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There's nothing better than a little French inspiration...

After being inspired by the French countryside, Freddie and I created the most beautiful picnic in Napa last week. Topped off with endless vineyard views, Margo, and Oui by Yoplait new French style yogurt. Heaven! #OuibyYoplait #SayOui #ad

Always one to mimic the countryside feel of France, Jenny Cipoletti from Margo and Me created a stunning French-inspired picnic while in Napa, California.

Say Oui to slowing down and taking a French lifestyle challenge.

We're SO down to try this. 👍

Challenge yourself to cook like a French person for one week.
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Jon Byrd
· 8 hours ago
Listen. I'm a guy. Carnivorous. I grunt while I eat. Kroger recently featured this as one of their Free Friday Downloads, so I thought I would give it a go beca...use my sweet tooth compares in size to the great State of Texas. Complete impulse purchase (and my girlfriend likes the glass container), so tonight I wanted a quick dessert after my manly steak & potatoes feast, and since I was out of anything red velvet or chocolate chip, I figured what the heck - let me try this girly yogurt stuff (Vanilla flavored). I am impressed. I cannot believe it actually might be good/healthy for me. Excellent flavor and texture. I plan to purchase this product for consumption again in the future (and give my girlfriend the empty glass jars). Congratulations, Yoplait. Excellent product. See More
Emily Haecke
· September 16, 2017
I was first intrigued by the most adorable jar. I also immediately noticed the simplicity of ingredients so I thought I would give them a try. The vanilla is se...riously the best yogurt I have ever had! I also love that I can recycle the jar and make them into water and juice glasses for my little ones. Don't change a thing, these were fantastic. See More
Heidi West-Mathis
· 6 hours ago
Yogurt is one of those foods that I feel like I should eat regularly but haven't found one I really like. Not a fan of Greek at all. The commercial for Oui is... what first caught my attention. My local store had all the flavors so I picked up a few and wow......love, love, love it. I usually have one (sometimes two!) after dinner. I really like the texture and the sweetness of it. It's not tart like a lot of other brands. Coconut is my fav! I tend to eat the top layer first and save the bottom fruit mixed with a little yogurt for the end ;). YUM!! don't mind paying a few cents more for something I truly enjoy. Sure hope this stays around. See More
Amy L. Miskowiec
· September 19, 2017
I have been waiting to be able to purchase yogurt in glass containers, so thank you. Non GMO earns points too. Haven't read the ingredient list so no comments i...n respect to that. Had one plain and one Vanilla so far. I liked the texture and the taste of both. I like the idea that they are individually made in the jar. I would love to see Lavender offered as a flavor. I think we only have 3 flavors offered up so far at the local store. I too would like to see reusable lids available for the jars. I like the foil lid too though. Again, thanks for yogurt in glass containers. See More
Ann McDonald
· 3 hours ago
I just got around to trying my jar of Oui and I must say "non!" I am a lemon yogurt lover from way back. I also mix my yogurt before eating. The first thing I n...oticed was an almost gluey texture from the lemon curd. Tried one bite and immediately thought "yuck!" but being the crazy person I am, I tried another bite. Again... yuck. Into the trash it goes. Back to the kroger lemon greek yogurt flip (the topping tastes like a lemon white chocolate). See More
Cassie Julia-Ferris
· 13 hours ago
I'm just here to parrot what everyone else is saying - I DIG Oui. I am super happy with this yogurt, the taste is great, I love the simple ingredient list, and ...I never in a million years would have even tried this if it weren't for the glass jars ;) I love the no plastic!!

Ideally there would be a little more protein and a little less sugar, but both are at a level I feel comfortable feeding my kids (as a treat, at least!).

Definitely do not need lids with this (no plastic is AWESOME!) but I liked the suggestion of another reviewer who mentioned that a pack of 6 lids for purchase on Amazon would be cool... I agree! I can see Pinterest videos now for how to re-purpose these little glass beauties :)

