Lex Amentiae - Torquemada
ORDER - raw rehearsal recording
ORDER soundcheck at Good Omens in Trondheim

Some great pictures by Studio Toffa Photography - Thorstein "Toffa" K. Berg . Thx for sharing, Thorstein!

Studio Toffa Photography - Thorstein "Toffa" K. Berg added 16 new photos to the album: Order @ Folken 26.10 2017 — with Eirik Norheim and ORDER at Folken.


Order @ Folken 26.10 2017, Folken, Stavanger, Norway. Photo by:

Manheim talk about more than music in this podcast. But also about music, of course!

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Episode 4 goes international! Sponsored by our good friends Japaneki, who are using the wonders of technology to connect the rest of the world with Japanese pro...ducts and culture, Manheim and Curt try to discuss everything except music, before devolving into a total music discussion before the end of the interview.

The official episode covers educational and societal differences and commonalities seen between Norway and the US, as well as social media, memes, and how the music industry has been hurt - and helped - by technology. We will post the uncut version, with 25 extra minutes of general music discussion, later this week. Manheim has been pushing the sonic boundaries of music for decades, and is one of the founding members of Black Metal band Mayhem. His latest project is Order. TYS, and Curt, especially, thank Manheim for giving us his time and insights.

You can find Episode 4 Here:…/p…/thank-you-science/id1342332482…

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