OrthoAtlanta and the Atlanta Gladiators professional hockey team have been partners for 15 years! Team president Scott Henrichsen and OrthoAtlanta's Dr. Brian Morgan, the team physician, commemorate the event. Read the complete story below, and cheer on the Gladiators during their Southern Division Kelly Cup Playoff run! GoGlads! #AdvanceTheLegacy #OrthoAtlanta #ConquerKelly

OrthoAtlanta Serves as the Official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Provider to the Atlanta Gladiators Celebrating its 15 Anniversary Season 2017-2018

OrthoAtlanta Austell enjoyed participating in the 17th Annual Spring Chicken Run 5K/1K/Tot Trot on Saturday, April 14. This AJC Peachtree Roadrace Qualifier was also a fundraiser for Sweetwater Mission in Austell. OrthoAtlanta is proud to be an annual sponsor of Sweetwater Mission, this year commemorating its 50th anniversary in serving our community by providing food, clothing, educational programs and family support services to those in need. #OrthoAtlanta

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Angela Keller Alsept
· February 13, 2018
If you are looking for a MD who is checked out during exams, doesn’t listen to you or your loved ones concerns, and doesn’t respond to your messages (because they nearly insist you use the patient por...tal); then look no further than Dr. Lichtenfeld in Johns Creek. I am 31 with degenerative disc disease due to an injury when I was 20 status post discectomy of L4-L5 in 2010, a failed lumbar laminectomy of L5-S1 in 2016. I came to him as a pain management patient, so now that he has referred me out my surgeon (Resurgeons orthopedics— Dr. Jason Velez is phenomenal) and my lumbar inter body fusion of L5-S1 is complete (mind you it was only done on 10-31) he has cut my meds in less than half and I am still experiencing the same amount of pain (in a different part of my back) as prior to surgery. I have felt like less of a person leaving his office on more than one occasion due to his poor bedside manner. Looks like it’s time for me to start looking for another physician who cares. See More
Elena Funk
· January 5, 2018
I have had multiple knee surgery on both of my legs in the last year and half at OrthoAtlanta in Lawrenceville GA. My experience has been phenomenal. #Dr. Brian Morgan# has done all of my surgery’s ha...nds down the best In regard to knee surgeons. I would recommend Dr. Morgan and his team to anyone with out hesitation. His PA Scott is also amazing, very knowledgeable and I have every confidence in there abilities and treatment methods. Dr. Morgans staff at OrthoAtlanta are kind, very caring and very hard working. They have there patients best Interest at heart. I can’t say enough wonderful thing about Orthoatlanta! Although I’m still on my journey and recovery I have every confidence in there team to see me through this process. OrthoAtlanta has an awesome Physical Department it has state of the art equipments, the staff is amazing! My physical therapist #Gino Wolff# hands down the best I’ve ever had, he’s very patient, professional, kind, very accommodating, he listens to concern, answers every question I have had. Gino does a great job with all of his patients even when it get extremely busy he still make sure all his patients get the attention and time they need. In my experience with OrthoAtlanta I rate them as being the best, if people want to complain about waiting to long in the lobby, or in the back of the room while waiting for your specialties I say the wait is worth waiting. There’s other thing you all can complain about but If you want the best you will wait. You shouldn’t complain sometime we live in a world were it’s instant gratification and getting things done fast. You should stop and think the reason why your waiting it isn’t because they have nothing else to do it because your doctor is taking there time with each patient that walk through the clinic, you are not on a timer, they will explain everything to you, answer all of your question and have the over all experience that everyone deserve regard to there treatment. So guys no one is perfect and sometime you will have to wait it’s apart of life but I’m telling you all it’s worth it. You will too experience the professionalism OrthoAtlanta provides to each an every patient that walk through those doors. Theres a reason why OrthoAtlanta is rated one of the best in Atlanta. Thank you to my doctor, his staff, physical therapy and OrthoAtlanta for all that you do. #orthoatlanta#1#. See More
Patt LaPierre
· December 13, 2017
A physician's office would be very unlikely to appear on anyone"s bucket list.However,my visit's to the Douglasville office to see Dr. Yong Lee have always been a pleasant experience of healthcare in's finest.Most importantly,with this health team's care my health,mobility and quality of life continue to improve.The physical environment is uncrowded,quite,uncluttered,very clean and orderly.The staff at the desk greet you promptly with sincere smiles;actually with eyes on you instead of a computer or paperwork.The nurses' interest in your current welfare is unfeigned.Dr. Lee is very attentive to your report of current health and concerns.In my experience he is rare among physicians,in that he is unhurried.He easily offers all the time you require to state your concerns and questions.Questions are always answered and explanations given in depth at my level of understanding.He will further explain if necessary until I have told him I understand.He will take care to ascertain if current treatment is effective and strive to make changes to further facilitate improved health.Check out and any necessary consultations,tests and follow up appointments are easily made as you leave.My special thanks to Judy Long at check out who has a warm smile,greets me by name and works so hard to make any needed appointments to my convenience.And Judy accomplishes this every time.A visit to a physician may not be on my "bucket" list but my visits to OrthoAtlanta and Dr. Lee have allowed me to visit and tour extensively many that were on that list.Thanks in large part to them,I continue enjoying completing my list. See More