Great job Yoplait!
See More
Katie Avaritt
· 9 hours ago
I tried this two weeks ago. The glass jars were what drew me in. Coconut was my first flavor. I did not like it. However I loved the Strawberry and Black Cherry.... My favorite, was Vanilla. I'm not big on yogurt being sweet, so this was perfect. Texture and consistency were just how I liked it. And the ingredients are very minimal. No additional additives. NON GMO!!! I will continue to buy more. For now I'm out, and so is our local Kroger. �� Great job Yoplait!!! See More
Amber Ledford
· September 15, 2017
The best, the thickest, the creamiest yogurt ever! My family and I love Oui! The vanilla flavor is our favorite. It is like a dessert, it is so good. Never buying another brand of yogurt again. All flavors are delicious.
Judy Jaudon
· September 15, 2017
My new favorite yogurt - great taste and texture. Just finished my breakfast of vanilla Oui, fresh peaches, pecans and an Aussie bite - all mixed together. Love that the product is packaged in glass - now I need to find snap-on lids to make the jars more useful. Any suggestions?
Valerie Knight
· September 19, 2017
I love the fact that it's in a glass jar! It's a beautifully marketed product and I'm glad my local grocery store had it. Got the blueberry and one lemon one an...d so far the blueberry has been fabulous! Not overly sweet like some others and the texture is smooth. So kudos to you yoplait! Keep it up! See More
Kellie Oberstar
· September 18, 2017
I love this yogurt. I do like some versions of Greek yogurt, but was looking for something that felt a little more upscale for special occasions without breaki...ng the bank. The coconut and vanilla are devine! FYI...small Weck glass lids with sealing rings and clips fit beautifully for those hoping to reuse. See More
London Ilene Nelson
· 6 hours ago
I can't pretend the glass Jar didn't draw me in, but the product is going to keep me around. Simple ingredients with a rich creamy flavor. The taste is like a cross between traditional and Greek yogurts. I've tried the vanilla and the strawberry but can't wait to try the rest of them!
Kathy Robbins
· 17 hours ago
This is by far the best yogurt I have EVER had!! I had started eating Greek yogurt because I like a thick creamy style yogurt that is more filling. But this Fre...nch style blows Greek style out of the water! And DELICIOUS! The REAL ingredients, simply made, makes all the difference. The coconut, lemon and black cherry flavors are my favorites so far but I love them all. Even the recyclable glass jar is a bonus. But the only negative I can say is the top is hard to peel off with my arthritic hands. Work on that please! Thanks! See More
Jaclyn Hannah Padgett Barge
· September 19, 2017
Tried the Vanilla after it was offered as a Free Friday item at our local Kroger. Glass jar is adorable and glad to be able to reuse it and not end up in a landfill.

I hope our store gets more flavors (it only had vanilla, plain, and strawberry)so I can try them.
Carrie Anthony Brungardt
· September 18, 2017
Just had my first Oui and I'm hooked! The taste is incredible and I will only buy Oui from now on. The glass jars? A extra bonus to hold my candles or use for crafting. I had blueberry. Worth every single penny. My favorite food now. Thank you!
Kate Lawson
· 15 hours ago
Yogurt gets 5 stars, I love it. I love the glass jars but I hate the lid!! It won't tear off and has to be punctured with a knife and then the foil comes off in pieces. Please fix!
Anna Fontanella Matthews
· September 19, 2017
Coconut oui is amazing!!! Personally I'm not a yogurt person, but I tried this on whim and now I'm obsessed. I have tried other flavors but coconut is my favorite. I hope it is a year around flavor.
Susan Spann
· September 15, 2017
Oh my goodness ! This is WONDERFUL ! even at $1.34 a jar it is well worth it . I had lemon and plain. The lemon curd would have been better on top ,because the ...layer is so thin ( not that I mind ) . But I was so blown away by the plain . The flavor has just a hint of smoky taste to my taste buds. I stopped buying yogurt a few years back because when I ate a container of it I couldn't tell I had eaten anything . But this tells my brain I did eat something . Thank Ya'll See More
Amy Featherstone Lasher
· September 15, 2017
Praise the yogurt gods for this one! I had given up on loving any yogurt as much as the old custard style that they no longer make. This has won at place dear to my heart �
Debbie Tanzi Applegate
· September 15, 2017
this yogurt is truly delish! it actually tastes REAL....so many leave a terrible/awful/disgusting after-taste. no so with oui, better than better, greater tha...n great! i seem to have a tough time with the foil peel off lid, though. i just can't get it off without the help of a sharp knife to just slit in the middle. however, i would love to save the little glass jars, they are adorable, and i can't since the foil just won't budge from the sides of the glass. such a shame....different lid configuration...plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeese! See More

Fresh cut flowers and a pot of Black Cherry Oui by Yoplait bring a little bit of pleasure into the day.

Image may contain: food

Say Oui to a yogurt so delicious, savored so slowly, you’ll almost forget it's a weekday.

Image may contain: food

Delicious things come to those who wait. Oui by Yoplait will make its debut mid-July. We can't wait for you to meet this amazing French style yogurt!

Image may contain: text

What do you get when eight simple ingredients are poured into a glass pot? Well, take a look. You’ll fall in love at first bite.

Image may contain: food and indoor

If this spoon could talk it would tell you this is the best spoonful of yogurt made with whole milk it has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Oui by Yoplait, coming to a yogurt aisle near you.

Image may contain: food

Introducing Oui by Yoplait! A brand new yogurt made with non-GMO ingredients, poured and set in its own glass pot. It’s subtly sweet. It’s thick and creamy. It’s a moment to savor. It’s Oui.

Image may contain: food