certain amount which sucks..it can be used maximum( 3) hrs and when complaining the 929 staffs will neva log the complain instead they just simply say's that they dsent have any issues.so first the cCR should be more experienced to handle customer's complains..secondly, they need to be more professionals.. if they promised to verify the issue, they need to folow up on it. And regarding the data, before if we activate data packages, if the MB goes lower than 100, we used to get a message saying we have this certain amount of data available.. but now when the data is finised u people just deduct from the phone balance... seriously? How could u people??? guys if u want to steal the customers money then u need to find another way to do so..a lot of people's gonna leave cause of this shit service. Need a lot of imporvements in ur services...and i guess a lot of trainings are needed
For ur CCR team. Low customer service.. makes customer's Dissapointing.���
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Monir Hossain
· July 14, 2017
Worst customer service ever, I have seen. ooredoo never attend their customers back but they promise! I am very much disappointed to say that. I recomm...end everyone to leave this network. If I have 100 friends-I suggest them anyone not to use ooredoo. though even if the customer service, Disappointed always being with #ooredoo. So i rate this as very unfair and very poor. Also promise I will change my number, it’s sure. But I am using this number When Wataniya introduced in Maldives, it’s making Sad me for few Days... See More
Muslim Ali
· September 2, 2017
Had had far lesser problems with your services up until the introduction of auto-renewal into data plan, and it’d be great if you could venture out a permanent ...option, not just on a monthly basis, but to completely exempt this arrant nuisance for those whom are reluctant to go through with it. As the concept of, and general attribution appertaining to service providing, in my view and perhaps to the many of others’, should consist of mutual and conspicuous state, and thereby such subscription recurring at every month, should come in a fairly elaborated provision to its dismissal by customer, unless deemed as void. It is with this very notion, and failure at your end - to issue notification beforehand, and in my experience, produces indignant response to your services, and stultifies degree of freedom to choice, which should be most welcomed to customer.
Here, from customer point of view, when Ooredoo fails to notify of such automatic subscription:

“I don’t need my service provider to dictate on what data plans I should choose.”

“I think I will choose a different data plan next month, but of course, should it only happen if I manage to find a way to beat my service provider from auto-renewing it.”

“I should memorize the date of which I took the data plan and keep crossing dates off my calendar up to 30, because my service provider thinks we are programmed.”

“I, as a post-paid customer, don’t like getting my data plans auto-renewed at the last day, and the last minute of the month.”

“I got stripped off on a great promotional offer during this holiday, because out of blue, my data plan auto-renewed.”

“I got my service disconnected due to my credit limit being triggered, because my service provider thinks it is the best time to activate another data plan.”

Ooredoo, we expect prior notification in regard to every automatic data plan subscription; it is not like data plans equates to monthly postpaid packages. Do your job properly, and do inform us prior hand, because at the end of each and every month, not everyone could muster the surge into your call-center, 929!
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Ibrahim Arif
· August 22, 2017
Can say two companies.
But in reality monopoly.
It say the lowest price.
Coz there is no price determination

They all say full coverage
There is no monitoring

Y do this happen to us?
Coz all the other independent organizations r buxy playing.

N btw its all businesses
So everything ends with a deal.
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محمد بن علي
· September 8, 2017
I have called ooredoo many times about supernet. Its been more than 1 month of reporting the same issue. Getting disconnected ever hour one or twice for 5mins. ...They told they will send a person to check. Medianet person will come after 3 or 5 days. After check,he says there is no problem found right now and if it happens again call. and he leaves. Again it happens after several hours again i have to report to ooredoo and wait for a technician. This is not a service called supernet. Better have to choose another internet provider. i prefer all customers not to choose ooredoo supernet. See More
Anđeo Humeyd
· August 29, 2017
I have to pay for the services which I haven't even requested for. They overcharge every damn month. This is too much. I have been using ooredoo since 2011 and this is the way they treat their customers.
Peter Siegenthaler
· July 18, 2017
Looks like I am not the only one which faces this extrem bad Service of Ooredoo Maldives, no day passes by without interruption of Service, I cn not even watch ...You Tube anymore in the Evening thats how slow this Internet is from Ooreddo, complaining to them is a waist of time, all kind of silly excusses but no action. See More
Dee Ma
· July 29, 2017
Have not been receiving any superset connection for a week. Been calling them but still no one have come and visited and given a solution. Regret changing it from dhiraagu to ooredoo :@
Ayya Punkiexx
· August 18, 2017
whenever am at home it says emergency calls only, am living in villimale and this poor service is about to make me switch to dhiraagu.
Huntey Xnx
· August 25, 2017
Ive been a customer for 5+ yrs, and i liked it so far.. now dhiraagu and ooredoo is the same... over charging with out a reason... when asked for explanation no news..
Ahmed Xahir
· June 17, 2017
Ooredoo. 1 year ago I will give u 5*.
But today I will give 1*.
I Jxt want tell "Please when u guys change any service procedure let us knw. otherwise we dnt knw anything and we lost a lot of money."
and one more thing. I really dnt like the changes that u guys brings. Thank u.
Abdul Nafiu
· September 16, 2017
Worst customer service I have ever seen. Just stolen money from me. No details. Even can't give a detail. Just stealing money. Can't get back to customers. No professionalism.
Ichu Firaash
· August 1, 2017
The service is getting poor and poor everyday. Flashing out profit from all it's customers. And no improvement is to come anytime soon. Giving out false promotion is what they do best.
Mohamed Azumee
· August 21, 2017
Waiting for a call for the past ten days. Thank you.
Can't recharge using m-faisa, waiting for a response.
Misleading information regarding promotions.
Too much to describe in few words :)
Ali Rasheed
· September 17, 2017
When are you going to change the supernet packages. Its been more than a year since supernet was introduced, dont you have anything more to offer.
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