Lesley Stonecypher Waldrep
· January 3, 2018
I had knee replacement surgery October 23rd, 10 weeks later still in much pain. I did have physical therapy and Joel and his team in D'ville office were great. Office staff great. I went into see s...urgeon yesterday who is Dr. Jaffe and told him of my intense pain still there after 10 weeks, he really seemed concerned. Gave me blood test for inflammation and I was really impressed when he himself called with results. I am hoping that meds he gave me helps with pain if not he can get to bottom of this and I be pain free. However with all this being said I am in much, much worse pain with surgery than ever had before surgery. See More
Denise Lemual Carmichael
· November 16, 2017
Dr. Virginia Jones, Amber, Dr, McHenry, and all of the staff at Ortho Atlanta Fayetteville are the most caring and professional people. From the moment you walk in the door to when you check out you ...are their focus and treated with the upmost kindness and respect. Thank you for taking care of my issue Dr. Jones, Amber (and her persistence in dealing with my insurance), and Dr. McHenry. Thank you to the wonderful ladies at the front desk and at checkout; ya'll are fabulous.
I would also like to thank Jennifer Marks at the Stockbridge office for recommending Dr. Jones. Jennifer is precious.
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Linda Goodwin Fussell
· November 20, 2017
Friendly staff! I have been going for years, and have seen multi doctors at the Douglasville and Austell location. Dr Duffield and his PA Allen have done knee and shoulder replacement surgeries and a...ll the surgeries needed prior to the replacements. Dr Lee is my pain doctor and monitors my medications and pain levels. I’m not proud of this but I’ve been to all the doctors at the Douglasville location for back,hip,ankles and hands and never been disappointed with my care. I highly recommend this group of doctors if you are in need of surgery or treatment. See More
Dora Kenyon
· March 22, 2018
Came to have a follow-up/referral for an ankle fracture that was already x-rayed and diagnosed at a Walk in Center. The assistant checked my blood pressure and let me sit in the room for 20 minutes a...nd Dr. looked at it, unwrapped the ace bandage and said it looked bruised. Seriously? Less than 10 minutes of time total. Offered a lace up brace for $135 (Amazon for $18.95) and made a copy of MY x-ray. Did NOTHING and said my bill would be $675.00 !!!! They stated "because they said it was a fracture visit" That was figured out on Sunday Morning!!They had all of my insurance info and copies of insurance card days before appointment. Never offered any info or payment amounts.
Because I was diagnosed with a fracture- that was found out three days before, AND NOT BY THEM there was no deduction of bill. I would NEVER recommend this place! I received no care, and left with the same ace bandage wrapped around my ankle that I came in with.
All insurance fees, especially $675 should have been explained before visit.
I have. lodged an insurance complaint with Cigna with the overcharged bill and lack of service. I will also be contacting the state insurance department. Total ripoff. Buyer and patient be aware of this practice. No wonder no one can afford their insurance with such fraud as this!
Shame on you!
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Sonja Worth
· March 16, 2018
If you want to schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic Dr that truly cares for its patients and takes the time to listen to your needs, this is the place to go! Dr Cox with Atlanta location went ab...ove and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Dr Cox truly listens and cares for his patients. Dr Cox and all of OrthoAtlanta employees make sure you feel that you are part of a family! This is a WONDERFUL facility! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! See More
JodySunny Thompson
· October 16, 2017
i had to have a spinal fusion and disk replacement on Sept.11 2017. This has been such an amazing experience considering the circumstances. Dr. Francke made sure I understood the problem I was facing ...and he told me what he was going to do to fix it.
When I woke up all of the pain in my legs was gone just like he said it would be. I have had to talk to the nurse Rebecca and the ladies that answer the phone when you call the office. From the time they pick up the phone you know they care about you and your progress, Rebecca is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease about any concern you may have.
I just want to say thank you to all of the staff. you do not find such a professional caring establishment this day and time. Thank you.
David Thompson
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Nina Antionette
· November 29, 2017
I went for a appt on 11/15 at the Fayetteville location on 54. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30. I checked in with the receptionist and was told to be seated. After 2 hours go by I approach the r...eceptionist just to make sure I haven’t been forgotten. It was at this time that she tells me that they are running very behind and we won’t be seen for a couple more hours. We were finally seen after waiting for 4 hours. See More
Shirley Primus
· December 19, 2017
My experience at OrthoAtl was great!! Everyone was so kind and friendly; from the check-in personnel to the X-ray area they were so nice. I wasn't rushed through. Dr. Williams is beyond professional... and nice. My husband has gone there and Ashley was amazing with him!! She was Very good with "Mr inpatient himself" !! There is none better!! See More
Terri Dorsey
· November 9, 2017
Me and my daughter are not very happy.
