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Colby D Norris
· February 6, 2018
We were there yesterday, the mall is pretty clean, and the stores well stocked. The biggest complaint we have is the kiosk vendors, they are the most aggressive and irritating people we have encounter...ed! They will not take no for an answer, and will follow you trying to stuff something in your hand and try to get in front of you. I understand they are trying to do their job, they are crossing the line to harassment.
They are so aggressive, I would not feel comfortable with my wife being there alone. Not the kind of stuff I want to put up with when I am trying to have a leisurely day with my wife.
Major fail to allow this type of harassment to continue, when stores are already having a hard time drawing customers, it isn't hard to understand why more and more people are buying on line, myself included.

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Becky Dodson
· March 14, 2018
As much as I like all the stores at Opryland Mills, I have become very dissatisfied with the experience at this mall. Within the first 20 minutes of my arrival today, I have been harassed by eight Ki...osk salespeople to sample their skincare lines. Other kiosk sales people have been very pleasant and have not approached me. This is absolutely an unacceptable business practice. I am here to shop at my leisure! Not to be harassed by desperate salespeople. I have reported this to the mall management. If you choose to shop at Opryland Mills, be prepared to be harassed. If you endure the same experience, please report it in an effort to get this stopped. See More
Bill Vandiver
· December 17, 2017
The last time, 10/17, I was at #oprymills a group of teenage (10-13 years old) thugs were running rampant though the mall and in the stores. It was absolutely ridiculous. #oprymills mall and it’s sto...res needs to tighten up on their security but I get it, they don’t want to “offend” anyone or “disrespect” anyone. Well what about people like me and the others that were with me that found 9 thug teens yelling and screaming “shoot the w_____s in #basspro offensive and very uncomfortable. I left. I took my wallet and left. Didn’t buy a thing. So you see #oprymills, #basspro and other stores that don’t control their Guest behavior, it cost you business. I haven’t been back and I don’t buy on line. Went to Friedmans. No sense in that behavior in public. Yelling, screaming, pointing rifles at people from the display. No sense. Security should have been all over them but they were afraid of them. One of them looked at me and said “what U looking at w_____y and I simply looked him right in the eye and replied “trashy behavior” because thats what his behavior was, trash! My question was, where were the parents? That’s the real issue here. My cousins were right there with me and seen the entire thing and his respectable 12 year old son couldn’t believe kids his age acting like that. They were trying to intimidate people. They picked the wrong person when that thug teen looked at me. I don’t play that shit. Bad parenting and bad judgment is my opinion and society cannot continue to allow people to intimidate them. May I remind #oprymills the fate of #metrocenter. It’s headed in the same direction. #respect. #manners #class See More
Amy Chalup
· January 13, 2018
Edit: I contacted the leasing manager via their website. Told her of my experience and they actually addressed it. I went back last night and had a much different experience. I was not made to feel un...comfortable even once and actually saw happy customers in the hallways. Thank you Opry Mills for listening to your customers �. I will be back

