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Tammy Pierce
· January 20, 2018
My Mother is in OP Hospital arrived on Wednesday with a possible stroke. It took them until Thursday at 4 PM to do a CAT scan or MRI to see if it was a stroke! She has been moved 4 times since she ar...rived,she is 78 years old. She was woken up in the middle of the night and taken down for an MRI after she had already had one done that day. Luckily she had overheard them talking about them going to give her dialysis after that and she stopped them. They checked the file and found out they had the wrong patient. Now she is sick with a cold, they brought someone into her room who had pnemonia. Now they moved her out of that room that she finally got in and settled, brought an extremely sick person into it, now she is sick so they are moving her out! Her bloodpressure has gone haywire while she is there, it is under control at home, I wonder why The terrible care she has gotten is unbelievable, no personal hygene what so ever! She has been mistreated and looked over and been told "we are running behind" for the last time, she will never go back to this hospital! See More
Dorothy Hammond
· January 16, 2018
My sister is currently here due to a bad car accident that has caused a bad head injury among other injuries. I have to say the Trauma ICU nurses, especially Ronnie, were awesome. I am grateful they s...aved her life. However, now that my sister is out of ICU, the nurse and case manager tried to send my sister home! She is disoriented and has been unconscious for two weeks. She just woke up and was able to sit up and stand for the first time yesterday and today they want her out. I had to get angry and insist they refer her to Brooks for therapy. It’s absolutely heartless to save someone’s life only to keep them from getting the best continued care. We spoke with a clinician who told us she could be referred to Brooks but they next day they are badgering us to take her home even though she’s a fall risk. Baptist and Mayo were a completely different experience from this place. Hope that you don’t get brought here for trauma care only to be thrown out before you can form a coherent sentence. See More
San Panda
· January 2, 2018
The personnel here are very friendly as far as I can tell. Their manner of speaking to patients has come across as kind as far as I can tell. Even listening to people speaking to other patients in the... waiting room, they seemed kind.

Besides that, I’m currently here with my husband. They put him in exam room 18, an isolation room. I’ve told the nurse and the doctor about the blood splatter on the wall, on the floor, and the couple droplets on the counter quite a while ago. I have yet to see anybody come clean it. The grocery store I work at has a firmer policy on cleaning blood.

Also, this is our second time coming here. (We had already been to urgent care as well before coming here.) We requested further treatment on our first visit to this facility, but they wanted to try some medicines first and it’s three days later and we are back. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a regular dr visit but for those with a very high we copay we aren’t pleased that we had to come back to receive the care he needed, which was requested the first time around. He had to suffer at home and get worse before it was deemed necessary to look into.

I’ve been typing and editing this comment for more than 15. My husband has gone and got a CT scan on his head and come back while I’ve been typing if that gives any indication of time. And still nobody has come to clean the blood. I don’t want to sit next to it.
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Desiree Christian
· January 8, 2018
Im ONLY giving the 5 stars to the ladies from labor & delivery this past week. 2 especially - RN lisa & RN Ashley g. They are angels. They made my experience what it was.. without them I would have be...en completely miserable..for my experience without them deserves less than 1 star. The heat was out in our room during the coldest days in Florida - the high of 30° possible snow the 2nd out of the 3 days in there it was unbearable and on the second day lisa got me moved to another room ( which ended up being no heat in, too. )

I came home feeling terrible with a sore throat that turned into a cough by the next morning..imagine all the hacking while trying to recover from a c section.. so went to er and found out I have developed laryngitis and bronchitis! I wasn't sick before coming in either and My husband is taking Theraflu due to runny nose and coughing as well. How do we come in to have a baby..and are made to stay in those conditions? That's just terrible. I mean, a space heater could have helped immensely.. even more importantly than the adults... the brand new babies in the rooms with no immune systems and they get cold sooo easy! Not happy with orange park medical for this.