Office overbooked patients. Arrived 20 minutes early and still waiting 40 minutes past our appointment.
They decided to let me know after I checked with the fr...ont desk that there was two more folks ahead of us! Why even bother to get an appointment if we have to wait an hour after the scheduled time!! See More
Lilo Loewisch
· February 15, 2018
Strange thing : made an appointment today for tomorrow at Howell Mill office .I told receptionist 3 times the name of my insurance company . She Stated they only can look at 2 body parts per visit !!!...! when I asked why she ignored me .
So at least I got a quick appt date .my knee is hurting and it is swollen - made appointment for tomorrow - received call back 30 minutes later stating they do not accept my insurance company !!! An the website they are stung they are accepting my insurance .you now have ALL my information-
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Harry Schmekel
· November 26, 2017
Spinal fusion L5S1 in 2009 which was the most intense pain i have ever experienced. Soon saw Dr. Lee for steroid injections and medication therapy. This man has the bedside manner of an impatient assh...ole, a GOD complex, showed absolutely no interest in my thoughts, opinions, or concerns. He literally became visibly irate towards me, quickly jumped to conclusions and refused to discuss my medication insinuating i was abusing the meds, yet had no evidence to support his assumptions. I was totally stereotyped and ultimately felt singled out just due to his paranoid assumptions. I was about a month out of major back surgery and he released me to return to work as a mechanic with a 50 lb weight restriction. 50lb is a hell of a lot for a recent fusion patient. Obviously he overreacted and i am sure i am not his only “stereotyped” patient. If a patient can not discuss his treatment including meds with his doctor, then we ultimately suffer. So, my suggestion to this doctor is to lose the GOD complex, actually LISTEN to your patients without being a judgemental prick. By the way doc, my settlement was generous so your behavior was not a deterrent just actual proof that you have the temperament of a child. See More
Wanda Nicholson
· October 31, 2017
I love the staff here. Dr. Fowler is awesome. I recently had a fall in September, and broke my wrist had to have surgery so now I'm going to physical therapy. Ortho Atlanta is the best, highly recomme...nd to my family and friends See More
Marnette Wilson
· April 18, 2018
I am a fairly new patient. I drive all the way from Alabama for care at OrthoAtlanta. Dr. Park and the staff has been amazing. I will never go to another Orthopedic practice.
Angela Gray
· September 27, 2017
My doctor left the practice and now they are starting me over as a " new" patient with the replacement doctor. He only sees "new" patients on Fridays. What's going on Monday- Thursday? What about the ...other doctors? The soonest for my"new" patient appointment in Nov. 3rd. My doctor leaves and I'm stuck waiting in pain. Thanks but I will be finding a NEW practice. The staff taking the phone calls takes their time to call back or has no idea what's going on in their office. See More
Tina Jackson Bantin
· October 17, 2017
Dr. Henaku Yirenkyi is wonderful. He cared for my 78 year old mother at Piedmont Henry and he listened to her concerns and was able to help her. His bedside manors are amazing. He's fantastic and I... would highly recommend him. See More
Linda Artz
· May 26, 2017
I had a seriously broken ankle, my foot was hanging over. One bone was crushed into pieces. The doctor on call was Dr Smith and so there was no shopping around. I lucked out. He is a great surgeon and... with pins, screws, plates and hooks he put it back together. I went for my 3 month check up today and it has healed beautifully. The soft tissue will take a little longer. I started physical therapy when I could start putting weight on it, enter André, my physical therapist. I lucked out again. He is the best and makes it as fun as it can be while getting my mobility back. They are both in Gwinnett county, Lawrenceville. I hope I don't need them again but they will be my guys if I do. I am 70 years old and expect a full recovery. See More
Jo Ann Daniel
· August 28, 2017
OrthoAtlanta is amazing. I traveled from Albany Ga for an appt with Dr. Todd Schmidt. The entire staff was professional and caring. My surgery for a total knee replacement was accomplished 13 days ago... and I have my life back. I'll never be able to thank them enough for Dr. Schmidt expertise and skill. I am walking without assistance and I am doing my physical therapy to strength my leg. I'll be their cheerleader for many years. Thanks to all of you. See More
The OrthoAtlanta physicians and administrative staff had a great retreat this past weekend! What better time to have Drs. Dalal and Morgan accept the ALS #icebucketchallenge Please learn more about ALS at
OrthoAtlanta orthopedic surgeon, Jonathan Mathers, MD, was honored to serve as the physician honoree of the 2016 Jingle Bell Run Atlanta. Listen to his words, encouraging those afflicted with arthritis to not suffer in silence. Help and treatments are available to tackle this debilitating disease as a team.
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