Old review: i just moved to the area and was excited by the selection of stores in this mall. Unfortunately when I arrived and spent just a little time there and I was hounded by SEVERAL mall keiosk people. I have never experienced this level of obnoxious hounding in a mall or really anywhere before. I may or may not return. Probably won’t as other reviews from the past say the same and it does not appear as the problem is being addressed. I can only say no thank you and have people yelling after me so many times before it becomes too much of a hassle and not a pleasurable experience. I had Kiosk people trying to grab me, yelling after me and my father, and it seemed as if anywhere you turned there was yet another kiosk person hounding after you. �
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Elizabeth Norton Gray
· March 29, 2018
Kudos to the Easter Bunny staff! I know the photo crew had a long day and we arrived as the line closed. We were traveling through Nashville on the way to Texas with a little girl that wanted to see... “the �!” The staff didn’t rush us and helped us make a memory! Ty guys for going the extra mile. I know you were tired but we so appreciated that memory! See More
Becca McCurdy
· January 19, 2018
I’m really tired of the coke machine taking my money and/or the drink getting stuck in the machine! Today I wanted one Mello Yello and I had to pay $5.25 total to get my drink...this is why I go to Be...d Bath and Beyond usually! I tried calling the number on the machine, but it gave me no useful options...please get this fixed!!! Entrance #2 by Tommy Hilfiger... See More
Chelsea Anderson
· April 20, 2018
We celebrated My sons Birthday tonight at Rainforest cafe and I know this is very unlikely but i left my wallet tonight at the photo booth in front of Claire’s in Oprymills. I’m praying someone with a... kind heart found it and will contact me. Security was very nice. I’m going to keep calling and hope they find it. I’m so sick right now. � See More
Alisha Jones Bledsoe
· March 30, 2018
Sad day Tuesday. My 6 year old son and I decided to do something "fun" and venture all the way to the Lego store. It was an amazing experience for him and a nightmare for me. As you walk along Opry Mi...lls you are bombarded and harassed by vendors in the middle of the isle trying to lure you over. I politely said No each time and hustled along cant avoid them....its like an open market in a 3rd world country people sticking their arms and goods out...some not taking NO for an answer. Thats where my day took a turn. The vendor infront of the great american cookie company decided to continue to persue my family (LUCKILY my husband had joined us for his lunch break and my son and I were not alone.) We BOTH said NO to the vendor nicely and then he decided to stick his arm infront of my husband and continue...wrong. my husband very firmly said "I said NO!" Then his "manager" decided he would jump in and aay we cant speak to his employee that way and he is "just doing his job"...ummmm..NO means No..period. If he cannot accept the first kind NO...he will get a louder firm no. End of story. This guy continues to say he has called security on US!..come to find out he lied. So we called security on him. Needless to say..this is a NON-issue for our family as we will NEVER be back to Opry Mills. From other reviews i see many experience the same. Amazon and online has ALL of these offerings. It is NOT a fun place to WILL be harrassed at least once. See More
Dustin Owens
· April 2, 2018
My car tonight was broken into at Opry Mills. Apparently there were 3 other cars broken into at the same time. I called Mall Security and got their answering machine. Luckily a MetroPolice Officer was... two rows over, took my statement, and called Mall Security to clean up the broken glass. When Mall Security came over, the guy said "They are reviewing the tapes now, but I guess someone wasn't doing their job as there were multiple break-ins." See More
Linda Anderson Moberg
· November 14, 2017
I visited the mall today & it was a very unpleasant experience. The kiosk vendors selling hair care, facial care, or hand care products are much too aggressive. I don't mind them trying to hand me ...samples, but if I indicate that I'm not interested, I expect to be left alone. I try to be polite, saying "no thank you, I'm not interested," & way on by. Instead, they all continued to try & press products into my hand as I tried to walk by. One man grabbed my hand & dumped some product into it, which I dumped out & walked away. Another man called out as I walked back by going the other way "hey, we were just talking about you."

This behavior is harassment! It makes the shopping experience for women extremely unpleasant & it needs to stop!

There are a lot of these vendors at the mall. I probably walked by 6-7 of them between Entry 2 & the Lego store (my destination). Then I had to walk back by them. When I'm shopping, which isn't often, I want to enjoy the walk & the window shopping, not to keep dodging aggressive men selling stuff from kiosks!

