The man is coming down soon to oversee the rebuilding of our deck and a roof to one of the cottages. We are sending a container, even bought pounds of nails which I guess are scarce on the island. Home will be beautiful again, I am sure. Love you all. rach

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'The Man--Oliver Gerald Curtis James John.'
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Our love and respect go out to everyone in Dominica who is working to revive and rebuild the island.


It has been rough, as all of you know. Ollie on island alone, doing the best he can. I'm anxiously awaiting his return to the states. Our best to all our friends in the struggle to rebuild our wonderful country. Happy Holidays to all.

Our dear, dear friend Charles, by Hayden, has passed away. So young. Ollie is heartbroken. All our love to his family.

Life still goes on, an expensive generator to have some lights and water pumped in, hear the news and weather. Work, work work.

Ollie is on his way with batteries and dog food. Seabourne Air (AA) charging $1035/tkt. Disgusting.

To all our family and friends in Dominica and around the world. Our hearts and love and support are with you. We will send whatever is necessary to help our country get back on its feet. If anyone has seen Bryson Prince, please let us know. We are hoping for information on our house and cottages. Love to all.

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The Man--Oliver Gerald Curtis James John.

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Ollie and I are safe in US. Anybody know about Roseau Valley and How it fared?

Creole Festival soon. We got ten hits in a row from airbnb for our cottage and our house. Hope we can get that darn pool up and running. So difficult to get things working from away. But were coming. Ollie first and then Rachel. Looking forward to a productive winter while balancing all the changes in our lives in the states

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So, it has been quite a while since I've told you where I am. I am less frightened that Pino (president in name only) could or would be allowed to blow up the, or even dismantle some important legislation that has been made law. Nevertheless he is to be watched, scrutinized and written about. He will leave the biggest archive of negativity a president has ever received. I never say his name--he is pino and all who know me know that. I don't look at pictures. I watch Alec Baldwin or other imitators (and by the way, the man having a tantrum in a kindergarten was not Trump). I don't watch the news, it is safer read in a reputable newspaper, (for me its the Times and some alternates, Daily Kos. W. Post.)so I never see his face. I did see M slap his hand away and him bully his way to the front of the line.

I give money to all the organizations that are working to save our democracy--not our capitalism--when I can afford it and sign
all relevant petitions. We are talking, but we all might be talking to others of a different stripe. I say keep talking. Let her/im know that you are a thoughtful and open person. Hold in your abashedness that anyone could believe or think this way and agree with him/r. S/he is right about the mess in our country. The solution is where we must meet.

So PINO It is in lower case. Like Voldemort, his name shall not be mentioned. R

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Rebecca A. Weitzel to The Mostly Moderates

To my two beautiful daughters, Jennifer Walker Maine and Lauren K Walker and my two beautiful daughters-in-law, Reina Delgado and Nirene, Nickroy Dover

Pool is still unusable and we are headed back to USA where I can have my first hot shower in two months!! But we love our life in Paradise and wouldn't change it for the world. love to all our followers. See you soon.

One bedroom cottage for rent. Short or long term. Message Rachel Walker for info.

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Have you tried honey and baking soda? See how it can improve your health!

We are all aware that cancer cells feed on sugar, so it would be natural if you complain about a cancer treatment based on the combination of baking soda with maple syrup or honey. But wait before you reject the idea completely: namely, sugar acts...

sad. Nobel Prize winning Caribbean poet