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Serena Church
· February 13, 2018
I’ve been here in this ER for 3 1/2 hours having pains in my abdomen. My primary sent me here in the state of an emergency due to the pain with what she believes is my gallbladder and chest pain and I... have been crying and hurting in the waiting room. The ER staff have no sympathy or empathy for anyone else’s pain. They treat you as if they’re just here to do a job. I will NOT recommend this hospital to ANYONE that actually needs urgent medical treatment because you’re water off treating yourself at home. See More
Jenna Ysbrand
· November 6, 2017
My mom is here got a spinal fusion done and asked dietary for a grilled cheese... waited two hours for it didn’t even get served dinner finally at 8pm her grilled cheese came and it was a warmed up ch...eese sandwich. Nothing grilled about it what so ever. When we called dietary to order is the women was so rude over the phone was huffing and puffing and rushed us off the phone. Nurses and doctors have been wonderful but everything else has been terrible. See More
Chris Jones
· September 29, 2017
I brought my 1 year old son in after he fell at Daycare, and the bleeding inside his mouth would not stop. They admitted him within a few minutes, however after an hour and a half, we still hadn’t see...n a doctor. Registry came in and took my co-payment right away. Within 30 minutes, a nurse came in to take my sons blood pressure. She said, “Jesus, stop crying already!” to my 1 year old son. I was appalled that this woman works in Pediatrics. She offered me some cotton wipes to clean up the blood, but did nothing to stop the bleeding. After waiting for an hour and a half, my son had finally stopped bleeding. At this point, I demanded my co-payment back and left. They were not able to refund me that evening, however after a phone call today, they credited my co-payment back. We will not be returning to this hospital for the birth of our next child, or any emergency. See More
Sarah Alyssa Aldrich
· December 21, 2017
Doctors are rude when overdose patients come in. Yes, we get it and I get that it’s an everyday thing but the last thing we need is to feel like shit from a doctor. My situation, I did it JUST ONCE. R...egardless if they believed me. Yes I get it was a mistake and I’ll never do it again, but don’t treat me like someone you see come in every other day for the same shit. I was respectful, tried to crack jokes, and was honest with everything. Not everyone’s a junkie. See More
Aziza Joyner
· August 30, 2017
I had the most amazing experience at Orange Park having my first baby. The L&D and Nicu units were so helpful and supportive to me and my family. Being a first time mom, I was so scared and nervous ab...out everything. My water broke before I got to the hospital which led to me and my baby having an infection and thus an emergency C- section. Though I was terrified, the entire staff made the experience wonderful. I'd like to thank Billie, Heather, and Ceara in the Nicu unit as well as the lactation specialist Donna. You guys will always be dear in my heart. See More
Phylicia Smith
· September 16, 2017
This place truly to the joy out of giving birth and welcoming my son into the world. While about to give birth, I had drs ask me what would my son be born addicted to? Confused on why I'm being asked ...since I've never did drugs a day in my life!! Only to give birth, and an hour later get a visit from DCF! The hospital called they and stated I tested positive for drugs! After being embarrassed in front of all of my family and church members that were there, the women from DCF drug tested me, my husband, and my NEWBORN!!!!! All 3 came back negative! And it didnt stop there, DCF had to visit my son who was with my mother to interview him, And the day I was released DCF showed up to my house to confirm my living arrangements. All BC of a false positive drug test! After posting on social media (my personal)about this, other people chimed in bc the same thing happened to them or someone they know! That is a shame! You need to get better Test or the same test DCF uses since their test determines the final say! Now that my son is 3 months and I have more time, I am going to seek legal advice! You cannot do this to people and just say sorry. The joy of giving birth was snatched from me and caused he to be humiliated and depressed! See More
Bennie Turner
· August 30, 2017
The medical center has come a long way your wait time is shorter. But I think as much as any doctor want to help you and I believe their very good at what they do . But my experience with people in ge...neral is we need to listen better at what the person is saying is wrong with them and not guess what you think they are say just because people don't have the same educational background doesn't mean they don't know their bodies and limitations that was my experience their but overall they were still professional. Great job to everyone on staff See More
Renee Burse
· December 26, 2017
This is our 3rd visit with a family member. Most of our interactions have been okay, not exceptional, just okay. The majority of the nurses and PCTs come across as uncaring and nonchalant about basic ...nursing care. For example, the IV is swelling, machine beeping; you do not just come in and reset the machine!!! If you come here, bring someone who can take care of you. See More
Kristen Monroe
· January 20, 2018
We Are here in ICU on 5th floor from GA with my grandpa and I must say I am very impressed so far! The nurses here especially JoJo and Mel have been outstanding. This is by far the best care we have e...ver received from a hospital and the hospitality here is great. See More
Lauren Lowery
· January 27, 2018