I was shopping at Green Hills Mall yesterday & did not have the same experience. It's now shopping season, but you can bet I won't be shopping at Opry Mills any more than I have to.
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Mandi M. Lynch
· December 30, 2017
Special shout-out to the fact you can't be bothered to have tables or even chairs near food establishments. You used to but now we have to see the damn moonshine truck, which took away quite a bit of ...seating. Guess my disabled boyfriend and I are going elsewhere from now on. See More
Jenn Downey
· March 26, 2018
If I could give less on my experience today, I would. I brought my 17 month old to see the Easter Bunny. The mall website and security guard both told us he opened/arrived at 10 AM which I believed. T...he person at Zales advised they show up when they want when I inquired after 10. Employee finally shows up after 10:30 and advised not until 11:30. This is very unprofessional and I had a very upset child!!! See More
David Sussman
· September 5, 2017
Saw something today at this mall that has really stuck with me. While walking toward a mall entrance, I noticed two women hurriedly walking from an employee / service entrance with a cart. It was obvi...ous something was below board with the way they were acting. When they saw me eye them, they moved even faster to a late model Mustang and dumped armloads of unbagged clothes into the trunk. The women jumped in the car and drove away in reverse, presumably so I, nor others could get the plate. I reported it to mall security and not one note was taken. They did tell me about how they "can't do anything if the store doesn't prosecute". While talking to a store employee (not the store that was robbed) about what we saw, he said that mall security doesn't care about shoplifting. He said he once chased shoplifters from his store throughout the mall and security was of no assist. I understand many stores have policy that prohibits employees from pursuing shoplifters and I understand why. No problem. Merchants are not in the law enforcement business. My question is this - what exactly is the function of mall security if they aren't in the business of stopping shoplifters? I thought this was a core function of the job. Sounds like it's a free-for-all at Opry Mills as the women I saw were clearly not at their first rodeo. I sent feedback to the corporate office in Indianapolis 24 hours ago. No response. Bottom line - I don't feel safe at this mall and they don't seem to care. See More
Jennifer Miles
· April 10, 2018
I love this mall and would have rated it 5 stars but the salespeople at the kiosks make for a terrible shopping experience. They are so pushy. Won’t take no for an answer and actually argue with you t...hat you don’t need their product. See More
Michelle Smith
· September 21, 2017
It's a mall, much like any other indoor mall. Not better or worse, just a mall. If you like this type of place it's one of the better ones I've been to. Don't be fooled thinking it's an outlet mall. are a few outlet stores, but it's definitely not an outlet mall.

Pros: Lots of shopping choices, good food choices, great movie theater, and if you're a local can be entertaining to watch all the tourists.

Cons: crowded, too much parking dedicated to buses and valet (and it's on the side of the mall that already has the least room for parking), the kiosks that line the walkway throughout the mall are all rip-offs and employ people who impede your movement and badger you.
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Melissea French
· February 24, 2018
With all of the vendors haggling you while you are shopping, it is extremely unpleasant. “ Hey Beautiful, let me show you my product!”

�. Who wants to be bothered with this nonsense while shopping fo...r their items trying to get in and out of the mall? See More
Amy Cruz
· December 30, 2017
Only thing my husband and I didn't like was the ride on toys. All were very rude on them adults and kids. Cutting everyone off, running into ppl and blocking the area. Not to mention during the holida...y shopping time. To many ppl to have to deal with ppl on motorized animals. See More
Kelly Harris
· November 4, 2017
Typically enjoy coming here however whoever is responsible for the parking by H&M and Chuys should be fired. Several empty motor coach lanes, full valet, spaces for pick up and electric cars empty but... taking up spaces. Just wanted a quick lunch but there are NO spaces except ALL the empty ones you have reserved! See More
Shannon Bell Rogers
· March 7, 2018
Usually enjoy coming here with my daughter to shop but the harassing kiosk and food court workers almost make me not want to come back.
Olivia Lee
· January 14, 2018
I absolutely LOVE that y'all have a nursing room. As a nursing mother it makes the experience of shopping less rushed and enjoyable knowing you don't have to stop around a feeding schedule. I could no...t complain about this and just sit on a bench and feed because it's natural, but at a certain age, a baby gets distracted by EVERYTHING. Point being is that I tried to use it twice today. The first time a couple was in there and were taking pictures of their child instead of using it for its intended purposes. The second time is what really pissed me off. It was literally a FAMILY GATHERING in there. There was like 16 people in there messing around and being loud and one peeked there head out and said we're busy. Go somewhere else. I could have knocked him on his ass for telling me that. There's no reason I should have to go out to my car to feed in a quiet place because the nursing rooms are being used for something other than feeding a baby. See More
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