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Justin J. McAffee
· August 30, 2015
Vegas photography... daily, from a nice mix of photographers.
Debra Lynn Pughe
· November 21, 2013
One of the most insightful spots about the artfulness of Real Life in Las Vegas

Today's Daily Frame from OLV lead photographer Ginger Bruner features lion dance performers, a classic way to celebrate Chinese (lunar) New Year, or in this case the opening of a new business, Flock and Fowl downtown.

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Today's astute Daily Frame, “Starbucks Stratosphere Replica” by Eric 'Travis' Wilson.

An accompanying map identifying DTLV Starbucks locations brings to mind a favorite story in the Onion - “New Starbucks Opens In Rest Room Of Existing Starbucks.”

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Is this the day to welcome a loving pet to your family?
Tater Tot awaits you at @NevadaSPCA.…/adoptable-dogs/…/5508

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an animal shelter based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s not a long history of integration.”

-- From February 16 KNPR State of Nevada conversation with Claytee White, UNLV Libraries oral historian.

The roots of the Las Vegas Westside — the historically black neighborhood near downtown — predate the city’s 1905 founding.
Our Las Vegas is with Sallie Douglas.

For those of you who work the traditional work week, in a word: "Monday." Photograph by Sallie Douglas - with the etymological dope on the word.

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“Black history matters because the black mind matters,” [Senior Pastor at New Antioch Christian Fellowship] Naida Parson told festival attendees. “Black history matters because black culture matters.”

From Feb 17 story by Briana Erickson

Naida Parson, senior pastor at New Antioch Christian Fellowship, had a message for the crowd gathered Saturday at the Springs Preserve’s Black History Month Festival in Las Vegas. Black histo…
Our Las Vegas is with Lisa Stamanis.

Today's off-the-beaten-track Daily Frame by Lisa Stamanis: "Bitterroot Valley" - with some Wikipedia-excerpted information on this Montana area south of MIssoula.

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“What do you hope people take away from the festival?”

“Washington: Just bringing the African-American community together under one umbrella. I would love to see an African-American Arts Council come out of this. People think Black History Month is all about being woke, but everything doesn’t have to be serious. It’s about having fun as well. I want to be black and have fun (laughs).”

From February 16 story by Leslie Ventura.

Activists join forces to bring recognition to the Las Vegas community.
Our Las Vegas is with Jon Winet.

Today's Daily Frame: "Wynn – Strip View" by Jon Winet with link to the a CNBC story on legal and financial issues on top of the sexual misconduct situation.

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“In some ways it’s like a return to Reverb past,” [co-founder James] Woodbridge says. “With everything that happened in the fall, after the [Route 91 Harvest] shooting, there was this showing of the real community that exists here. A lot of us knew it was there, but maybe the outside world didn’t. That made me think that the community should be celebrated, since it has always been one of the most important facets of Neon Reverb.”

-- From story by Spencer Patterson

The Downtown music fest takes places March 8-11 at the Bunkhouse Saloon, Beauty Bar, Backstage Bar & Billiards, Artifice and Cornish Patsy.
Our Las Vegas is with Ginger Bruner.

A couple days past, February 14 was National Ferris Wheel Day, so here's our very own High Roller, the world's largest wheel, photographed by OLV ead photographer Ginger Bruner.

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Today's Daily Frame! – from the Vault: “The Beat - #tbt” by Sallie Douglas. With info on the new chain restaurant that occupies its once hallowed ground.

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"For all that is has taken away, cancer has forced a sort of clarity about an artist’s life. Susanne Forestieri wants to use her remaining strength to create work that’s honest and meaningful. 'You can paint to be pretty or you can dig really, really deep,' Forestieri says. 'It’s hard to reach down into the subconscious, into that place or mood that’s not so controllable. I want to try to get to that place.'”

From February 15 story by C. Moon Reed

Reminiscences includes images of couples in love, friends seeking love and others dressed as showgirls.

In honor of our city, we've extended our Mardi Gras "Get Bent For Lent" for an extra day. Our Tuesday-Wednesday Daily Frame Double now at the head of the 2018 Archive.
(And here's a bonus shot - Ginger Bruner & Show Girl Kelly from yesterday's parade at the LINQ.

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Our Las Vegas is with Ginger Bruner and Nickole Muse.

Photographed by Ginger Bruner, “Get Bent for Lent 2: Nickole Muse on Parade” is the latest addition to the Daily Frame's Las Vegas Creatives Series. Both subject and photographer-sousaphonist will be performing and parading at the LINQ tonight as part of Mardi Gras celebrations. Deets:

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