The dr we saw on the pediatric side was beyond rude. After explaining what’s going on with my 18 month old, she claims to know his medical history. He had never been to OP before. The wait time was be...yond ridiculous, the dr was argumentative, the room was disgusting. There was food and used medical gloves under the bed of the room we were in. When I asked for someone to come clean it up, the nurse came in and just picked it up with her bare hands not knowing what was on the gloves. That’s just plain stupid. This place has definitely lived up to the crappy reputation it has. See More
Lisa Woods
· December 22, 2017
I'm disappointed today in the behavior of the nurse maintaining the front desk at Park West ER. I am here with a friend who is currently being treated. I recommended this ER to him not only because of... the proximity to his residence but because of the pleasant experience I had when i was treated for a severe corneal abrasion a few months ago. I have only been in the waiting room for an hour and have witnessed three separate patients directly complain to him (the reception nurse) about his bad attitude and lack of professionalism. I am very dissappointed that he continues to receive these complaints and engage in verbal altercations with patients but has yet to be pulled from his station. If he is unable to be patient or calm with the public, then why is he in healthcare? See More
Michele Morris
· February 13, 2018
I'm absolutely livid with the hospital staff in Labor and Delivery with the treatment of my daughter's pregnancy. I don't know what they are doing up there and I don't understand why the hell they wou...ld add onto the hospital claiming that Labor and Delivery is excellent and the patient's and babies are treated so well. It's pretty sad that if I want my daughter to feel safe and treated well through her 1st experience of her pregnancy I have to be there. I would never refer this hospital to anyone else. Should she decide to have a child in the future, she will not be here! See More
Tessy Douglass
· December 29, 2017
I used to be loyal to St. Vincent's but had an ambulance ride to Orange Park in January 2017. I've been in their hospital 5 times already this year simply for extremely high then life threatening low ...blood pressure. They have been slow at times in the ER but extremely professional and friendly. Once admitted to the 5th floor the doctors and nurses have been extremely helpful, professional, understanding, and nice. There is always one in the bunch that is rude but overall I have been treated with great care and respect. I won't go to any other hospital in Duval or Clay county. See More
Donald McHale
· August 19, 2017
My mother was admitted for high blood pressure and vomiting and dizziness. We ask for a private room and we was told they save them for patient that have infections. My mother has insurance that cover...ed a private room. This is 2017 I don't understand why they have semi private rooms. I know everything going on with the patient in bed B and all her history and medications. The doctors and PA should not go in a room and talk about someone diagnosis when there other visitors in the room with the patient in bed A. This is a violation with the hippo laws. I am thinking about contacted a attorney. My mother was taking there by rescue, they pick her up at my house on Chaffee Road near I-10 and refused to take her downtown to Baptist or St. Vincents in Riverside or Memorial. Rescue #57 sucks and will be hearing from me on monday. We were told mom was on list for private room and that never happen. She will never go back to Orange Park every again. Can't wait to speak to the administration on Monday to remind them of all the hippo laws and confidential information they are giving out on other patients. She had a female nurse that was really nice and a male nurse name Luke that was wonderful. Mom usually goes to Memorial and that we're she be going on from now on. Respiratory therapist came in my mother room and used the same gloves with patient in bed B then came over to my mother bed A and never change her gloves. We said something to her and you can tell she was pissed. We reported it to the nurse name Luke and nurse in the floor. I am calling the risk department on Monday. Anyone knows you don't use the same gloves with different patients. Taking about cross contamination, this is why MRSA get transmitted in hospitals across the country today. See More
Michaela Lola
· December 7, 2017
I delivered our second baby here and was treated WONDERFULLY by the staff. Every single one of the nurses treated me so well and clicked with me on a personal level! I had nurses that weren’t even ass...igned to me coming to visit after I gave birth. Each employee asked numerous times if there was anything they could do to make my stay even more welcome and I couldn’t think of anything that would make it better. I love the Quickfire cafe located downstairs, it has wonderful and reasonably priced food! Two of my nurses even hugged me after delivery and were sad that they had to leave me. I especially loved nurse Rebecca, nurse Julia, and nurse Dawn! If you deliver here, try to request them! Food delivery and housekeeping were very nice and cleaned well. All together my stay here was the best I could’ve imagined and if I could give this rating infinity stars I would! See More
Rhaynee Ryan Colbert
· January 14, 2018
Had our third child yesterday and the experience has been wonderful. The nurses and mid wife in labor and delivery were the best we have ever dealt with. In postpartum we have the best charge nurse an...d care nurses we have ever met. Thank you orange park medical center for your staff and the way they care about their patients. See More
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