How many of you would like to see Political Parties abolished forever?

Please consider the positive consequences and benefits of doing so.

When I was asked by one of the organizers of an upcoming event on May 16, to write an article, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it—especially not sure as I researched it—but after thinking more about how our beloved America is being taken like a rug out from …

Operation American Spring 2014 PROMO Movie...

COL Harry Riley, U.S. Army (RET) introduces America to Operation American Spring, May 16ht 2014 - ???, March on the Mall in Washington D.C.

Go now and sign list of 'Grievances and Articles of Impeachment'... to be presented to Congress. May 16 in DC where history will be made!

The United States government leadership is continually violating the boundaries set forth in the Constitution; this Rally Form (Battle Cry) represents America's Demands.

4 weeks, 1 day, 1 hour and 24 minutes until Operation American Spring descends on Washington DC. Please join us on May 16, 2014 to RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!

Get all the travel info and target point maps here:

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The issue with Obama is NOT where he was born, but whether or not he is an Article 2, Section 1 Natural Born Citizen, as is required by the US Constitution, EVEN IF HE WAS BORN IN HAWAII. Regardless of where Obama was born, he is still not and never can be a natural born citizen (explained below), because his father was never a US citizen.

As you can see from the debt counter to the right, Obama is completely ruining our country and the tragic thing about it is he’s not even eligible to be President. Obama is not eligible because he is not a Natural born US Citizen as is required by the Constitution. The good thing about this is that…


To read The Post & Email article and my interview regarding this research please clickHEREI compiled this research over a year ago from the White House logs for the evening of September 11, 2012 (the night of the Benghazi attack), but I was extremely worried about putting the truth out for fear of…

Find all the info you need for OAS right here:

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Think I'll stick with the Constitution!

Florida Tenth Amendment Center

Which Second Amendment does YOUR FL state senator support? The one written into the Bill of Rights, or the one the feds have usurped,re-defined and GRANTED as a privilege?

HB733 supports the Bill of Rights version.

Tell your senator he/she should too.

Know of anyone who has infiltrated Operation American Spring? Expose them here and let's drive them out!


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