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Speaking of cultural parenting myths we have to overcome... I don't really blame the Golden Girls...
Sleep training, time-outs, reward charts, requiring which clothes to wear, withholding affection and comfort, punishment, confiscating a favorite toy... There are so many things we do to our children that we would never do to our friend/partner/sibling/spouse/neighbor. I think it's worth considering why we don't treat our children like people. #endchildism #childrenarepeople For more:
Until recently, I did not understand the depth and possibility of this. I did not understand that happiness is a choice. I did not see that I could commit to happiness and make myself so. I did not understand how this would impact my children, and that happiness is made up of a hundred small choices everyday. It's an intention. A focus. It won't cure my anxiety. It won't replace the work I need to do to make myself better. I suspect it might replace the mundane and downtrodden parts of my life though. I gave up New Year's resolutions years ago. Now each year I choose a word to focus on. For 2017 it's happy. That's it. "Happy". It's not a grandiose effort. It's not made up of "have to do" or "have to learn". It's just a word that I will keep in my head... that will be my compass when faced with big and small choices. In the past my words have been "fun" and "community" and they've had the desired impact. So for 2017 my word is "happy" and it makes me giddy with excitement! Happy. That's the word that will be on my mind for a whole year. Isn't that awesome? #happy #gethappy

Great perspective on unconditional love. #parenting

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There are a lot of cruel things we can do in this world. I think one of the most horrid things we can do is to offer atheists, agnostics, or non-believers the "hope of the Savior" when they are in the deepest throes of grief.

I get it. You think it's the time they will "see the light". You believe that, ultimately, it's a gift that you offer.

The arrogance, selfishness, and egocentric mentality that comes with this goes far beyond ignorance. I'd venture to say it's close to unforgivable.


Well, we did go out to dinner, but now: yes :)

Posted by Sun Gazing
Sun Gazing

Pass it on :)

"He is such a nice server" said my 9 year old. "It was really nice of him to tell us not to be offended by the kids cups. If he hadn't said it, I might've been." .
The server wasn't joking or condescending. He was told 2 kids were seated and brought the waters accordingly. Kids notice these things. This is how they learn kindness and respect. @patxispizza ...
#parenting #momlife

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I love these books so much and this is a great deal that is ending soon! Empathy, understanding, and representation... such important messages always, but especially in this climate, it seems. #affilliatelink #youarerrepresentedhere…

What makes a global citizen? Not just awareness of different cultures and lifestyles around the world, but also empathy for everyone, everywhere! Available only for a limited time, the Compassionate Citizen Set pairs books that celebrate diversity with books that nurture compassion to form a powerfu...

"I recognized the oxymoron that was forced sharing. Intuitively I knew that you cannot require generosity. These were his toys. They were special to him. Other kids were not respectful with his things and they would sometimes get ruined- when he never even wanted to share in the first place."

From the beginning it never felt right. Every time I forced my 18 month old to share a toy the sound of my own voice drove me bonkers. Ultimately, I decided not to make my kids share. As my son got…

With the vast number of tools created for this purpose available to me, why is my entire FB message history between my husband and me links to recipes I don't want to forget? #dinosaur #failingattechnology

There are so many #travel complaints, I seeing the good stuff that happens everyday! #customerservice I really do like Southwest Airlines!

Really well stated!

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To the moms who are suffering from postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, or other postpartum mental health issues- please know that you are not alone. It feels like it, I know. For some it feels like the loneliest time in their lives- a loneliness that cannot be described.

Please know how many of us sought treatment (too many with ridicule from our health care providers) and came out the other side. Yes, we were shamed. Yes, we were told we were crazy. Ye...s, we were made to feel ungrateful and selfish. None of those is true. NONE of those is true.

Here is a place to start: Postpartum Progress.

I hope you all will share this resource. Lives are depending on it.

I am a #warriormom and I have felt no shame about that for just over 7 years.

Edited to add: if you are a warrior mom too, please comment with a ❤️ so that others see they are not alone . If you did not suffer from one of these, but want to offer your support, comment with this: 💞

Please share:

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The community of survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders supporting Postpartum Progress.

"The screams and protests would continue- until we picked her up. Then she would go totally limp. She knew there was nothing she could do. We were bigger. We were stronger. We held 100% of the power."

Before we knew better, my husband and I would pick our then 2 (ish) year old daughter up and bring her wherever we wanted her to go. I mean hey- we only had so much time to get where we “need…
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Such a cute idea- wish I knew who to credit! Watermark those photos, crafters!

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A little fun with a dunk tank from @goldieblox 😂💪🏻👍👏 #Homeschool

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👪👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👦👨‍👦=safe at 🏡…/posts/10212421582403291

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Human Rights for Human Children

Your children should never fear you. Keep your behavior in check so they don't ever have to.

Unschooling/AP mom to two super cool kiddos. Partnered w/ a man who used to believe in the toilet paper fairy. Travel, Parenting, & Living By Design.
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  • Some of you know that my daughter helped inspire a book last year ab...out finding the best in others- we are excited to share that Active Parenting Publishers picked it up! It's appropriate for ages 1 through elementary school because the pictures tell a lot of the story. I hope it will be a helpful resource for all families pursuing healthy parenting- the concept of assuming positive intent has sure changed our life as a family. Thanks to all who encouraged us to go for it! :) See More
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