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Eric Luczak
· December 28, 2017
I have followed Isabelle from afar, on facebook, and have loved everything she was about. I totally resonated with her. So this summer I was going out to visit my daughter in Colorado and messaged her... to see if she wanted to meet for coffee. What a blessing to be in Isabelle’s presence. Her immense spirit, infinite energy and deeply grounded presence is intoxicating. You know when you spend time with her that you have entered a magical place on earth. She embodies her ability to channel spirit so effortlessly and is truly a gifted teacher and healer.

I have been in one of her classes and have been coached by her. She is a gift on so many levels. You can feel the depth of her being. She is part of the revolution to go deeper, to reach new heights and to embody spirit in every breath. Her work is essential to our evolution as humans being brought closer to heaven on earth.
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Jamie Margaret
· February 16, 2018
Isabelle is such a gift to this world. Her energy is calming and grounding both in person and on the phone, and not many people have that skill. I feel blessed to have been able to connect with her be... guided by her in my journey. She is not only intuitive and wise, but also has the credentials and expertise to provide the exact support that you need in the moment that you need it. I just felt loved and supported in her presence, which helped me then understand where I was at and determine how to best move forward in the challenge that I was facing. If you are seeking clarity and deep, internal shifts, Isabelle will help you get there. ♥ See More
Cielo Lyn
· January 4, 2018
"Yesterday, I had a session with Isabelle Tierney and it was one of the most profound healing and therapy sessions! Isabelle is the real deal and her heart and training is all top-notch. Wow. I am unr...avelling things so quickly because of this session and know I will continue to. If you are stuck or unsure of why the outer world is the way it is for you, please please see Isabelle (she can see you from anywhere). Intutition, Mastery, Facilitation, would be three words I would use for working with Isabelle. Also Isabelle stays on track. I had the intention of alignement and understanding when working with her, and in one session walked away with both."
Cielo Lyn
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Laura Greenberg
· January 2, 2018
“I just got off a coaching/healing/intuitive call with Isabelle Tierney and am blown away by her power. When I first met her she talked about how she walks the lines between spirit and human - that's... true for sure!

She guided me through a beautiful healing process around limiting beliefs. Even cooler was her knowing which came direct from her channel being open into insights and the deeper wisdom of my soul that I couldn't hear.

Love her so much! Reach out to her if you want some powerful healing and forward movement in your life.
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Eve Barris
· January 1, 2018
ISa is one of those people you know is around before you even see her. The energy changes as does the air and light playfully starts to dance. the person that she is encourages connectivity through ...stillness and flow, space and depth, self and expanse. she possess a special gift that encourages awareness in a conscious state while in energetic space. while rooted groundedness embraces you, you are able to flow with her to renew and unlock your authentic self. your personal truth without judgement. it's healing in joyful light and then, euphoria for there is always a sense of self accomplishment in peace, kindness and tenderness. Isabelle Tierney, you have transformed my life and enlighted to me, a place i only dreamed of. For this, i am eternally grateful to you and your teachings. See More
Rebecca Brooks
· February 10, 2018
I had an incredible experience with Isabelle. After an extremely stressful day at work she was able to instantly help me relax, focus, connect with myself and my mom. She brought me to a safe, calm which was truly a gift. Isabelle is a genuine beautiful spirit and I highly recommend her services. See More
Whitney Cox
· December 28, 2017
Isabelle is an amazing healer, guide and conduit. Through my work with her I travelled to places I never dreamed of, reached levels of consciousness that made my whole body surge with energy. I feel ...renewed and alive, like I unlocked lifetimes of knowledge in just one sitting! Can't wait to see where she takes me next! See More

Well this poster is inspiring right?

And. And. And

I’m curious about the way anger was experienced in the study. There is a way to do anger in an unhealthy way, where we are merely discharging energy at ourselves or others. This sends us into the stress response, which weakens the immune system.


There is a healthier way to experience anger, one in which we open, allow, and feel it fully in our body WITHOUT DISCHARGE OR REACTIVITY.

Few people know how to do this.

But when I feel anger this way, I KNOW that I am not flying into the stress response. Rather I stay calm and centered.

This allows for RIGHT ACTION.
And I hypothesize this doesn’t weaken the immune system.

What do you think?


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Perfect quote at my chiropractor’s office.

Or said another way, life mirrors our feel-good frequency. The higher your frequency, the more life loves you back.

Xoxo ...

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